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  1. First heard this in '99 which was featured on the greatest album of all time. Was immediately hooked as it resonated with the situation I grew up in. Despite living a thousand miles from NY it hit deep.
  2. Idk, seems like a lot of people have problems with 200m.
  3. That right here is it's own problem... look at the staff list and you can see there's atleast 15 staff members excluding the manager and the developers... If when you are on there are no staff on it shows a lack of activity- a point that has been brought up several times- If it's down to different time zones then it makes no sense why there are several staff members for one timezone and other timezones are neglected: are friends being promoted? Are you guys looking at the server as a whole and thinking of possible problems and solutions to them? There were several days where i'd also see no staff members for a period of 3-4 hours- just highlights the problem, are you guys promoting the wrong people?
  4. "I'd like to emphasize that scamming isn't something we are too concerned with. It may seem like a stupid stance, but scamming is something that every single player can avoid - if they choose to risk it, it's on them. We shouldn't have to go out of our way to recover the person's items; they took the risk and they paid the price." Fping with no mm or video evidence i'd agree, but having lazy staff who aren't going to mm even though they aren't doing anything is pathetic; especially considering it tells you to record all gambles and use an mm as soon as you tele to gamble, also recording all gambles is a sure proof way of seeing who is lying and who is not, so your trouble with scamming being that "often having people lying within them, so it doesn't even make sense to forcefully take items from anyone - we could be handing the items to a liar in the given case." is not justifiable as to why scamming claims are then not investigated, i dont run a rsps but it doesnt seem like much work getting that person's details and logging in and refunding the items, or even to spawn in items considering the person has been banned so extra items will not be coming into the eco. And as it's already been mentioned, the main problem is the divide in the staff team, you have outlined your stance and the steps you take towards looking at a scamming case but that information has not been passed down to the staff members below you, there are several cases that have been handled differently and with a poor outcome.
  5. No this was months back. The other instance that you have completely ignored though was only a month or so ago. And my point was not that people were not refunded, it was that things like that should not and would not have happened if staff members actually gave a shit about the community- and this is active staff members who were being asked to mm, not people who were afk. It seems like for most of them it's easier to get the person to make a report once they were scammed rather than trying to prevent it from happening. Besides when it comes to being scammed it shouldn't be one or the other, when i was scammed the player had the option to give back the items or get banned. That is just ridiculous, no punishment has been served, how easy would it be for that same person to then go and scam someone else who doesnt have video proof knowing that if they get caught they can simply give back the items... What an illogical system. This has happened a few times, so it's not a case of "if he scams multiple times he'll be banned"
  6. Like the time i got scammed in fp and you waited for the guy to finish a raid before talking to him and getting my refund? Or the time i got muted and banned from the zenyte cc for things i didnt do then created a topic with evidence and it was ignored? This shit happens and is reported often but the cases are never looked in to. I've seen a few people get scammed at fp waiting and begging staff members to mm but cus they're too lazy to do shit they wait till they get scammed with video evidence and then spout their "use a staff mm. We won't refund you even if you have evidence." bullshit.
  7. IGN-Nytmare Time Zone- GMT +1 Teams applied to- PVM team Past experience- Zulrah,kraken,few gwd bosses,vorkath https://paste.pics/83146c1f2dac4764c46588df0564c24c Do you accept the rules?: Yes
  8. nytmare

    Client black bars

    Thank you, worked fine
  9. There are black bars on the side of the client in the regular mode https://imgur.com/6GLfqS7
  10. Just as you have opinions on staff members in other CCs I have opinions of your CC
  11. Conhamer and baka are very helpful, you're probably in your own shitty cc so don't see them
  12. nytmare

    AIO Benz's Services

    Got the first zulrah kill for me. Very trusted and a nice guy. Recommended
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