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  1. A Guide to Agility by Song Agility is one of the most painful skills to level in Old School Runescape but also provides you a sufficient amount of utility that transitions through almost all aspects of the game, especially certain skills such as Runecrafting. Not only that, but it also has other perks such as Faster Run Energy Restoration or providing access to shortcuts across the world of Runescape. During your training to Agility 99, you'll also be given the chance to obtain the covenant Graceful Outfit from Grace's Graceful Clothing in the Rogue's Den located underneath Burthrope's Bar. For others who prefer not to go to Agility 99, the ideal level is Agility 89 for those interested in Revenant Farming and Agility 88 if you're only interested in non-wilderness content. ~ Table of Contents ~ 1.a : Starting Off: Going Light 2.a : SPEED, MOMENTUM: The Training 3.a : Crash Course: The Courses The End of the Journey * Note: Use Ctrl + F to quickly jump to sections! [ 1.a ] Starting Off: Going Light It is almost highly recommended that you train your agility with as little weight as possible, which is measured in kg via Kilograms. Kilograms is measured by what you're wearing and what you also have in your inventory and will have an effect on how fast you drain your Run Energy. However, the rate of how fast your drain your energy is only determined between 0 kg to 64 kg, so being anything outside of the weight range will not effect the drain rate any further. Should you hit 64 kg or higher in weight, you will lose Run Energy at TWO TIMES the rate. Unfortunately, there are no weight reduction gear before a Graceful Outfit or Agility Cape as of right now. So your best bet is to just go naked, wear lightweight gear, or just chug down Stamina Potions to reduce downtime. Here's also some fun facts about the weight system in Old School Runescape! [ 2.a ] SPEED, MOMENTUM: The Training Training Agility is pretty straight forward, it's just a matter of attentive clicking on all the green highlighted objects that RuneLite does for you. However, you'll start off with the basic Agility Courses and quickly ( or slowly... ) transition into Rooftop Courses after Agility 10. Once you're doing Rooftop Courses, you'll eventually run into Marks of Grace that appear randomly on the rooftops that you're running. RuneLite will notify you when a Mark of Grace has appeared on your Rooftop Course by changing the green highlighted objects to red. [ 3.a ] Crash Course: The Courses All courses below are set in order by progression and level requirement, some will be highlighted a different color as alternatives! Courses will also be marked with a to indicate that these courses drop Marks of Grace at a reliable rate! Some courses will also have some additional notes! Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility Course - Agility Level 1 - 10 Draynor Village Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 10 - 30 Al Kharid Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 20 - 30 Varrock Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 30 - 40 Barbarian Outpost Agility Course - Agility Level 35 - 45 Canifis Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 40 - 60 Wilderness Agility Course - Agility Level 47 - 60 Falador Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 50 - 62 Seers Village Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 60 - 80 Rellekka Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 80 - 90 Ardougne Rooftops Agility Course - Agility Level 90 - 99 The End of the Journey
  2. Owl


    5X EXP Mode Level 1-10 - Gnome Course Level 10-20 - Draynor Village Course Level 20-30 - Al Kharid Course Level 30-40 - Varrock Course Level 40-50 - Canifis Course Level 50-60 - Falador Course ---> This course gives a lot of Marks of Grace, which is used to purchase the Graceful Outfit. Level 60-90 - Seer's Village Course Level 90-99 - Ardougne Course 10X EXP Mode Level 1-20 - Gnome Course Level 20-40 - Al Kharid Course Level 40-50 - Canifis Course Level 50-60 - Falador Course Level 60-90 - Seer's Village Course Level 90-99 - Ardougne Course 25X EXP Mode Level 1-30 - Gnome Course Level 30-50 - Varrock Course Level 50-60 - Falador Course ---> You can alternatively Stay at this course until you have the Graceful Set. Level 60-90 - Seer's Village Course Level 90-99 - Ardougne Course Extra Information: .Grace is found at the Rogue's Den in Burthorpe. . Graceful Set Costs 104 Marks of Grace.
  3. Hello and welcome to my second guide on Zenyte, this time covering the Agility Skill. I will go over as much as I can, and if you have any feedback or reviews that you would like to give, please do so in the comment section below. What is Agility? Agility is a skill where you - the player - will be going over different courses in the world of Zenyte to gain levels and experience. The training methods are the same for all modes. By raising your levels, you unlock the ability to wear specific equipment (Crystal) and to go through different obstacles. Some of the more popular ones being the obstacle pipe in Taverly Dungeon and the Rock in Saradomin's Encampment. It is considered as one of the more tedious skills of Zenyte as it is highly repetitive and grants amongst the lowest experiences per hour compared to all the other skills. I personally recommend that you train Agility either as fast as you join if you have the patience, or just grind it out over-time. Agility is a Support type skill, meaning that it does not work with any other skill. When training Agility, you will not be getting any resources or gold. However, you will from time-to-time get Marks of Grace which can be traded in for a Graceful set which grants you negative weight, making it easier for you to travel around the world of Zenyte by foot. Recommended Training & XP/H When training Agility, it is recommend that you only do the Rooftop courses apart from getting your Agility up to 10 at the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. The reason behind this is that you actually do not get any Marks of Grace when you are doing the ordinary agility courses, but also because they give less experience and you will be wasting time trying to get to them. With the rooftop agility courses, most of them are instantly available for you through the Cities teleport option, which is also free of charge. Agility Courses & Levels Gnome Stronghold Agility Course (1) Draynor Village Agility Course (10) Al Kharid Agility Course (20) Varrock Agility Course (30) Barbarian Outpost Agility Course (35) Canifis Agility Course (40) Falador Agility Course (50) Wilderness Agility Course (52 / Wilderness) Seer's Village Agility Course (60) Rellekka Agility Course (80) Ardougne Agility Course (90) Marks of Grace Whilst training Agility within these courses, there is a chance of finding a mark of grace. These marks spawn anywhere in the course, so the player must keep an open eye if they are to spot them. These tokens can be taken to Grace and can be exchanged for a set of graceful clothing that reduces your weight when you wear it. To get the full Graceful set, a total amount of 104 Marks of Grace must be sacrificed. Agility Pet & Cape You may also obtain an Agility Pet which is called The Giant Squirrel. The chance of getting it is small and is given upon the completion of every obstacle. Formula for obtaining the pet is currently unknown. You may also buy the Agility Skillcape from Mac at home for a fee of 99,000 coins.
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