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  1. Well of Goodwill completion would be a great addition for the time of the year. Christmas is all about kindness, charity and good vibes, so it just seems that this little extra completion would make this time of the year so much better Thank you
  2. Whatever you suggested as rewards I will personally totally leave in the middle, some of them seem nice (like the blood arrows and new character skin colors) but others seem a bit too custom-y (for example the zuk/lava theme recolor and CA mutagen). But... If they ever consider adding stuff like this, I would actually be motivated to grind combat achievement tasks, because as for now, the rewards seem not grind-worthy.
  3. You could do entry mode first to understand the basics.
  4. Developers have access to parts of account files, being what privelege your character can have. (Regular, Moderator, Administrator, Hidden Administrator, ...) There are, as far as I know, 2 ranks that have the possibility to literally spawn items (owner and hidden admin). This ex-dev most likely had access to one of his older accounts with the hidden admin rank on it, therefore nobody can see his rank but him and he has all the commands a dev/owner has. Good thing this got resolved and even a better thing this dev was an amateur, this could of caused way more harm to the game than what we just experienced.
  5. Make sure to have a system so you can't farm new created accounts in the wildy for blood money. Same goes for killing the same player/user over and over, first time you kill them you recieve blood money/whatever currency and then there's a x-amount of cooldown that starts until you are eligible to get blood money from that player/user again. Any new currency added to a flooded economy is always good for the game especially when that shop holds unique items (like you mentioned) I would maybe just scrap barrows from your list as there are plenty of barrows events every month and I think current state of barrows gear in the economy is good as it is? The extra mobs to scatter around the wildy but with buffed drop rates I have always been 100% fan of, just make sure you add there should be a reworked pj timer/system because there's no point for pkers to check pvm hotspots if any pvmer can start boxing a mob for eternity (obviously not everyone knows this but I think it's easy abuseable) I know you mentioned single+ system but I highly doubt this revision can handle that unless custom coded (which I don't know Cresinkel can>?) Revenant cave revamp would be good. What Grant did was a step in the right direction but it's still not worth the risk/reward to go camp revs with a skull. The current meta is to kill the rev dragon, knight and ork at the level 30 enclave, which is way too easy to escape since teleports don't have a 2s delay like osrs has nowadays. For anyone who kills revs there and paying attention, you can always escape with a teleport because whoever enters that enclave gets clipped behind objects and therefore making barely able to cast teleport block spell. Only thing I don't really like is the idea to add revs on other locations because that would make points of interest too scattered (ever since release on rs2, revs have always been inside that cave and I think we should work on keeping it like that) Just a small fyi: dragon items from revs are not 100% x2 on osrs, it's occasional. Other than that idk what else to comment, I'm always happy to see feedback on topics like this, it makes me realise Zenyte wilderness still has potential to be a solid money maker.
  6. Noted items from Edgeville emblem trader is all I ever wanted. And removal of the Elite Western Diary.
  7. I can understand. Good luck to everyone.
  8. PvP armours/weapons degrade in combat would be a healthy update too. Nice suggestions although I feel like all of these could've been in the game already since last Wilderness/revs mini-rework. Good luck Cia.
  9. Magic fang from Zulrah. Welcome back
  10. Good job on fixing these bugs relatively fast! I see many of these are all reported on discord/forums so thanks, again, for hearing us!!!
  11. Auto loss on death, turns to dust and killer gets cash.
  12. Blowpipe more dps dharok more dps dhcb better not in game arclight better idk about cerb. Oh yeah inferno, my bad. so yeah, why even mention twisted bow.
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