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MA2 Mage Arena 2

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What you will need:
Food & Energy Potions
Mystic or Better Equipment and armour
Glory or quick teleport from level 30 wilderness
All three God Staffs (Can be purchaced via the chamber guardian after walking through the pool in Mage bank)

In order to begin your three part Journy into getting The imbued God Capes, You will need to speak with  Kolodion chatheadKolodion who is found in the Mage bank
You may get to the mage bank by the Wilderness Teleports tab from home portal

When talking to Kolodion, You will be prompted with two selections

Are there any Challenges available?
This is what you will select to start your miniquest, you will go through his dialoug and he will give you the Enchanted symbolEnchanted Symbol

Now, you will be entering the wilderness, it is Recommended to set the Player 'Attack' option to 'Always right click' or 'Hidden' to avoid Skulling on accident.
Each of the three gods will need to be slain with their respective staff And Spell. (Bloods, Airs, And Fire Runes needed)

The Gods

Image result for osrs Porazdir
 Demon's heart Porazdir (Zammy)
can launch an energy ball at the player. The amount of damage it deals is dependent on your distance to him. The further you are, the less damage it deals. If you are extremely far away, it will deal no damage.

Image result for osrs Justiciar Zachariah
Justiciar's hand Justiciar Zachariah (Saradomin)
will occasionally swing his sword, resulting in a blue wave aimed at the player's current tile when it was used. If not avoided, players will be dragged next to him, where he will start attacking them with melee. Simply move one tile elsewhere from its target tile to avoid the attack.

Image result for osrs derwen
Ent's roots Derwen (Guthix) 
can launch energy balls on the ground. They heal him for 5 health every few seconds, and must be destroyed to stop him from healing. Each ball has 20 health.

This is a game of Hot & Cold. There are 15 Locations they could be at. Each location is different for each player. For each god to spawn, you need to be within a 5x5 tile radius
Here is a resource you can use to track down all of the Gods Easier. 
You will enter the cords located as follows. These are the cords exactly where each god could spawn
(X, Y, Z)
(Thanks to Kris for this information)

        SPAWN_1(new Location(3023, 3834, 0)),
        SPAWN_2(new Location(3172, 3898, 0)),
        SPAWN_3(new Location(3147, 3881, 0)),
        SPAWN_4(new Location(3158, 3841, 0)),
        SPAWN_5(new Location(3168, 3796, 0)),
        SPAWN_6(new Location(3214, 3882, 0)),
        SPAWN_7(new Location(3230, 3872, 0)),
        SPAWN_8(new Location(3256, 3885, 0)),
        SPAWN_9(new Location(3296, 3876, 0)),
        SPAWN_10(new Location(3274, 3842, 0)),
        SPAWN_11(new Location(3246, 3830, 0)),
        SPAWN_12(new Location(3256, 3796, 0)),
        SPAWN_13(new Location(3334, 3899, 0)),
        SPAWN_14(new Location(3303, 3940, 0)),
        SPAWN_15(new Location(3231, 3906, 0));


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The MA2 is not possible due pkers that just waiting on you at certain spots. Definitely good described. Thanks for this ];-)

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After i completed the minigame if i want to imbue other capes i gotta kill all of them again ou just the specific one for the cape i want to imbue?

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