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  1. That's awesome congrats man! Also welcome to the server!
  2. I love that idea hahaha or if the gravestones were the color of your donator rank!
  3. NPC added nearby max cape seller at home that can sell a one-time use gravestone or item reclaim (that doesn't work in the wilderness) for 10M gp. Once purchased your gravestone/item reclaim could be toggled on/off by speaking with the NPC (so you don't have to waste it by dying in a safe area/zulrah/afking slayer tasks/etc.) Why could this be beneficial to the game?: Some players (such as myself) don't have the most stable internet. To elaborate, my internet is good for the most part but at least a few days a week I'll experience some dc's (sometimes more than once a day and my internet doesn't always come back online right away) This has put me off bossing as much as I'd like to because If I were to dc in a place like GWD I don't want to lose max gear to an avoidable death. Pros: Keeps bosses dangerous while making them available to players with less stable internet connections The gp cost of purchasing the gravestone/reclaim will balance the fact that items will leave the game less often through player's deaths. (Look at OSRS for example they have had death mechanics where your items stay on the ground for longer than 2 mins and as a result item prices have tanked a bit because of none exiting the game.) Cons: Will lead to more players pvming and bosses potentially becoming overpopulated in peak time-zones. This could be counteracted however by raising the price of the gravestone from the suggestion 10m or making it only available for purchase once a week. (or even have a timer for how long the NPC will provide you protection.) Thanks for reading leave any feedback or discussion about this suggestion here as I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.
  4. And yeah, you're right. You didn't have to suggest anything but at first I was interested in if you had any other possibilities as an alternative to this. And your last sentence " I could just say that your suggestions blows, and move on with my day." confirms to me you're always this condescending. Try to cheer up man Idk why you feel the need to be such a negative person. (please don't take this as me wanting you to reply with more remarks because I'm not interested in accompanying you in your misery.) Have a nice day
  5. @SilverNova For clarification, I've read most of the other daily challenge suggestions which is part of what motivated me to make this post in the first place. Also, me pointing out that you didn't add any constructive alternatives to this current thread doesn't mean that I'm arguing, you are the one who is coming off super aggressive. (tons of condescension/swearing in all of your posts, whereas I've done my best to keep this civil.) . I cba to keep replying to each other's points because you'll just continue to cherry pick the meaning of what you said and this post isn't intended to become an argument.
  6. @SilverNova You sound like you're having a bad day man or maybe you're always this condescending. 1. You seem to think that players who enjoy making money/training/bossing are more important than players who care about cosmetic items. Everyone's way of enjoying the game is equally valid. 2. Your statement about what the majority of players enjoy vs fashionscape is a False Dilemma logical fallacy based on your implications that you either enjoy fashionscape OR you enjoy moneymaking/training/bossing. I think cosmetic items are cool, and I like all 3 of the things you say majority players like. 3. I made this post because it's a suggestion. I don't really care if this is declined, it's simply a suggestion i had.
  7. Fashionscape is a harmless addition to the game and it's also gatekeeped by the fact this is an RSPS. On osrs if you wanted cool cosmetics you could just pay like 500k-1m for them or via things like randoms/minigames. It's really not that big of a deal to have them added into the game. Although, I heard they are adding clue scrolls so If this idea were to happen it wouldn't involve clue scroll items but rather items like diff colored naval, minigame cosmetics we don't have yet. So many players agree the challenge system is dead and that they would do it if it were better. Also you are just commenting how my suggestions aren't good (in your opinion), yet I don't see you offering any other alternatives.
  8. @Gob Really nice to meet you! Also you have a very interesting goal for your future career, I like it! You now can add/join 'Elysium' Cc in game and I've pmed your our discord.
  9. @SilverNova they might be worth doing if you're low level but when you max they really aren't that great. I'm not saying the xp rewards are bad but they are pretty much equivalent in xp to just doing the normal methods for the skill for the same amount of time as the challenge would take. If you want players to go out of their way to do them then they need to actually feel rewarding. Also the purpose of adding more incentive to doing them is because it's pretty much dead content once you reach mid/late-game.
  10. @Noobpledge Hey Aidan! Glad to have you a part of our community finally You now have access to 'elysium' cc in game and I pmed you our discord.
  11. @ZayAFK Welcome to the clan Izaiah You now have access to 'Elysium' cc in game and I pmed you our discord.
  12. Currently barely anybody does the daily tasks because they often aren't worth the effort. Also I find the tasks rather simple and boring. There is a lot of missed potential with them, such as having to kill a specific monster until you get a daily task ticket from it to turn in to the daily task NPC, or something like having to create a specific item from scratch. Basically the challenges could exist not just as gather X thing but also have some that feel like mini-quests. Additionally, there is a lack of cool cosmetic items available to players in game and those that exist outside of the loyalty shop/spending tons of money on mystery boxes. Here are my suggestions to improve this. Add more daily tasks each day by having normal, hard, and elite tasks. The harder the tasks the more skills/effort required to complete the tasks. (1 pt for normal/ 2 pt hard / 3 pt elite) (Also add 1 extra daily task for each donator rank) Make daily tasks that involve wilderness activity or other interesting pieces of content. Give players points for completing daily tasks which can be spent at the 'daily task shop' Introduce new cosmetics to the game via the daily task shop such as: Mime outfit Army outfit All colored naval sets (seeing how we only have access to purple via the loyalty shop) Fun treasure trail items such as: mole slippers sandwich lady outfit Flared trousers Team capes i,x,zero ornament kits Cavaliers Dual sai Musketeer outfit Dark/light tuxedo Top hat Monocle Pros: Adds more incentive to daily tasks and could serve as a way of reviving the current dead system. New fashionscape potential from cosmetics would give new & fun goals to work towards. Introduces cosmetics while still keeping gold value to them rather than them all being locked behind time logged in for loyalty points. For example, if someone wants a few cosmetic items they may just buy them from another player rather than waiting weeks to get them all on their own. Cons: May be tough to balance the revamped task system in a way where the tasks are still fun/challenging and not something players feel like they have to sacrifice tons of time in order to get cosmetics. May be tough to find a good balance for how many points each item should cost from the daily task shop.
  13. @Euphoric So glad to have you in the clan Zac You now have access to 'Elysium' cc in game and I pmed you a discord link.
  14. Vouch for @UnixXz dude is an insane skiller and has done services for tons of people in our clan. Also he is going to win the mining sotw
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