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  1. I like the idea of a streak system, maybe just for extra points rather than coins though – I imagine there's already enough coins coming into the economy from voting as it is. I think what we need is some rotation in the voting store, maybe with the introduction of some higher tier items as well (could be cosmetic or anything really).
  2. Congrats, 2 very nice items as well!
  3. I'm against a lower exp rate being added if it's just going to be the same as the other modes. Something I suggested before the server released was that further down the line there could be a 'realism' mode added. Realism mode would have an exp rate of 1.5x (or 1x/2x) & players would be restricted to only OSRS features. So there'd be no voting (or at least you'd get no coins), you wouldn't be able to use the portal at home, you'd start with an OSRS starter pack, BXP wouldn't apply to your account etc etc. I doubt it would get much support, but if we were to add a lower exp rate that's how I'd like it to be implemented anyway!
  4. Good luck climbing them HiScores buddy.
  5. This is also my thinking. If it could be toggleable then sure, but otherwise no.
  6. Would love to see construction, if not then at least stash units for the upcoming clue release. Other than that, adding the remaining Fossil Island content & ToB would be my choices
  7. I imagine it'll be added at some point – I do support it though!
  8. This has been suggested beforehand, however your post is the most detailed I've seen. I'm fairly sure instances will come in the future at some point, but yes I do support this.
  9. Yeah no support from me here. Portal is fine as it is, it doesn't need to be any easier to teleport around & Barrow's gloves are in their correct location.
  10. I like this. I'd like to see if the rumours about the devs looking into perks/some cosmetic item for 5x/10x players are true though before I support this. They might have something even better planned
  11. Great QoL updates & the loot chests are really neat too. Thanks for the good work guys
  12. 5x master race. Best of luck achieving your goals fella.
  13. We won't ever have double exp weekends every week. Bonus exp (1.5x) is activated once or maybe twice a month at random times.
  14. As a 5x Ironman btw...I definitely support adding some perks for these game modes. Even if they're purely cosmetic or minor QoL things, just something would be appreciated.
  15. Support from me, items like DWH have had their drop rates significantly increased from OSRS – all of the rev weapons should follow this rule as well in my opinion.
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