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  1. Will be added at some point. Fairly sure we need a revision update to add it though.
  2. Ironman don't gain combat exp in PvP, so the accounts aren't useless at all. Also, there are a lot of people who own unique accounts on Zenyte who definitely oppose the introduction of any type of exp locking system (there are a couple in this thread). Really don't understand the people wanting to PK quitting because they can't lock exp...you can't lock exp in OSRS either, and OSRS has the most active PvP community out there.
  3. Will be coming to the game shortly.
  4. This is something that we've discussed before & we're not totally against adding them. Will have to wait and see with this one!
  5. Thanks for the feedback Grian, we appreciate it – positive or negative!
  6. We do change up the background from time to time, usually as a theme in line with the latest update, for example at the minute the background is Zuk as our latest update was the Inferno. I would definitely like to see the true RuneScape OGs Tim & Crunchy as the background at some point though, nice suggestion!
  7. Great work Baka and everyone else involved. Hopefully this helps people with their void grind!
  8. I agree that deaths are harsh on Zenyte, especially for Ironman & especially when you're in an area like God Wars. However, this is how RuneScape should be in my opinion. OSRS's biggest issue is that there is literally zero punishment or drawback to dying. My biggest tip for you is to always work out how you're going to back to where you are as quick as possible if you were to die & if you're doing God Wars always ensure you have a spare ecumenical key in the bank so you can get back into the room for your items.
  9. No support from me – even if it's all exp locked. It does ruin the charm of unique accounts.
  10. That's gonna be one hell of a grind, but the loot will be pretty mad! Best of luck fella.
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