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  1. Grats on maxing, I'll be joining you soon!
  2. Very nice. The resource pack plugin for RuneLite is amazing to be honest, great way to make your OSRS experience unique to you.
  3. See you man. Hopefully we have some PvP orientated updates in the future
  4. Sad to see you leave, hope you drop in from to time
  5. Sad to see people leave as always. Congrats to Passion on the promotion though, thoroughly deserved.
  6. As everyone has already said, we're looking at ways to make construction actually useful for you guys – having the Zenyte portal in your PoHs is something we've discussed & I'd certainly love to see it. I do kind of prefer the idea of adding the teleports from the Zenyte portal into the nexus, as we could implement 'custom' payments for each teleport (to add a sense of achievement) & you wouldn't have to have every teleport that way. However, nothing is set in stone just yet – so keep your suggestions rolling in
  7. This is something we're looking into. It may not be a direct pull from the PoH costume room, but we're wanting to introduce a place that you guys can store your clue items so that they're not clogging up your bank space. Since we added Sherlock's notes this issue has come to the forefront of our plans, hopefully we see it in-game soon. Suggestion accepted.
  8. No worries & no sadly no ETA on that. It is something we're wanting to get done though, so expect it sooner rather than later.
  9. Hey Duky, Thanks for your suggestions. 1. This will come when we add Aerial Fishing, when this will be I do not know – but it could be something we do in one of your biweekly updates soon. 2. Great suggestion, I'll forward this one to the devs, again for one of our biweekly updates. 3. The store will be reworked soon, so the issue with the price point may change, however I cannot confirm that. As for the wield stance & attack animations, I'd consider these more as bugs, I'll pass that on to the devs to fix.
  10. "Okay, well can all tiers of diary rewards be obtainable then?" – Yeah good suggestion, I'll pass that one on. I'll have a look into the rest of those issues you've raised, you're right & a lot of them should be changed to match what you've described.
  11. Hey WixDix, I'll send a code to the email you used to register your account, paste the code below when you get it. We'll then be able to verify you're the legitimate owner of the account & disable your 2FA.
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