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  1. Superb updates team! Mobile is a game-changer for sure, well done once again.
  2. Fantastic work guys. I know it's been a big effort from all the devs, can't wait!
  3. Welcome to the community, Naffer!
  4. All of the items, other than the seeds & the DFS are in the BH store. The seeds & DFS (visage) will have been dropped while he was doing slayer.
  5. Congrats, bud! What KC did you end up on?
  6. It's going to be a no from me, just because they're so easy to get currently.
  7. Welcmome to the community, Sel!
  8. Very nice to see progress threads like this, thank you. Happy you're all enjoying Zenyte too!
  9. Thanks everyone – congrats to the rest of the guys getting promoted. Sad to see so many leave, some great guys we're going to miss in the team.
  10. Some very needed updates in there, especially the Wildy Slayer balancing – was so overpowered before!
  11. No support from me. Minnows are already super fast.
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