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  1. Looking forward to seeing some amazing entries. The artists in our community always seem to pull something great out the bag. Best of luck to all who enter
  2. I don't support this, deaths should be harsh. OSRS unfortunately had no choice but to increase the time items were left on the ground after death due to the amount of DDoS attacks their servers were being hit with. We, however, do not have that issue - so there's no need for us to implement the same change. That being said, you can increase the amount of time your items stay on the ground for after death by donating, view the perks on this thread.
  3. Thanks for the guide, Gepan! Great work as always.
  4. Thanks for the feedback K 0! Means a lot.
  5. Amazing work dev team, always smashing the updates. Thanks again to all our QA testers as well, great stuff
  6. Best of luck fellas, I know you'll smash it!
  7. I'd love to see 120/200m exp capes. As long as we get some amazing models made for them
  8. Incredible guide, I'm sure this will be used countless times by both new & existing players moving forward. Happy to see this finally being released!
  9. Welcome Xanarix! We've briefly spoken before, glad you're enjoying the server.
  10. Very nice guide, thanks for the contribution Ziniy!
  11. Basically this. Although, I would love to see LMS at some point.
  12. Buff the loot from the chest, keeps the keys quite rare & so still a nice surprise when they drop - but then it'd be an even nicer surprise as you'd know the loot was going to be at least semi-decent.
  13. Man this is some shitty news to wake up to. Wish you all the best with whatever you're doing next, hope to see you around!
  14. You have the medal for ex/current staff.
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