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  1. Fantastic work on Raids, I know how much effort went into that from you Kris, as well as the QA testers & everyone else involved. The introduction of gambling here may have slightly gone unnoticed, that is also something that is sure to bring players back to the game. Not to mention that COLOSSAL bug fix list, amazing work all round. Thank you!
  2. Best of luck out there, raiders!
  3. Congrats to everyone getting promoted, you all deserve it. Sad that I've had to leave the team, but I just don't have the time to offer anymore that the role deserves. Best of luck for the future, Zenyte! (hopefully)
  4. Yep, will definitely be added – no need to worry about that!
  5. Kris ftw - nice idea this though!
  6. Hxrdcore


    Congrats, It's nice to see some sigils finally coming into the economy!
  7. We're always looking for ways to increase our player engagement. Unfortunately, this specific idea hasn't gone further than this post just yet.
  8. Congrats! Very nice to look at.
  9. The changes to certain spells in the normal spellbook on OSRS will be transferred over to Zenyte at some point, I've already made an issue for this on our Git. We already have an amazing PvP tournament system in place, if you played around release you'd remember these & they were a great success. Unfortunately, there are some issues with it that are still be ironed out before we can re-release them into the game.
  10. Great newsletter as always, thanks to everyone involved!
  11. 100% agree. The only benefit it has is the storage features for UIM players, which is why I definitely want to see it added at some point. However, for now I'd much rather see Implings & Puro or the Fossil Island skilling activities. I wouldn't be against adding PoHs with just the storage options to keep UIMs happy for now (& make the game mode actually playable) until full construction is released at a later time.
  12. It will all be implemented in due time, don't worry about that. This is just to see which piece of content is desired the most.
  13. Daily task suggestion is probably something I'd support. Although we will be looking at the daily tasks as a whole at some point, reviewing the tasks & rewards etc. The donator perks one I'm not a fan of, just logging in each day and getting bonus exp/items is not something I'd support. The mystery box suggestion I don't support either, the item you get should be a mystery – the clue is in the name. That being said...there are various topics on the forums showcasing people opening 1000+ mystery boxes which should give you a good idea of what you could get.
  14. You'll be given the award once one has been made, don't worry we haven't forgotten!
  15. Best update here. Great work guys, can't wait to make them cannonballs. As always, thanks to all of our QA testers for the work you've put in, without you it would have taken even longer to get this update out!
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