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  1. Sounds cool. If you’re adding this it may as well have the OSRS approval system - not adding it just makes the content feel half done IMO.
  2. Just add it, why not. If it makes things take a few milliseconds less than usual, it's not really a big deal.
  3. There should be an issue on the Git re Swamp Crabs & using bloom on them - I created it a few months back, would be nice to see that! Voted yes to all, nice suggestions.
  4. For normal players, sure - but at a 'high' price. Definitely not for Ironmen.
  5. Ultimately that’s just part of their decision to play as an Ironman skiller.
  6. I don’t mind the majority of this, they’re mostly good & positive changes. However, I’m against the addition of Dragon Pic-axes to the store - they’re basically the only item that make Wilderness bosses worthwhile. & I’m really against Ironman being able to buy them from the store, that would be very “un-Zenyte”. I would also say that adding Mort Myre Fungi to the store is a step in the wrong direction too, that’s a relatively good money maker for new starters & adding it to the store could kill that method. Definitely against Ironmen being able to buy it from the store too. The other proposed changes are great though.
  7. Points 3 & 5 would be addressed with a revision upgrade, no real way for those features to enter the game without one. The rest I agree with. In-game broadcasts can be manually made by Admins+ & I see no issue with the mithril seeds suggestion.
  8. It currently matches OSRS, can't see this changing. How it works on the ground floor is each vein has a 1/3 chance of depleting per pay-dirt mined. Then, once you unlock the upper floor, the veins work on a time-based system which allows you to somewhat AFK.
  9. Only thing I'd like to comment on is the bludgeon piece drop rates, should be 1/384, not 1/512. As all other OSRS 1/512 drop rates are 1/384 on here (to my knowledge).
  10. Just make it 1 use (1 step skip) per clue scroll.
  11. Craft them yourself via the abyss, you already get double the runes vs OSRS, you can craft 1000s quite quickly. Or, pay someone or a small group of people to run you ess to the nature altar, even better.
  12. Good luck, fella! I'm sure you'll enjoy your journey.
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