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  1. Managed to get my hands on Rogue and Ardougne Cape 2
  2. Thanks for the runthrough, I'm sure that it has assisted a lot of players with improving their farm runs. Well, for me it certainly has . Thanks again!
  3. I agree it would be nice if vote tickets were added so that votes could be sold. Great idea I've always supported.
  4. Updated with information on Composting and Additional Patches
  5. Damn, congratulations haha
  6. Surprised why this wasn't added before launch, would be a really great addition. Support.
  7. A little bit of a generic answer, but I love Slayer due to the variety
  8. Go buy a lottery ticket, you just might win something big
  9. SilverNova

    50m+ PKED

  10. Afaik your suggestion is already live. Not a single invididual has been promoted due to their staff application, with the only exception being Ruby & Life but that's a different story. Apart from those two, literally no one on the team has made an application.
  11. A guide is when you provide enough information for the user to be able to go from step A to step B by solely following your guide. Tips & tricks is when you simply give pointers on useful activities. Here's an example; Tips: When getting 99 herblore you should get a herb sack. It becomes much easier to level up. Guide: You can get a herb sack from the vote shop. It is useful for collecting herbs from potential PvM drops, allowing you to stack on herbs while saving up inventory space. However, collecting herbs from Farming is more beneficial as you can collect one specific herb in high quantities compared to getting random herbs in low quantities as drops. TL:DR: A guide has many more instructions and clear details. Tips & tricks is the same as saying "Do this, do that and that's it".
  12. Here is a quick solution: Don't die. But on a serious matter, the system that is in place should stay because [email protected] mentioned, it isn't supposed to be SafeScape. Items are coming into the economy day by day and unless there is a method for them to be removed - through, e.g. the death system - we will eventually reach a point where items crash in price. Besides, you can already extend the timers by donating which in my opinion is a really great advantage.
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