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  1. Looks decent but I'd put at least some type of text above each spoiler so players know what each section is for. As of now it is just spoilers stacked on spoilers stacked on spoilers which is very confusing since you don't know what you are looking at when you click it until you take a good read.
  2. SilverNova


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  3. Don't see why not. It's basically just an updated OSRS additions, so I'm all for it. Support.
  4. I've only put locations for Konar because she requires you to KILL them in SPECIFIC locations and for Krystalia because the NPCs in Wildy might not be as common knowledge as NPCs in the Slayer Tower. So in other words; no.
  5. Really? I'm pretty sure they promised they were working or were planning to make something back when the server released .
  6. I'm a hundred percent sure that we won't have double xp weekends every week. Previously the founders of Zenyte would activate BONUS (not double) experience on specific occassions. E.g. if the server went down for an extensive amount of time, if there was a special event or if there was a big bug that had an impact on a majority of the players. I'd like to keep it that way because the game is already easy enough and adding experience modifiers makes it way too simple.
  7. Could the Wilderness Chest at Rogue's Castle be added? It is a great method for Ironmen to obtain uncut dragonstones which can then be made into glories and rings of wealth. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Chest_(Rogues'_Castle)
  8. Eeeeh, could be cool but don't really see a need for it. But if this was to be added I'd love to see some potential designs on the cape.
  9. Good guide. I'm more than certain that a lot of people will use it.
  10. Updated the guide. Thanks for the info.
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