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  1. Great updates lads. I think the most anticipated update of this patch would be seeing the GE offers. Looking forward to CoX, Wt and D&D. Keep at it!
  2. One of the reasons to why Zenyte gained insane popularity in the first place is due to the fact that it is lacking the RSPS feeling. Players are joining because they know that when they play Zenyte, it will almost be identical to playing Oldschool Runescape but with a new community, newer rates, newer developers and newer things to look forward to. I personally understand what you are trying to suggest, but I believe that Zenyte is going in a good direction. Have faith in the developers, as they have faith in us.
  3. Was bored so spent 1-2 days editing in After Effects just trying to get a bigger hang of the software.
  4. Great events. Looking forward to the execution of them
  5. No problem. Glad people still using the guide
  6. My bad, I accidentally inserted 2019 instead of 2009. You can click the link, and it will take you to the RS Wikipedia
  7. Lad, I even linked the post because I knew that people were going to question the date
  8. Agreed. Would serve well as a QoL update
  9. As far as I know the Hand cannon was added in 2009, 6th September which is a few years after Oldschool Runescape. With that being said, since it doesn't exist in OSRS I highly doubt that it will be added to Zenyte.
  10. I know that the staff plan on introducing Golden Guides which should take care of some issues (e.g. multiple guides for one skill). However, once that problem arises and becomes urgent then I will deal with it somehow
  11. It'd just be easier with a seasonal highscore than having a manual competition. However, either way works.
  12. Really love this one. Amazing artist and even greater meaning behind it.
  13. First things first, the highscores needs a fix in general. Apart from that, I think it is pointless to have a whole section dedicated to skillers. I think that adding a seasonal highscore for most xp in a skill per day/week or most kills in a boss per day/week would be more interesting.
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