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  1. Damn nice! Want to see that 500m box opening vid!!
  2. Really nice and clear vid! Usefull for beginners on zenyte! Thumbs up!
  3. That sounds like a nice job! I think you also don't need to go to the gym anymore!
  4. Oh really nice! I also didn't saw that there was already a topic, im sorry
  5. Lets start another topic, What kind of work do you do in real life? I'm sous chef in the kitchen, its the second chef cook. We have place for 340 guests.
  6. I am curious how much time you guy's have played Zenyte at the moment, My time played is 6d 22h 34m 30s Registered on nov 8th 2019.
  7. Welcome mate! Goodluck with your grind to the max! Have a great time !
  8. Welcome Dan! I hope you have a great, and fun time playing zenyte!
  9. SanMiguel

    MA2 Mage Arena 2

    Nice and helpfull guide! Thank a lot!
  10. Thanks for the guide, never did a lot of farming on osrs and almost forgotten everything, this helped me a bit out !
  11. Nice man! Think im going to kill some also
  12. Welcome on Zenyte! Have a great time!
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