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  1. They typically happen when the server starts to run out of space which causes a mass server lag. During bug fixes Game/client updates The known issues with hunter qre very well known and ia a big issue and will be resolved as soon as possible.
  2. Quite simple and straight to the point. Breaking down what everything does. Couldnt have said it better myself. Great work jett
  3. solid lewt. i have yet to get one so grats.
  4. Having a seasonal Highscores would be nice to have. As stated above, it has been talked about.
  5. going to be quite the skiller. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing that lv 3 99 slayer
  6. Echo

    U ok bro?

    Dear Players, Please don't break our NPC's They're very fragile. Thanks! Zenyte Staff (jokes)
  7. Im not really against it as, with opi, i too, have done a higher cap on various other places. But, 5x on a osrs server takes enough time to get 200m as is. No support, Sorry.
  8. Props to her Lol. Some funny alternative names
  9. I do believe ipb changed this back in 4.x and as for making a sub forum for unfinished guides. This wont happen because it makes our forum look messy. + Forum moderators would have to continuously move threads. If you're working on a guide, just post it and state that it is not finished, and continue working on it from there.
  10. Well you're not really taking anything, its to aid your guide.
  11. Playing on 3 accounts 1 Maxed 1 HCIM 1 10X Regular...i can say that its always an adventure. its an experience if you challenge yourself to do things only a specific way. my 10X is a solo account, for example. as for Echo, i am now only making gold via alching. im not longer selling items.
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