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  1. Congrats. some things are worth the wait, mossy keys & black masks are 2 of those things.
  2. those some serious gains. very nice.
  3. Best of luck. ive done 2 of these already in the past few months, not buying/selling stuff on the ge either, but through pure gameplay.
  4. Echo

    OSRS Forum

    https://forums.zenyte.com/forum/107-osrs/ Added.
  5. Thanks for your report. This will be passed on to our developers for further inspection.
  6. Hi @styro We have an email you can send information to regarding your account above the thread there is a "Requesting 2FA Removal" and a email listed. Please send an email to that account with the email registered you to your account or private message an administrator on discord and we can help you.
  7. Lets see some of your Crazy, wacky, silly Zenyte Gifs Some of the best ones posted below can win a prize. Submissions for 'best Gif' will end at the end of the month. November 31st, 2019
  8. Echo

    Zenyte Progress #8

    the plug for 2fa is always a good thing to see other players doing. Keep the videos up my man.
  9. There's something called DoH which is DNS over HTTPS and to make it simple it makes your traffic "invisible" to third parties like your ISP. If you use Mozilla, it's already on If you use Chrome this is how to turn it on: chrome://flags/#dns-over-https If you use Edge and have it fully updated: edge://flags/#dns-over-https If you use Opera it's: opera://flags/opera-doh ISP's are colorblind except when it comes to the color green ($$$) , stick it to them whenever you can. They already charge you out the ass for crappy internet, don't let them sell your data too for the increased revenue. AT&T isn't someone you want to make money off of you. If you use safari and brave, use a different browser. Updated google chrome to its current version already has this enabled. I would say though use Firefox over Chrome, because they force it to happen regardless of whether your DNS allows it. But it is your choice to what you prefer.
  10. In past years ive worked with noele and kris on another project, as an assistant for gathering and organizing information. Things like animations, resources, coords to locations. And being able to work with the same two people are what drove me to even consider putting in an application. Back in 2018 i was a beta tester, one of the few. I helped with putting together the code for consumables, as well as testing Zulrah and its functionality. Its the drive to want to help them and the rest of the development team to help make what we call home, another successful and fun environment for all to enjoy.
  11. Expect two when the year ends Decembers news letter and the yearly recap.
  12. Echo

    Zenyte Progress #5

    These progress videos are such an entertaining watch. Keep up the amazing gains. looking forward to the post-max scene.
  13. I support this. Misc content that most RSPS don't think to bother to add is always a bonus in supplying our players with content that they can not find anywhere else.
  14. i wonder who this is. Stygian. Very nice statistics for such an early release.
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