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  1. Lolol, I'm a shit pker. Doubt that'll ever happen.
  2. Oh hell no, I'm good. hahah I'd kill a monster that has some profit to it.
  3. Vote for the monster you'd like me to kill.
  4. We love you. You will always be our Manager.
  5. Great loot from the Rare Drop table man, congratulations.
  6. Great suggestions! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  7. Hey, welcome to Zenyte man. Enjoy your stay!!
  8. I will be opening 1000 mystery boxes.
  9. Heya, shall I do a Loot from 500 mystery boxes, or a loot from 1000 mystery boxes thread? Cast your vote.
  10. Good suggestion. Definitely has my support!
  11. I would support this. Not the previous suggestion.
  12. Support. Thank you for creating this suggestion @GSXR
  13. Damnn! Congratulations man! The most expensive crystals in 55kc.. very lucky!
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