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  1. This would be great to have as a temporary fix until Construction is ready. Support.
  2. Great post and a nice effort put in, thank you for this it was a cool read. Cool to see my 25kc Primordial in there. I also got the Kraken pet at 213kc on April 18th. https://imgur.com/sfe0m4Y
  3. Good to see the Home Tab situation fixed and some other nice updates too, thanks team.
  4. This is a really cool edit/addition of the official RS ones. Great job and thanks for releasing this.
  5. Zenyte In-game name: Bloodmgx Discord user name: Bloodmgx#1111 Timezone (UTC): +10GMT Time Played In-game (Provide screenshot): https://imgur.com/PKE3Qf3 The team you would like to join: Casual for the time being. Reason for applying: Want a change of clan, why not try for the best? Gear setup if you apply for PVM Team (Provide screenshot): N/A just yet. Brief over view of experience: Used to play back in highschool, found Zenyte to experience some nostalgia and have enjoyed playing here ever since. That was a few months ago, in that time I've been relearning the game, nearly achieved max (fuck Agility) and starting killing bosses. Looking for people to PvM with mainly. Do you accept the rules: Yes.
  6. Great updates and bug fixes team. I won't be attempting Inferno for a fair while but it's good to see it added to the server. Thanks guys.
  7. @Tacsi @skeeretata @Vamped Thanks for applying to Elysium, you have all been accepted! I have given you guys CC access and sent a Discord invite to your PMs. Welcome. @Sensesflail You have already been accepted so welcome.
  8. "Craft 252 Air Runes simultaneously - Stock up an inventory with pure essence and run an abyss runecrafting run for air runes." Have tried this both through the Abyss and directly through Air Altar, any ideas?
  9. @[email protected] Dickaxe Hey guys and welcome to Elysium. You have both been accepted into our clan, your accounts have been given CC access and I have PM'd you both with our Discord link. Thanks for applying.
  10. @Phrostbyte Sorry but you have been declined due to being accepted by Orion Clan. @Bacon Yeah that's fine mate. I am happy to say you are accepted then. I will send you through Discord details now and grant CC access to your account. Welcome!
  11. @loltaven @Off [email protected]@Antiques Welcome guys you have all been accepted into Elysium. I've given your accounts CC access and PM'd you all with Discord information.
  12. @Antiques @Bacon Hey guys, you have been declined due to outstanding/approved applications with other clans. @Qualify @[email protected] @Hydraa @dinner You have been accepted into Elysium, welcome! You have been given access to our CC and I have PM'd you our Discord link. @bouq Sorry but you have been declined due to minimal information and having such a new account creation date. Feel free to re-apply in the future. @Pilgore Welcome to the clan, I know you have already been accepted.
  13. I think this is a cool idea if it can be done easily. I support it.
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