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  1. It's self-explanatory. We aren't going to set any specific value in stone as people will just start abusing that. No, you will not be banned if you're teleblocking people in some cheap robes and normal tb gear. The rule isn't as strict as people make it out to be. It is subject to the staff member to decide whether or not you really are abusing this.
  2. Just a small clarification to those who read it right after posting: The rule will take effect 24 hours from when this thread was posted, to give people some time to get to know to the rule change. We will not instantly be banning those who still do it today.
  3. Kris

    Staff Feedback

    It has been discussed every day in staff chat. By current rules, ragging/1-item pking is not against the rules, therefore the staff are unable to do anything about the issue. Should we come to an agreement of making this a bannable offence, we would have to do so with a warning and a few days delay not to ban people unaware of the rule change immediately. However before we reach such decision, we need to find a way to distinctively differentiate what is allowed and what is not allowed, we cannot just straight up ban 1-item pking as it is a legitimate mechanic that some people use, but there is definitely a fine line between that and just continuously ragging someone for the purpose of annoying them.
  4. The way it currently is implemented is as follows: When the connection between the client and the player is lost, the game will immediately try to log the player out. If the player is in a locked state, or has been attacked by anything in the past 10 seconds, they will be unable to do so. It will re-try this from here on out every game tick, until the counter reaches 100(which equals to one minute). If at any minute the player becomes unlocked(granted it was the lock preventing them from logging off) or if the combat ends, they will be logged off. We cannot make it immediately kick you offline. This could easily be abused by anyone in the wilderness and elsewhere too, really, simply by shutting off the client whenever they're in danger. The way it is currently implemented matches RS.
  5. It's nothing more than a one-liner. I wouldn't really mind implementing it if it came as a toggleable functionality. Some people may not want to have this enabled as there's a higher room for error when batch-purchasing items.
  6. Kris


    Instead of buffing the rates - which it's a bit late to do now considering there are thousands of pieces of each armour in-game - I could consider adding furthermore rewards to make it higher variety(like the custom amulet that we have thrown in it). With that being said, with the release of clues, you will also be able to get those from barrows. Still something extra.
  7. I have thought about this for awhile and I may add a separate chat system to replace the help cc. There is a glaringly obvious flaw in the current way of handling global chatting. Chambers of Xeric requires people to leave the help cc and join their own clan so a portion of the server is never in said clan, and several instances rely on clans as well. Ever since we released raids I've been thinking of implementing a separate chat that would work similarly to clans, but it wouldn't actually use clans, so people could be in the global help chat whilst also being in a clan of their own - or whatever clan would take the spot of being the main hub. This separate chat system requires a fair bit of client edits which as we know aren't easy to do on mobile, which is also why I've held it off for awhile now. We would also have to design our own tab/interface to display the information about the chat. It's a fairly big project but it will come eventually - whether that is through the clan changes that are coming through OSRS or our own. For those unaware, OSRS is also redoing their clans and when that is done - there will be two different chats available; a friends chat and a clan chat, very much like RS3. Edit: Oh and almost forgot to clarify the point of this thread - help chat would still be monitored as it is right now, but whatever chat would take its place as the main hub would be much less strict and people would only be muted for the normal rulebreaking, not going off-topic of any of that.
  8. Kris


    A lot of these will be prioritized right after treasure trails. The bigger ones may take some time.
  9. When you say all xp locked, do you mean just combat or all 22/23 skills entirely? If the latter, I'm not sure what the purpose of such lock is in the first place.
  10. Regarding the first point, I'm not sure if the town crier is the correct way to approach FAQ; I'd rather make a basic text interface with lots of free room and make ::faq open that, containing all the information that's frequently asked. Don't get me wrong, I would like to implement town crier sometime soon actually, but I feel like this would just be wasted/spam, and I'd rather like to make it announce stuff that's relevant to all players, not just beginners. As for the second one, I do have plans of importing lots of cool pets from the 2008-2009 era over to Zenyte. Pets do no harm - even if players dislike customs. I do have plans of adding the baby dragon pets, and I actually was trying to do that 2-3 months ago however I couldn't get them working at the time due to lack of necessary tools. I now have those tools as I needed to create them to produce the Christmas event. You'll soon be seeing geckos, platypuses, monkeys, baby dragons, dogs, penguins, squirrels, chameleons and some others.
  11. Kris

    New Developer

    bad thread cus no mention of me in it.
  12. Finished the STASH units today. These took far longer than I had expected them to take, spent majority of the day on them alone. Corey is also soon done with the Puro-Puro.
  13. Finished emote clues. These took me hours and drained me of all life. Corey has been working on implings on the side; he's only got puro-puro left before the implings part is fully completed.
  14. Added a new section for puro-puro and implings to the bottom of the thread. I've also continued working on this project now. Sorry about the long delays, I took a bit longer of a break after Egypt.
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