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  1. The Zenyte Team is pleased to announce the long awaited release of the Chambers of Xeric! The Chambers of Xeric are a large cave system underneath Mount Quidamortem in the Kebos region. This comes with a full, 100% Old School RuneScape replicate of the Chambers of Xeric, with every detail nitpicked for accuracy and stability. We have implemented every aspect of every room, including challenge mode, proper dungeon scaling based on the party members stats, and even the proper point scaling system. In Zenyte, the Chambers of Xeric use Dynamic Map Generation. This system is unique to the RSPS community, who mostly use preset map patterns when generating raid rooms. What does this mean for me? Dynamic Map Generation means that every raid you embark on will be different from the last. Each time you form a group, the order of the rooms will be dynamically generated so that each raid is challenging, unique, and most importantly, 1:1 with OSRS. In the Chambers of Xeric, you can expect to see: Tekton Vespula Vanguard Ice Demon Muttadiles Vasa Nistirio Skeletal mystics Lizardman shamans Great Olm (final boss) Resource Areas Crab Puzzle Creature Keeper Tightrope Guardians Buildable Storage Units Accurate point system Below you will see each and all bosses with a short explanation of the mechanics that were implemented. Tekton Tekton will return to his anvil when players are not attacking it. Both emitted lights are added, red & orange with proper effects. Meteor strike during his anvil regeneration will occur. All of Tektons’ standard attacks have been implemented. Vespula Grubs have to be healed. If they hit 0 hit points, they will emit a vespine soldier. Vespula’s second phase is active once Vespula reaches 20% hit points. The septic tentacles will spawn near the entrance, dealing moderate poison damage (Does not cause poison) passing it once the fight starts. Vanguards All three combat styles of Vanguards are properly added, and weakened by its proper counterpart. Vanguards healing mechanic is in effect when one is pushed under 33% hit points while the rest remain above the threshold. Vanguards have their proper rotation patterns. The range Vanguard is weak to Melee attacks and can be identified by the rocks gathered beneath its tentacles. The melee Vanguard is weak to Magic attacks and can be identified by the tentacles raised up in front of it. The mage Vanguard is weak to Ranged attacks and can be identified by lack of tentacles. Ice Demon Ice fiends are capped at four. 1 per player in the party. All braziers speed up the ice storm time while lit, time required to be lit based on party size. Both ranged and magic attacks are implemented based on prayer active, dependent on the player it is attacking. Kindling is able to be chopped, hatchets have been placed in the proper spawn areas. Storage chest is able to be built using planks. (No construction experience is gained) Muttadiles Both muttadiles have been added. The small muttadile uses ranged and melee based attacks. The large muttadile uses all three combat styles. The large muttadile, under 40% hit points will go towards the meat tree, healing off of it. 3 times before returning, and will continue to heal based off of his 40% hitpoint threshold. Chopping the tree down will prevent the muttadile from healing from it once the 40% hitpoint threshold is met. Vasa Nistirio Beginning attack & teleportation movement to lower players hit points added. Proper movement of Vasa to the crystals & Vasa will heal off of the crystals. Player health dealt is reduced the lower the players health is. Lighting of crystals to indicate where Vasa is moving to. If the crystal is not killed Vasa will return to the center of the room and begin using its teleport attack. Great Olm All three phases + Olm’s Head has been added. Third phase requires both hands to be slain, simultaneously, otherwise they will heal. All of Olms attacks have been added Standard attacks Spheres Crystal burst Lightning Swap Acid Spray & Acid Drip Deep Burn & Fire wall Crystal Bombs & Falling Crystals Crabs Crystals react to their respective colors. Getting hit by the orbs will deal damage to the players. Attacking the crystals will turn it red. Crystals properly get stunned. Guardians Proper falling rock attack implemented. Guardians damage are only harmed by Pickaxes. Proper flinching mechanics are implemented. Creature Keeper Obtaining cavern grubs from chess are randomized. Psykk bats have been added. Poison chests have been added to deal 1-3 damage per chest containing Poison. Solo raids scaled to require roughly 30 grubs to continue, like OSRS. Searching the creature keeper, players can obtain his journal. Tight rope Keystone is required to open the next room. NPC amount & hitpoint scaling based on party size. All damage is inflicted in one tick when crossing the tight rope with npcs still alive. Both rangers and mages are added in their respective location. Solo parties encounter two rangers & two mages. Dark Altar Room Skeletal mystics will take players overheads into account. Skeletal mystics will focus on mage based attacks if they are not in melee range. All damage reflected using prayer is reduced by 50%. Strength of mages are dependent on party size. Solo parties encounter three mystics. Resource Areas All potions are able to be made with the full raid farming system. All supplies necessary to make potions are accessible inside the chambers. Pick all options functional. Accurate point system Attacking monsters, though there are several exceptions: Penultimate phase of the Great Olm; anytime it regains control of its hands, no points are given for any damage dealt to them. Damaging a recovered abyssal portal. When players battle mini-bosses, a "decay" point multiplier is put into effect. For example, players initially have a normal multiplier rate when disabling Vasa Nistirio's crystals, but as the fight progresses, the "decay" will set in and prevent players from obtaining as much points as they normally would. Completing puzzle rooms. Making shortcuts in large ruin chambers (requiring Woodcutting, Mining and Strength if the obstacle is a rotten sapling, rock or boulder respectively). Huge shoutout goes [email protected] He has helped a tremendous amount during the testing phases to make sure the content here has been accurate, and all aspects work properly, just like Oldschool Runescape. This will not go unrecognized. If you see him on our site, discord, or in-game. Give him a big thanks for all the hard work for making The Chambers of Xeric what it is today. Update Log In addition to the grand release of the Chambers of Xeric, there are several game fixes, new implementations, and tweaks done in this update. Curious to know what's been added? Here's a full compiled list: Notable updates: Implemented most silver jewelry, bracelet of slaughter, dodgy necklace, expeditious bracelet, amulet of bounty, amulet of chemistry. Infernal eels can now be fished at Mor Ul Rek, oily fishing rod is obtainable in the skilling shop at home. Royal seed pod can now be configured to teleport you home, this is a hard wilderness dairy reward. Basalt and salt runes can now be mined underneath Weiss, these can be used to make icy and stony basalt, as well as used to light fire pits. The Moss giant boss Bryophyta is now killable and the signature weapon Bryophyta's staff is now fully implemented. Soul bearer can now be found in the vote shop. Combat dummies can now be found at the outlaws, slightly south-east of home. Magic and range tutors now have option to toggle whether or not they want runes/ammunition to go into their rune pouch/equipment slot respectively. Fake experience drops are now enabled for those with 200m and iron men in player vs player. Dagannoth kings boss teleport scroll will now unlock a teleport directly to the entrance. Combat changes: Diagonal safespots implemented. Flinching mechanic implemented. Magic attack speed no longer depends on your distance; it will not slow the attacks down if you enter "long-range" distance(> 8 tiles) Powered staves(tridents effectively) have had their attack range reduced to 7/9 tiles, as opposed to what wikia provides at 8/10(which is incorrect, confirmed) Magic attack distance in general lowered for everything by 1 tile. The calculations previously actually provided 11 tiles attack distance, due to not properly accounting for positions, but rather only the space between the two. Protection prayers are now checked when the hit begins, not when it lands on you. Some alterations to damage calculations for player combat actions. Hugging objects functions once again; Meaning if you're standing behind a rock and hitting someone that requires you to only walk 1 tile further, the attack will begin simultaneously with you walking, as opposed to waiting for you to walk to a tile that has clear view, and performing the attack on the next tick. The only exception(yet to implement) to this is autocasting, although this does not include powered staves. Halberds can now hit through see-through objects such as fences, much like in Old School RuneScape. Previously they could only hit from distance if the path was completely clear and could be walked across. Projectiles for ranged now fly out properly in synchronization with the player's positioning, instead of shooting them too soon, or too late(depending on whether or not the animation played actually blocks player's movement graphically) Player-following rework: First click of 'Follow' on another player will use intelligent pathfinding to reach the target, any subsequent calls - or interruptions through target movement - will result in using the dumb pathfinder. Executed in a separate processing block, meaning PID no longer plays a role in following, instead the distance from the target will always be the same, whether player A follows player B, or vice versa. Game will always attempt to walk you directly behind the other player, whether it is diagonal or not. Public ground items limit introduced; There can now only be a maximum of 129 public ground items in one zone/chunk(8x8 tiles map piece); The limit has been verified to be 129 in OSRS. Once the limit is reached, it will remove the cheapest item out of the lot. Player message filtering system rewritten; All messages were changed to be unfilterable, followed by me going over every skill action I could think of and filtering out logical messages. Controller system removed almost entirely, I believe there's only construction remaining that is blocking it from being completely removed. Gambling introduction: Dicing - players can purchase the dice bag from the store for $100. Allows players to roll the percentile dice privately, or in clan channel. Mithril seeds - can be bought off the store for credits. Players can plant the seeds to grow various colours of flowers. 2 seed - $0.10 (1 credit) 100 seeds - $4.00 (40 credits) 200 seeds - $7.50 (75 credits) 425 seeds - $15.00 (150 credits) 1000 seeds - $30.00 (300 credits) Bugfixes (there are lots more, however after more than 500 commits being done on the develop branch, it is hard to keep track of it all) Donator benefits for 'farming patches automatically composted' is now fixed for people who already previously interacted with a farming patch. Zulrah no longer deals damage to the player after the player is dead and respawned. Disabling a clan chat now properly kicks everyone out of it, including the owner themselves. Mithril dragon drops shouldn't glitch out every now and again. TzTok-Jad kills are now tracked. Fire capes, bottomless buckets, anima seeds and void pieces are now tracked by collection log. If an ironman deals the most damage to a NPC, but falls under the 70% damage dealt requirement, the drop is instead given to a non-ironman player who has dealt the most damage to the NPC, even if it is just 1 damage. Vorkath's ice barrage attack is now smoother and easier to track. The crawler's behaviour has been improved to give a better window for reaction. Herb box will automatically open all herb boxes with a two-tick interval if the 'Bank-all' option is used. Players can no longer sell stackable items to a shop when their inventory is completely full and they have no coins in inventory. Trident of the seas becomes tradeable when fully charged. Cannon no longer freezes with one cannonball in it under specific circumstances. Armadylean spiritual mage actually attacks players, instead of just following them. Wilderness obelisk destinations are now sorted from lowest to higher wilderness level. Boss assignment name checking now ignores case-sensitivity, ensuring that no more boss tasks will be affected by this, thus making them unable to be completed. Spirit trees in farming now require ground suqah tooth, as opposed to the non-ground version. Cosmic being and star flowers added in Cosmic Plane(can be visited through fairy ring). Allows players to obtain star flowers which are used in brewing magic essence potions. Players can no longer get stuck on the Al-Kharid zip-line obstacle. A tool leprechaun can now be found in Weiss. Lizardman brutes now work for the lizardmen slayer assignment. The ship next to the arrival location in Pest Control island no longer allows the player to go down on the ship, as the bottom part of it is completely unwalkable. The gate used in Dwarf Cannon quest in RS, to reach Lawgof has been implemented. All decorative armour now has the respective wield requirements. Players can no longer get stuck on Bob's island, if the destination to which they would be returned is not walkable(e.g. if you were force-teleported by a staff member while crossing an agility obstacle), it would instead return you home. The lamp obtained from completing Bob's island random event will now properly be dropped underneath the player's feet if their inventory is full. Vorkath has been listed as a draconic NPC for the dragon-hunter weaponry effect. Walk packet is now completely single-threaded, There was an extreme case where - very rarely - your walking would be interrupted out of the blue due to scenery changes that occurred immediately after path was calculated, but before the next tick was executed. Players who are muted will now be notified of their mute on logins. 'Floating'(non-full screen) world map will no longer close when you're in combat, or performing skilling actions. Full screen world map can no longer be opened while under combat, and getting attacked while having full screen open means the world map closes immediately - especially helping players on mobile, who are viewing world map in dangerous areas like the wilderness. Adamant dragons now drop the dragon metal slice instead of the dragon metal lump. Patched part of the dungeon exit object in Brimstail's cavern; Only half of the object would actually take you outside of the cave previously. Increased the price of the mind shield to 25,000 coins in the melee armoury shop due to its better bonuses compared to the elemental shield, which costs 15,000. Changed fairy ring code reading to use the cache instead of our hard-coded ring ids. A lot of the necessary fairy rings would not show up on the travel log before - all do now. Humidify spell now works for the celastrus, redwood and dragonfruit seedlings. Implemented a yell filter in the custom settings tab, so players can filter out everyone else's yells but their own - even staff members' yells. Players who are in the 'locked' status are no longer immediately logged off as their connection drops - but instead will wait until either the lock wears off, or 60 seconds has passed. The method is merged with the combat check, so both variables will count towards the same thing. Magic tutor in Lumbridge now allows players to toggle whether or not they want the runes they pick up to go in their rune pouch, or into their inventory. The runes can only go in the pouch if the player already has at least 1 of the said rune in their pouch, and the existing stack plus the stack on the ground doesn't exceed the limit of 16,000 runes. Ranged tutor in Lumbridge now allows players to toggle whether or not they want the ammunition(arrows, thrown weapons..) to go in their ammunition equipment slot, or their inventory. The arrows will only go in their ammunition slot if they already have the same arrows in there, and the two stacks merged doesn't exceed the maximum item count limit. Casting fire spells while wielding a tome of fire now consumes the tome's charges. Increased the stock of garlic in Ardougne spice stall, as well as its respawn timer. Using thrown weapons with enchanted bolts equipped no longer permits the bolt effects to go off. Players can now fish infernal eels in the TzHaar city. They can also crack the eels for some spicy rewards. A ladder in the tree gnome stronghold has been patched to allow climbing up and down on it. Bryophyta's staff can now be charged with nature runes. All max capes are now converted to 569,250 coins on death, if lost. The previous value was merely 99,000. A ladder in the goblin village no longer allows players to no-clip around the world. Undead cows and chickens now work for the zombies slayer assignment. Penguins now work for the birds slayer assignment. 'Enter the ranging guild' medium Kandarin diary achievement implemented. Increased the number of cactus spines the players get from harvesting cacti. Ice trolls will now fight against honour guards on the Neitiznot island. Lizardman brutes will now fight against the soldiers in Lizardman canyon. Experience drops implemented for if the player has reached 200 million experience in any skill - these experience drops will come with a red circle, indicating no experience was actually gained. These fake experience drops are also altered by the experience multiplier settings. Experience multiplier settings now actually save on logout. Dagannoths in the Waterbirth island dungeon now have drops. Players can no longer acquire the same slayer assignment back-to-back unless they're wearing the slayer cape. Lowered the aggression and attack range of the dark wizards in Draynor village. Fixed the defensive animation on Arclight. Fixed the attack animation on the Fremennik blade. Fake experience drops implemented for ironmen who attack other players in the Wilderness - indicating no actual experience is gained, but at least it informs the player of the rough hit. Fixed a shortcut in the Lumbridge basement. Having a dwarf multicannon set-up within a Corporeal beast instance now prevents the instance from deleting when there are no more players remaining in the chamber. If the cannon decays when there is no one left in the room, the instance will delete itself. Rewrote the drop tables of Kree'arra's minions - they all have identical drop tables now, and do drop feathers and bones every kill. Rewrote the combat scripts of the brutal dragons to match RS - they will all now use proper projectiles, and attack from afar. Jogres added into the dungeon on the nothern part of Karamja. Fountain of Uhld can now be used to recharge dragonstone jewellery. Lizardman kills are now being tracked, and can be seen by talking to any of the soldiers found in the Lizardman canyon settlement. Players can now search the marshy jungle vines for snake weed. TzTok-Jad slayer assignment fixed. Rewrote the behaviour of Yt-HurKots(TzTok-Jad's healers) so that they will always heal TzTok-Jad when in reach of it. The attack speed shown in Monster Examine spell's interface now displays the true attack speed. The values previously shown were off. Ket-Zek and TzTok-Jad both roll using/against stab attack style when using their melee attacks, instead of previous crush. NPC bonuses and max hits updated to match RS for the larger Tz-Keks. Implemented necklace of faith's effect of occasionally restoring prayer if hitpoints reach critical levels. Implemented bracelet of slaughter's effect of occasionally preventing your task count from decrementing on a slayer kill. Implemented dodgy necklace's effect of occasionally preventing getting stunned while pickpocketing. Implemented expeditious bracelet's effect of occasionally decreasing your assignment count by two instead of one on a slayer kill. Implemented amulet of bounty's effect of occasionally allotment only using one seed as opposed to three when planting. Implemented amulet of chemistry's effect occasionally of making four dose potions instead of the three dose versions. Items found from mystery boxes are now tracked one the collection log. Ring of pursuit, Flamtaer's bracelet and Efaritay's aid now have their check and break options implemented. The jewellery effects themselves couldn't be implemented due to missing the necessary underlying content. The ovens found in the Hosidius kitchen now help towards not burning the food you cook. Zahur and Wesley are now capable of crushing all crushable herblore secondaries, if the player can afford it. They will also accept the noted forms of the secondaries, if possible. The shops will now buy items back from the players for 40% of their value(value is not defined by Grand Exchange, but rather by a constant value found in the item's definitions) - the percentage previously was just 33.334%. West Ardougne's general store will now buy items at 55% of their value. Bandit duty free general store in the Wilderness will now buy items at 60% of their value - identical to that of high alchemy. Fixed a typo in Venenatis' combat script. The damage tracked on characters across the world is now stored using the username of the player dealing the damage, meaning that the damage is preserved through logins. Previously all previously-dealt damage from before login was discarded, often making loot not appear at all when slaying a creature. Leaf-bladed spear is now two-handed. Graceful and amylase packs can now be sold back to Grace's shop. Guard dogs no longer react to players stealing from stalls in Kourend. Fixed the agility shortcut in Stronghold slayer dungeon. Implemented the fruit stalls in Kourend. The starter guide NPC in Edgeville now sells all three starter weapons for 200,000 coins each. The starter weapons have received a graphical overhaul, and are a lot prettier now. Implemented the combat dummies, regular and undead versions. Reworked the south-eastern part of the home, removed the cow pen and added a house for the outlaws. In-front of the house, players can find the newly-implemented combat dummies. While in presence of the house of the outlaws, players will gradually recharge their prayer and special attack, meaning they can continuously test different weapons on the combat dummies without having to leave to recharge their special attack or prayer. The recharge aura only kicks in after the players have stood within the presence of the house for at least 30 seconds, and stops as soon as the player leaves it. Karamja achievement diary lamp requirements and experience rewards reworked to match OldSchool. Removed rat's paper drops from outlaws. Implemented cadava berry and redberry bushes found in the southern part of Varrock. Resurrect crops spell fixed. Basalt and salt rocks underneath Weiss can now be mined. Fire pits across the world can be constructed to prevent the area effects of specific areas. Until construction is released, the fire pits will have no requirements to build, and grant no construction experience. Each fire pit will however grant 300 firemaking experience(times whatever your experience modifier is set to). Snowflake and Don't Know What now have their dialogues for noting basalt and passing through to the inner part of Weiss respectively. Rewrote the binding necklace charges system. The charges are now bound to the player, as opposed to the item. Thus, any newly obtained binding necklace will now stack in bank. The old, non-stacking binding necklaces will still work too, but they will not become stackable - best off consuming those to save some bank space. Only magic is now permitted within the boundaries of the Mage Arena in deep wilderness. This applies for both NPCs and players alike. Mogres implemented. They can be found in the waters at Mudskipper point. Players need a fishing exposive to get their attention. Mogres can also be acquired as a slayer assignment from Mazchna, Vannaka and Chaeldar. Mogres can now also be found on the drop viewer - and they also drop flippers and mudskipper hat. Due to this, the mudskipper hat was removed from the mystery box - its value wasn't very high to begin with, due to them being extremely common from the boxes. Implemented drops for the zombies found in stronghold of security. Curtains all across the desert can now be opened and closed. The ladder found within HAM hideout now actually takes the players outside of the hideout. The standard rare drop tables, and gem rare drop tables were expanded to a lot more monsters - to see if a monster has access to it, you can now open the drop viewer to find out. Remapped a lot of spawn positions of monsters found in the godwars dungeon, and in lumbridge swamp caves. All items dropped(by player, or by Vorkath) within Vorkath's instance will now remain on the ground for a total of 30 minutes. Rewrote the formula behind prayer resistance in prayer drain calculations, effectively doubling the resistance gained from prayer-boosting equipment. This now matches RS' formulae. Ardougne rooftop course's mark of grace spawn locations reduced to just one. Modified the revenant weapons' check-charges message to notify the player of the weapon being activated after the initial 1,000 revenant ether charge. Implemented dagannoth kings boss teleport scroll. The waterbirth island teleport has been moved to the misc category. Rewrote the item sorting formula for items kept on death to include the base-price of the untradeable items which are built up off of tradeable counterparts, making items such as slayer helmet have a much higher base value(that of the black mask for example), so items such as barrows gloves no longer protect over it. Added two cave nightshade item spawns near the Skavid caves, south-west of Yanille. Patched the doors found in Kourend area. Repaired a couple ladders on Neitiznot island, to prevent no-clipping. Thormac, found at the top of the Sorcerer's tower is now able to enchant battlestaves to mystic versions. Normal lava and steam battlestaves can now be equipped with respective upgrade kits. Fixed an issue with Iban's staves not notifying the player of being on the wrong spellbook if that is the case. Implemented the shortcut found at the northern part of McGrubor's woods. Added a tanner on the second floor of Crafting guild. The 'pump and drain' objects found world-wide can now be used for filling vessels with water. Renamed the altar found upstairs at home to 'Saradomin altar' and changed it's right-click option of 'Change-spellbook' to actually list out all four spellbooks, for easier spellbook swapping. Players no longer gain experience for damaging Bryophyta while the growthlings are alive. Crash site cavern can now be accessed by walking from Tree Gnome Stronghold. Zulrah's melee attack now does the knockback effect. Plant pots made through pottery can now be used in Farming. Increased the odds of your glory amulet being transformed into an eternal amulet of glory from 1 in 25,000 to merely 1 in 2,500, when recharging glories at the fountain of rune, in the wilderness. All NPCs found in the fight caves now have their sound effects, making completion of the caves much easier. Sped up the process of adding grapes to jugs of water to match OldSchool. Amethyst no longer always depletes after the first ore is mined, instead, the odds of that happening have been changed to 1 in 3. Alongside this, amethyst rocks now have a much quicker respawn timer - three times faster than before. To adjust for these changes, the speed of mining amethyst has been slightly lowered. Superior slayer monsters will now always drop a totem piece when killed within the Catacombs of Kourend, as long as the player is missing at least one of the pieces. Superior slayer monsters can now be found on the drop viewer, although they will only show the totem pieces and the four rare drops which include the imbued heart on it. The remaining drops cannot be displayed as they are dynamic, depending on the parent monster which "spawned" the superior version of itself. The loot is rolled off the parent monster, giving three individual rolls on their loot table. Tortured gorilla's unique drop rates re-adjusted to match RS. They were never meant to be as low as they were previously set to - this was caused by random number generation when scrapping the wikia for drops. Deviant spectres now use magic attack bonus when calculating the damage upon hitting a target, as opposed to previous melee defence. This makes them much more accurate, as their melee stats are 1. Removed enhanced ice gloves from the vote store. Implemented soul bearer, which can be found in the vote store for 50 vote points. Modified some of the obstacles that have often caused the client to "teleport" players into unreachable parts of the map, or void entirely. Hopefully the modifications are enough to avoid these issues in the future. Started working on placeholder redirections, so items such as barrows (25/50/75/100) would use the same placeholder slot as the full version of the item. At the moment, these placeholders have only been applies for barrows items, although the rest will follow in the near future. Bracelets of ethereum always drop on the ground on death in wilderness. Using the long-range attack style with tridents now properly provides the user with defence experience. The "latest update" broadcast message players receive on login now only shows the first time around, although if players would like the last update to show on every login, they can change the setting in their settings tab respectively. Guthix rest teas can now be made. Trident damage calculations rewritten to properly account for all the special factors - previously it would disregard a lot of them. Respective jingles are now played upon deaths, when progressing in fight caves, upon Grand Exchange offer updating, winning a duel and when playing the air guitar emote. An oily fishing rod has been added to the skilling shop at home. Bryophyta's growthlings will now once again die when a hatchet has been used on them, once they're low enough health. Rangers' tights now require a ranged level of at least 40 to equip. Smoke devil pet can now be metamorphised. Added dagannoth kings teleport scroll to the mystery box. Fixed the death message for hardcore ironmen - it will now again inform who dealt the killing blow to the player when they die, whether it's a NPC or a player. Rare drop broadcasts now contain the name of the monster which dropped the item. A chisel spawn has been added to the dense essence mine. Royal seed pod now has a configure option, which allows the players who have completed the easy, medium and hard wilderness diaries to redirect the teleport destination directly to home. Brutal green dragons' max hit changed from 0 to 18. Alchemy spells no longer delay combat. Yt-HurKot will no longer heal TzTok-Jad if its attention has been drawn by interacting with it in combat. Dagannoths found inside the Waterbirth island dungeon are now aggressive. Wallasalki now use proper attack projectiles and graphics. You can now make GE offers for zenyte armour. Wrath runes can now be stored in a rune pouch. Checks have been added to the Motherlode mine exits to make sure you have 60 mining before you enter the mining guild. You can no longer leave a godwars dungeon bossroom through the door, only through the altar now. Imbued heart duration adjusted. Added nieve's gravestone which displays the demonic & tortured gorilla killcount. Granite cannonballs now turn into regular ones in a pvp death. Automatic resizing for the GE offers viewer. Automatic resizing for the Drop viewer. Potential fix to ensure that players no longer get stuck while fighting the Grotesque Guardians. Fixed a typo in the chat-over-time of Kamfreena in the Warriors' guild. Added the ability to change skin colours for donators through the makeover-mage. Using a chisel on amethyst whilst only having 1 in your inventory will no longer make bolt tips and will now show the selection dialogue. The chaos fanatic now shows the correct drop rate for the pet on the drop viewer. Viggora's chainmace now acts as a zamorak item. Fixed a typo with the slayer task tip of a black dragons assignment. The remaining teleports message from diary items now give a more clearer message. Fixed an issue where you couldn't store tree seeds in a seed box. Fixed an issue with rift guardian colour locking and implemented the proper dialogue for it. Fixed an issue for new players that would login for the first time on mobile causing various problems.
  2. ^What Ghost said. This would remove the purpose of the gardeners, which weren't exactly easy to implement overall. Rather not devalue that.
  3. I'm down to adding two new options in settings, both of which would be disabled for everyone by default: - AFK timer if playing on desktop - AFK timer is playing on mobile. Both timers would be set to the normal 5 minutes, the time is will not be modifiable by the user.
  4. I haven't implemented this for a couple of reasons: 1) Interfaces cannot be open while the player is under attack, as they will immediately close. I will not change this mechanic around, so the only way this feature could be useful is if the player was standing in a zone with no aggressive monsters(to their levels) 2) The 'Examine' option doesn't really fit the concept of it, but I am willing to add an option to toggle it giving examine messages, showing drops for the monster or both. I'm willing to implement it as long as it is toggleable. The 'Examine' option on NPCs will not be renamed though, as it is a lot of effort to keep the option dynamic.
  5. The reason why I didn't implement this for ironmen in the first place is due to the items you can acquire from the supply boxes simply being too powerful. Basically, any ironman at any level is able to roll on the supply box, as it has no requirement other than your target being at least combat level 50. However some of the rewards that these boxes give - from black d'hide to powerful potions to dragonstones/glories.. It takes away many of the challenging parts of being an ironman. Getting the aforementioned items should actually be a challenge, not an 'Are you feeling lucky today?' competition. I am not opposed to creating something similar to these for ironmen, but the rewards would have to be completely changed around. Supply boxes as a concept have been well accepted overall.
  6. I have been working on a cosmetic version of the mystery box for the past month now. The only struggle has been trying to come up with the rewards. As the boxes are ironman-enabled, they cannot really contain any gear, so all my efforts have been focused around cosmetic items while trying to avoid using any assets from future content such as TT. They may or may not come with the next update, depending on how successful I am with coming up enough variety of items to cover it. The boxes will cost $25 each though, as the partyhats and many other items contained just bump their value up enormously.
  7. I've had this on the back of my mind for awhile now, definitely not against it. Will probably implement it sooner than later, as I have some other noticeboard changes in mind to implement.
  8. There is a change coming for this in the next update. We reworked how the message filtering works, and reset every single game message to not be filtered out. Since then, over the past month roughly, I've been defining all kinds of spammy messages I've been able to found as filtered. I'm sure a lot of spammy messages will still reach the game, but hopefully with enough reports, I'm able to get it to stable grounds.
  9. Kris

    Xp well

    Correction: This is one of the things that will never come to Zenyte. The XP wells are a tacky feature that servers implement for the purpose of purging the economy, as they actually _need_ to do it. We don't, quite literally. The economy is slow-paced, everything sold in shops is capped to specific quantities and sold at rather expensive prices. There are cash sinks all around the game, most of them small but overall, frequent use of them still adds up to quite large quantities. Player-controlled experience boosting is also a dangerous path if you think about servers which actually have highscores for the point of fair-competition. Giving players the control over the experience flow in the game could easily turn the table and help those able to afford it progress much faster, giving them an unfair advantage over the rest of the players, especially within competitions. If we're to ever add any sort of experience boosts, it will be in controlled environment where the players do not have control over it, giving everyone the same fair advantages. Much like the semi-frequent experience-boosting weekends I've done since the release, roughly once a month.
  10. That wasn't the same update. I just fixed the interaction with the object at home which allows toggling the KDR notification within wilderness. The scoreboard is a separate issue on gitlab and will be done separately.
  11. HD implementation is not planned at the moment, there are far too many obstacles to implementing it: 1) It is a massive undertaking to implement the new renderers into the client; What's even worse is every time we upgrade runelite, we would have to re-implement the renderers. 2) Models were all re-adjusted by Jagex when HD was first released; If HD alone was implemented, you would see a lot of priority fighting - this basically causes multiple faces of models to flicker between one another, as priorities of which model to display are unclear to the renderer. 3) Misc. changes such as water; RS introduced a new layer for underwater maps; This basically means that in shores you can see through the transparent water in HD mode, the actual sand and whatnot underneath it. Without this bottom layer, shores would look very odd. It is not planned for any time soon, nor am I considering implementing this at all right now.
  12. The death timers currently work as follows: Ultimate ironmen get 1 hour personal timer and 5 minutes public timer. This is unaffected by donator benefits. The reason why ultimate ironmen have it set to 1 hour is because it has grown into an actual mechanic of the game mode in runescape. I'd rather not change the essence of the game mode. However regulars all start off with 3 minutes personal, which is extended by the amount provided above, depending on the donator rank. The reason why we chose to go with such low timers is because they closely resemble the rates that OS itself had before they had the continuous DDoS attacks back in 2015, which forced them to change it to 1 hour for everyone. I decided to not do what RS did because our server doesn't really get DDoSed(hasn't so far anyways..), the mechanic provides a great item sink that OS itself so desperately needs now. If you're fighting bosses like the godwars generals, there's meant to be risk for the high reward. That's my stance on the matter.
  13. Much rather be the first server to have mobile than have the developers finish something as miniscule as.. say wintertodt in the same amount of time. Mobile did not take as long as you think it did. It was a small side project for @Tommeh& @Corey, I only helped them on the last day to push the update out to public. The rest of my time has gone - as you might suspect - under raids that everyone so badly requested.
  14. You could try going to: C:\Users\User\.zenyte\launcher\cache Creating a file called run.bat and editing it in notepad to contain the following contents: java -jar client.jar pause Then execute the bat file directly. It'll open the client w/ console on the side printing out constant information. There's a possibility that the disconnections aren't caused by your network, but rather some error thrown in the client. This helps check that out - if it is true or not. When you disconnect, you can check the command prompt window. There's a possibility it'll have some sort of a stacktrace in it, pointing an exception of some sorts.
  15. It's decent, I'm a fan. Large variety of benefits yet nothing too powerful. Enough incentive for players who are actually interested in grinding lower game modes to actually choose one. Only thing I have to point out is the "-2/-3 payment for crop protection", this would rather be done in percentages as a lot of the payments are actually singular items and those would be unaffected by that.
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