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  1. I like this solution. Would catching extra grant more experience in hunter as well? Chins feel underwhelming right now and most people suggest trapping and freeing lizards. I like the idea of bringing the market up and making chins a more viable hunter option through this method. If we take them out of mystery boxes they will only be shut out more and why not bring more life to them instead
  2. Hello, I've recently been in the wildy, primarily the rev caves and Hope to start pking. I always have a switch or two on me and looting revs while keeping pk items can be a fight for inventory space. (Range gear, Mage Gear, food, pots etc..). Salve amulet (ei) is almost a necessity at revs but it offers no pvp bonus and minimal stats overall. Another item that is great to keep in inventory at revs is the Amulet Of Avarice to skull yourself and extend trips. The amulet of Avarice also offers amazing attack stats (+10 to all melee, +10 to range and +10 to mage) and OK defensive stats. This makes the amulet of avarice a sufficient amulet for pvp and saves an inventory space which would have been taken by another amulet (fury, torture etc). The biggest issue with the Amulet of Avarice is when you attempt to equip, it you're forced to accept a dialogue menu for the PK Skull. As far as I've found there is no way to disable this or get around it, making it impossible to switch as quickly as desired. My suggestion is to allow users to toggle this message and allow the amulet to be equipped without being forced to accept the dialog box. This could be implemented a few different ways especially if you don't want to allow a full bypass. 1. Limit the message to once per login. Meaning in one game session (log in to log out) if the amulet of avarice is equipped the message will appear on the FIRST interaction and can either have the option to not show again until next session or continue to show the warning 2. Allow the warning to be Toggled under the 'game settings' under 'Game Noticeboard'. This would not be limited to one game session and the user would have to Toggle the warning back on to see it again. **Besides PVP another benefit from this update would allow players to quickly switch off of their salve while fighting revs to their avarice forcing all rev drops to be noted while maintaining maximum dps with salve** Thanks for reading and let me know what you think! -Duky
  3. Awesome thank you. looking forward to all of it! Especially the store rework, any estimated dates on that?
  4. Hello, I have three suggestions for the server I would love to see implemented. These include the pearl fishing rod, mining gloves, and an update to the scythe. 1. Pearl fishing rod - With the latest addition of the anglers outfit it only seems right to bring this item next. It's a functional and equippable fishing rod which allows the fashionscapers to finish their outfit and skillers to save an inventory space. ***If considering the pearl fishing rod please don't forget about the oily variant for infernal eels!!!*** 2. Mining Gloves - There are three pairs which are 'Mining Gloves', 'Superior mining gloves' and 'Expert mining gloves'. While equipped, these gloves decrease the chance of certain ore depletion while mining. non-depletion bonuses regular- silver, coal and gold superior - mithril, adamantite, runite Expert - silver, coal, gold, mithril, adamantite, runite and amethyst As someone who plays on mobile almost all day grinding xp (a lot of afk) this could increase my rates substantially. They are obtained through 'unidentified minerals' which are mined randomly at the mining guild but could be obtainable through other means to avoid adding the minerals. 3. Scythe update - At 1000 store credits this item is completely underwhelming. I've seen them go for 3-6m and even at that they don't always sell. I understand that this is purely a cosmetic item which offers no real benefit other than looks, but it even lacks in that department. I would really love to see the proper (or unique) attack animations along with the proper (or unique) wielding animation. As of right now when wielding the scythe it's as if my character isn't wielding anything while attacking (punch/kicks) and holds it in a similar way (while not attacking/idle)
  5. Simple but convenient. Especially love to see 2.
  6. I believe the server would benefit from the addition of the 'Deranged archaeologist' who is naturally located on Fossil Island. I am particularly interested in this demi boss because since I started in May crystal keys have been in a awkward place. The price seems to vary and they are not sold/bought all that often in the ge. Additionally there's no 'simple' source, making them difficult to obtain for newer-moderate users. Looking at the list of the crystal key source:(https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Crystal_key) Source Level Quantity Rarity Alchemical Hydra 426 1 1/101 Deranged archaeologist 276 1 7/128 Elven Crystal Chest N/A 1 24/256 Grotesque Guardians 1 2 × 5/137 Grubby Chest N/A 1 3/50 Kraken 291 1 1/128 Kree'arra 580 1 1/127 Reward casket (elite) N/A 1 1/28,750 Sarachnis 318 1 1/100 Thermonuclear smoke devil 301 1 1/128 It can be seen that the keys are quite hard to obtain in zenyte. The Elven Crystal Chest, Grubby Chest, Grotesque Guardians and Deranged archaeologist have the best chance of dropping the crystal key. The two mentioned chests aren't accessible and the Grotesque Guardians can be challenging/time consuming. Leaving the Deranged archaeologist, which seems more reasonable than asking for prifddinas or Forthos dungeon. The rest of the drop sources include difficult bosses with low drop rate. Also, being able to defeat kree'arra or Thermy would suggest you probably wouldn't be too excited for a crystal key drop anyway. The deranged archaeologist, who is "Exactly the same as the Crazy archaeologist in terms of combat and attack" source:(https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Deranged_archaeologist) could bring more simplicity and activity in regards to crystal keys. Other mentionable drops include- source:(https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Deranged_archaeologist) rune sword rune 2h cannonball dragon arrows mud/water runes valuable materials (runite limbs, onyx bolt tips, gold ore, black d hide) While nothing he drops will make your bank, some players (including myself), will find a lot of value in farming this boss for skilling supplies/xp grinding. I personally find his drop list very rewarding while not overpowered or game changing. This is a great boss for newer-medium level players or anyone looking for another source of some of his specific drops (noted black d'hide; onyx bolt tips -less monotonous than eels- ; dragon arrows -limited sources in game-; and of course crystal keys!) Thanks for reading through and Let me know what you think! -Duky
  7. Ingame name: Duky Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4) Team you apply for: Casuals Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: n/a Past experience pvm/skilling: Played rs and rsps a few years ago. Since then only zenyte. Working on maxing my acc (2075 total level / 623m total xp) and 200m xp in other skills when I afk. I am able to solo some bosses and I am working on getting kc on all. Hoping to find a steady group that bosses/raids and a cleanish/mature chat Do you Accept the rules?: Yes
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