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  1. Hey welcome to Zenyte! This might interest you, if you're into GFX! -Eiree
  2. You're very welcome to Zenyte! -Eiree
  3. Welcome to the forums, glad you're here! -Eiree
  4. I'm on like 800 at this point, I wana cry. Gz. -Eiree
  5. Ensure you turn off game activity on discord for the HnS! Best of luck to everyone participating and thank you for hosting! -Eiree
  6. You're most very welcome to the forums! Hope to see you around! -Eiree
  7. Welcome to Zenyte! You're most welcome here! -Eiree
  8. Welcome to Zenyte fella! Hop to see yah around! -Eiree
  9. You're very welcome to Zenyte! See you around! -Eiree
  10. Issue resolved. Topic locked/moved. -Eiree
  11. Congratulations on promotions! -Eiree
  12. You guys are going hard, Keep it up! -Eiree
  13. Welcome to the forums! -Eiree
  14. 5x UIM? Best of luck! It shall be a tough one. Welcome to Zenyte! -Eiree
  15. Attempt to re-download the client or using other methods of playing (such as the windows installer). If that doesn't work, try running Zenyte as administrator. (are you on a restricted network that doesn't allow you to download?) If you're still having problems, DM me on discord @ Eiree#4441 -Eiree
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