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  1. HOW THIS WORKS; POST A PHOTO OF YOUR FAVORITE ZENYTE OUTFIT(S) ON THIS THREAD USING A NEW PHOTO/IMGURL TOOL OPTIONAL; ALSO SAY WHAT THE OUTFIT IS COMPOSED OF. Blue partyhat Gnome scarf Agility cape Hardcore ironman platebody Rogue trousers Chronicle Desert boots Cooking gauntlets
  2. That's just what i thought.. So is it possible to have more seed boxes at once ? Asking for a friend, thanx for the quick support tho
  3. So i've got a quick question 'bout the Master farmer, i was just wondering how many diffrent kind of seeds he holds in this server.. because i do not know if it's worth buying the seed box.. if i do not have to bank anymore after i can store 6 diffrent kind of seeds in the box than it's worth it for me.. if i still have to bank.. than it's not worth it even tho it's just a small distance.. it will make the diffrence for me
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