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  1. Scamming Rule Change - 10/18/2019 5. Scamming Changing items/amounts of GP in trades or changing duel arena rules is NOT punishable, there are second trade/duel interfaces to avoid scams like this from taking place. Scamming item loans, trust trades, gambles, or any other scam that can be proven WILL be punished. Video evidence MUST be provided, screenshots will not suffice. Please keep in mind dice bags are untradable, so you will be jeopardizing your account along with your ability to host if you scam while gambling. We do not offer refunds for items/gp that was lost due to a scam 1st Offense: Perm. Ban | 2nd Offense: IP Ban
  2. The amount of work that was put into this by the development team, QA testers, and staff alike was phenomenal. I want to give a big shout out to anyone and everyone involved in our continued success, it is only up from here.
  3. @Lifehas created this wonderful Chambers of Xeric trailer for everyone. With over $350 in prizes and tons of updates along side it, this is by far our biggest update yet!
  4. With the most recent PvM Poll coming to an end shortly, we've decided to see what YOU guys as a community want to see developed next! We feel it is very important to bring the community and players the content they desire. All content will be implemented in due time, this is simply to decide on what piece of skilling content we will be implementing next. This poll is set to end 10/10/2019. This will take place after a revision upgrade is performed. There is no due date set for the content that is selected.
  5. With the new addition of Discord announcements, it was rather easy to distinguish the pet winners. Congratulations @[email protected] and @agnias! Please post below or PM me to claim your $10 bonds!
  6. With the release of the Events Calendar, we have a TON of boss masses planned for you guys with more to come. I wanted to bring another set of prized events/competitions to the table, ranging from Hide N Seeks to Trivia Competitions! We are always open to event suggestions, and you can find a thread to do so here! Pet Hunt Mania Time Of Event: NOW until all 3 are obtained! First 3 players to receive ANY skilling/boss pet from the time of this thread being posted, will receive a $10 Bond! Please provide a screenshot of you obtaining the pet and I will verify via the Adventure's Log! Trivia Tournament Time Of Event: Sept. 11th 23:00 Server Time (11PM GMT/6PM CDT) The way this will work is; everyone participating will form a single file line and I will then write everyone's name down. I will ask a total of 20 OSRS/Zenyte related trivia questions. The person with the first right answer to each question will receive a point. (In the event of a tie, I will ask random trivia questions between the tied players until the first one reaches 3 first correct answers.) 1st Place: 2x $10 Bonds 2nd Place: 1x $10 bonds 3rd Place: 5M Gold Coins Scavenger Hunt Time Of Event: Sept. 12th 18:00 Server Time (6PM GMT/1PM CDT) Time Of Event: Sept. 14th 20:00 Server Time (8PM GMT/3PM CDT) Scavenger Hunts are always interesting. What will take place is; I will give you guys a list of items only obtainable from various shops around Zenyte. The first player to purchase all of these said items and trade them to me in a designated location will win! (I CAN trade Ironman accounts! You guys can still participate!) 1st Place: 2x $10 Bonds 2nd Place: 1x $10 bonds 3rd Place: 5M Gold Coins Hide N Seek Time Of Event: Sept. 13th 06:00 Server Time (6AM GMT/1AM CDT) Time Of Event: Sept. 15th 01:00 Server Time (1AM GMT/8PM CDT) These will work as any traditional Hide N Seek; I will hide in a location and every 3 minutes I will yell/broadcast a clue. The player that finds and trades me first wins a $10 Bond! (I CAN trade Ironman accounts! You guys can still participate!) You can view the current server time by heading to the game noticeboard. Regards, Zenyte Staff Team
  7. We have a automatic event system Noele wants to work on soon, so this would go great hand in hand. It would be nice to be able to display a months worth of events, ranging from competitions to just daily boosts here and there.
  8. You guys continue to amaze us. From flawless content updates to the tiniest detail, you guys are on it. Thanks again for this opportunity to be a part of it all.
  9. This is so awesome to see. Thank you again @Tranquilityfor setting this up! Some wonderful entries so far.
  10. Congratulations to you all. To claim your prize please PM me on; Discord, Forums, or In Game! Will be on shortly to distribute the rewards.
  11. Seeing as you made me this sexy Zenyte user bar, would trust you with my bank.
  12. I don't know you personally but I'd trust you with like a net from Bob's island. Maybe 2.
  13. Well, that was fast. Will reward you with the DWH in just a few.
  14. This will work the same exact way as Pet/Unique Mania! First player to receive a Boss Pet after this thread is posted, will receive a Dragon Warhammer! You MUST post on this thread with a picture of your drop or a picture of your Adventure's Log. You can find your Adventure's Log by clicking here! You can head to my last Pet/Unique Mania for an example. There are also a few $10 Bonds still to be won from that Event! Winner: sponsored by Please keep in mind this Dragon Warhammer is NOT spawned, it was donated so graciously by @paramoreto give away to you guys. Regards, Paramore & Destruction
  15. $10 Bonds for the first Cerberus crystal, first bandos tassets/chest/hilt, and first Sara hilt/arma c bow are still up for grabs! Don't miss out on a free bond!
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