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  1. So far so good, best of luck!
  2. Welcome Arkz, I hope you enjoy your stay man!
  3. Awesome stuff as always guys, especially the daily challenges! Keep up the good work!
  4. I love skilling, I use to be big into PvM until a couple years back. It's relaxing though and it is fun too when someone else is skilling and you just chill and talk.
  5. Let's get it baby! This took 2 years and it's all coming down to it, going to be so worth it!
  6. Shy

    Server Media

    The wait is definitely going to be worth it lol
  7. I love the forums and seeing this get implemented would be awesome!
  8. Nice work, @Panda and thats sick to see gnome gliders added to the server!
  9. Shy


    Welcome brother! Release is soon as said above.
  10. Amazing work, @Panda! Looking forward to next month's letter!
  11. Hey Sam welcome to Zenyte buddy! Looking forward to seeing you around!
  12. Yo what's up @Wayne! Welcome and 09-13 were my favorite rsps years too, good times!
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