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The server has been released!


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  1. Awesome stuff as always guys, especially the daily challenges! Keep up the good work!
  2. I love skilling, I use to be big into PvM until a couple years back. It's relaxing though and it is fun too when someone else is skilling and you just chill and talk.
  3. Zoop what is up brother, welcome!
  4. Let's get it baby! This took 2 years and it's all coming down to it, going to be so worth it!
  5. Shy

    Server Media

    The wait is definitely going to be worth it lol
  6. Shy

    oᴉloɟʇɹod ʎɯ

    Cool stuff, I like it! :D As what @One said, I'm down for having these MOTM, AOTM, etc once the forums get more active when release happens.
  7. I love the forums and seeing this get implemented would be awesome!
  8. Nice work, @Panda and thats sick to see gnome gliders added to the server!
  9. Shy


    Welcome brother! Release is soon as said above.
  10. Amazing work, @Panda! Looking forward to next month's letter!
  11. Hey Sam welcome to Zenyte buddy! Looking forward to seeing you around!
  12. Yo what's up @Wayne! Welcome and 09-13 were my favorite rsps years too, good times!
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