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  1. Hey ya'll! I'd like to introduce myself As yall know my user is Jagermassa and i'm mainly an ironman. IRL name is Lewis (but everybody calls me Lewy) born and raised in South Texas,USA I'm a 28 year old who just likes to chill and enjoy everything life gotta offer. I've played Zenyte (my first time playing a RSPS) since October 2020 on my first Ironman account Alixxee with me being off and on during that time and deironed ,so when i came back,I made another ironman called Jagermassa. I've first found Runescape at the start of my middle school years in 2004 and played on wards til 2012 which I quitted cause I wasn't use to the new combat system, at the process of almost near my completeionst cape which was never achieved as I was only 2 99s away, which was hunter and agility just by only few levels. !Hobbies and interest! Cars(Camaro guy btw) Pokemon (both the main game and TCG) Bit of fishing. Rock /Metal/Horrorcore music. Tattoos and alternative lifestyle. Learning each and every culture and trying out new things. ------------------------------------------------------------ That's all I have share about myself and will do my best to help the community and make it a safe and wonderful experience.
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