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  1. I was so close to beating Jose last month, hope we get this for the month of September as well!
  2. I voted for tithe farming, then realized Construction was an option and got sad that I didn't read it. Construction of course.
  3. One

    Zenyte PVM Poll

    Kebos will definitely be the most useful for the entirety of the game.
  4. I would love to see more skilling content! We seem to be lacking a lot of content outside the regular skilling we do, excited to see us grow.
  5. Tab to reply not on your friends? best update you could have done. Thanks for the great content guys.
  6. I really enjoy some of these, I support them all Everyone keeps talking on what needs to change for donator perks and I agree completely. I don’t think we get enough for perks since the store is so weak.
  7. If we had icons for different rates, some players could have 4 icons in their names. Having two already looks cluttered. Choosing an XP mode is all about how much fun you want to have with the game, hence why they offer no other benefits. You’re separated on the high scores, I see no other separation necessary.
  8. Finally something to reference! Thank you so much for putting this out there.
  9. This. If you truly find 200m too easy, try x10 or x5 and that should entertain you for a very long time.
  10. A giant block of text, but it contains a lot of very useful information. Thats for the compilation, I know this will definitely help out some people!
  11. A good compilation, but not the very best. Combined with @SilverNovaguide to slayer, this could be very useful. Other than though, I usually just go hunt down the wiki for a certain NPC lol
  12. I love this idea as well, Ironmen or not! Support!
  13. The road to max is long but you're getting there! Congrats on the gains!
  14. Savages, all of ya. Seriously though, love some good PK content. Good job with the video!
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