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  1. Yeah I don't have discord access on mobile, sonic would be nice if we could get forum updates too.
  2. I also cant connect on the client, I deleted cashe, nothing, reinstalled, nothing. Deleted everything and went to redownload, nothing. Also I've been kicked from the zenyte discord or something, I only use discord for Zenyte and Can't access it anymore for some reason. Nevermind, I'm a total idiot and had the discord client over too far...
  3. End result? I'm emotionally invested in where this is going.
  4. If we could get that that'd be sick.
  5. If creating a bronzeman mode would be possible I believe that it would be a great addition to the server. Would mean that irons could actually pk, yet still have the fun that an Ironman creates. The only issue I see is players killing their own accounts to obtaining gear, if there was a work around this (cant attack someone with the same ip) or something else I believe it would be great! (Also gives Archaic another ironmode to max ;) )
  6. Yeah I agree, I just feel like there should be a plan in place for IF nightmare gets released, that's all.
  7. I do like this idea, but what would happen when nightmare does finally come out? You can't keep it dropping the same stuff, and if it has no uniques then its dead content. Or would it just be deleted?
  8. If weapons and tools can now be brought and used without having the requirements to make them, can the diary reqs get dropped? I just think it's not balanced that an ironman has to get the levels, get the shards, get lucky on the seeds, get more shards and complete a full diary when a non iron can just buy a bofa for like 70m and use it right away. Or change it that they diaries need to be completed to use them, tools as well.
  9. But is there any reward for people killing people looting keys? Do the keys drop to the pker?
  10. Since bonfires are a thing, and we all start with a lantern, could the firemaking cape perk be changed from a light source to making damage from Wintertodt much lower / not do damage?
  11. Yeah I understand and agree. Again though, IF the reason it is in the wildy is to increase wildy activity, then people with pking built accounts (under level 120) should also be able to engage with the content aswell. What BurninLove said about keys being lost on death is probably the best way to make it still a risk (like emblems/larrans keys) I believe the update overall is great, would just nice to get content that all level brackets can access.
  12. For example my 10 def pure is 91 slayer, yet 81 combat. Only has 99 range, 94 hp, but not even close to maxed. A maxed 75 attack zerker is 99 combat. Unless you're a main leveling defence (120 combat with 75 prayer requires max combat with 87 def) This content is locked off to you, like crystal keys are if you have less than 85 combat. Some people just like to build accounts diffrent.
  13. I agree. I think if it being in the wildy is to make it more active, why not make it you can only obtain a GWD item if you are risking a GWD item in the wildy? That would be having 2 GWD items equipt/ in invy while skulled. I feel that would actually make it (slightly) a risk/reward situation. (plus the chest is in less than 30 wildy I believe?) But also with the slayer master, can the combat level requirement be reduced/removed? 75 attack Zerkers, Range tanks and other builds can also do all those bosses on the list. (and pures if in the hand of the right people) I totaly agree with the slayer level req, I just don't understand why combat level locking content is even a thing.
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