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  1. All of these ideas are great, my only objection is the mimic chance. I feel like this could be added into donor rank maybe. Since clues aren't solely from pvm I don't feel like it's the right place for it. Apart from that great stuff, totally support.
  2. We have charter ships that sell pineapples, they make super compost. We also have volcanic ash that can be mined to make ultra compost.
  3. In-game username: Death Addict Medal(s): Donator, All The Work, Mans Best Friend, Exterminator, Treasure Hunter. Proof for your Medal(s): slayer kill log = 9901, but there was alot of wildy slayer so I also included current t10s, bh items I got and current bh points.
  4. So kind of like a bingo type of thing?
  5. Yeah I don't have discord access on mobile, sonic would be nice if we could get forum updates too.
  6. I also cant connect on the client, I deleted cashe, nothing, reinstalled, nothing. Deleted everything and went to redownload, nothing. Also I've been kicked from the zenyte discord or something, I only use discord for Zenyte and Can't access it anymore for some reason. Nevermind, I'm a total idiot and had the discord client over too far...
  7. End result? I'm emotionally invested in where this is going.
  8. If we could get that that'd be sick.
  9. If creating a bronzeman mode would be possible I believe that it would be a great addition to the server. Would mean that irons could actually pk, yet still have the fun that an Ironman creates. The only issue I see is players killing their own accounts to obtaining gear, if there was a work around this (cant attack someone with the same ip) or something else I believe it would be great! (Also gives Archaic another ironmode to max ;) )
  10. Yeah I agree, I just feel like there should be a plan in place for IF nightmare gets released, that's all.
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