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  1. You need to make assembler then use on max cape. This is exactly how it works on osrs unless it was changed post release.
  2. Good work, you have some pets that are currently not available on Zenyte. Herbi Abyssal orphan Skotos Baby Vanguard Lil' zik Jal-nib-rek/Tzrek-zuk Zenyte also has a Wurmy pet for those who obtain Zenyte donator rank.
  3. Add it as a 4th signature
  4. You could try going to: C:\Users\User\.zenyte\launcher\cache Creating a file called run.bat and editing it in notepad to contain the following contents: java -jar client.jar pause Then execute the bat file directly. It'll open the client w/ console on the side printing out constant information. There's a possibility that the disconnections aren't caused by your network, but rather some error thrown in the client. This helps check that out - if it is true or not. When you disconnect, you can check the command prompt window. There's a possibility it'll have some sort of a stacktrace in it, pointing an exception of some sorts.
  5. Have you tried both launchers? https://zenyte.com/play You could also disable firewall + anti virus to see if you still experience disconnections.
  6. Thanks for raising the price of bonds Ting
  7. This is something that would have to be polled, depending on the revision they could be added.
  8. This series interests me and I will likely be watching them all. Also, remember start sword is equivalent to a mith scimmy.
  9. Welcome to the server, I will see you around game.
  10. This will be added, it's just a matter of when.
  11. Chop

    Alphabet Game

    Janger berries
  12. Chop

    For Life - Potential Bug

    I am going to close this as there is no way to check the validity of this bug. If you are able to reproduce this reliably it would be a top priority.
  13. You are allowed to muli-log pk on osrs and see why you shouldn't be able to on here. Unless there is a large community out cry I don't see us making any rules around it.
  14. Goodbye Sabby, one less New Zealander.
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