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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, we all appreciate it. Here is my little two cents on all of them. - insta tele even when in combat - for onyx + (not in pvp) I see no issue with that, just disable in wildy. - increased bank space for certain donor lvls??? We would love to do this but we are unable, same reason osrs can't add more. - new dragon stone Armour - color it orange and make it custom zenyte armour! I don't see a clear purpose for this there is a lot of other things I would rather see revs working on you. - add kdr This functionality has already been added and will be available in a couple hours. - cant use wrath runes on rune pouch I just now put on our internal documentation to be fixed. - add xp drops for post 200m xp This is a suggestion we already have internally - "decant" jewlery ( i hate using up so many bank spaces for all my games necks) This is a good idea, I will add to our internal documentation. -daily challenges System in general needs some type of rework on rewards and ability to disable some of them. - show if bonus xp is active Y/N - show time left for bonus xp in game noticeboard Both good ideas and added into internal documentation. - code daily free alchemy on explorers ring This is already in internal documentation - add bones to peaches tablets somewhere (donor store, skilling shop, vote shop) Is this not enough, do we need more places to get them? - highscores (maybe viewable ingame) of top boss kill counts and kill times Good idea but not sure how easy this would be to add.
  2. Welcome to Zenyte mate.
  3. Nice little change, I like it.
  4. Support, clearly wasn't supposed to be like that.
  5. Support, giving the users ability to remove things like this has no down side.
  6. This is a great idea.
  7. I agree with SilverNova.
  8. Very funny boys, it is just one of those nights.
  9. With the release of Wintertodt, we would like to bring to you guys another First To competition! We will be rewarding the first players to receive these drop/drops below with $10 Bonds! Please provide a screenshot of the Adventure's Log. First Pet First Complete Pyromancer set First Tomb of Fire Regards, Zenyte Staff Team
  10. Chop

    UFC 242 Predictions

    Khabib decision Barboza tko/ko second round Ramos submission first round or decision
  11. Chop


    Welcome to server Xan!! There is a couple people in the military that I've talked to.
  12. Rule Change - 9/07/2019 1. Third Party Software Reviewed our punishment structure.
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