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    Jerry was a race car driver
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  5. Some item suggestions would be nice, as currently you can get the cape from Mac at home and you can purchase any other hunter equipment from either Jackie at home or other hunter shops
  6. happy birthday old chum 🎂

  7. In discord #announcements
  8. Currently still down, yes. Make sure to join the DISCORD to get a notification when we're back up Also, if you happen to be a pc user, there's a downloadable .jar file which will allow you to play for the meantime. Carl also posted a guide on opening .jar files if you need it
  9. They will tally up for when you get back in As for this, I'm hopeful our host will get back to us with everything fixed up this weekend
  10. Duno if you'll see this, but happy birthday chap

    1. Big Qanso

      Big Qanso

      A late reply but thanks a lot Felix! Appreciate the personal touch 🙂

  11. Could be a cool concept, but like you said it would get abused without preventative measures in place. Which could also be a big hassle in it's own right. I would much prefer to see GIM if we were to release a new ironman mode
  12. Welcome back lad
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  14. I like this idea, could probably be a little higher than 25m but it’s still v solid
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