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  1. Why isn't there a god status?

  2. K 0

    Vorkath mobile

    Legend status, keep it up brother.
  3. Glad to see this is coming to the server.
  4. Nice summary of the month, keep it up team Zenyte.
  5. Just to confirm what does the text of the logo needs to be specifically? @Life Just Zenyte or anything else?
  6. Honestly I think the OSRS death timer is a bit over powered being 60 minutes etc. I think keeping it at 3 minutes on here allows for some of the ECO to be lost which is a good thing for the future of the server. Drops are already boosted so there is already more loot coming into the game than OSRS, keeping the death timer at 3 minutes for regular players of the server is the best thing to allow the eco to be more stable in my opinion. Also as a donator perk is to increase grave timer, changing this would not be fair to members of the community who have already donated. So I don't think this would happen because of this alone. No Support
  7. Goodluck on your journey.
  8. Goodluck with the grind.
  9. Cool idea. But honestly couldn't a tournement world be made to just allow practise the inferno for free. I feel like charging for practise attempts of the minigame is a bit against what Zenyte is as a server. Also charging real money for something of which even if you succed you get nothing apart from being able to practise just seems wrong in my opinion. Either keep it as it is or open a practise world for it. Also everything isn't about money in a rsps its important not to make it that way or seem that way at least. I understand money needs to be made. But making it this way isn't the way to do it. Good concept idea. I just don't agree with it.
  10. Don't doubt yourself mate, you do a great job. It's just an observation. You don't need to do anymore than you already do.
  11. Another great guide from you mate. Can't find a fault. Keep it up.
  12. Developer I haven't really interacted with the dev team very much but from what has been spoken to me is that they also are not just working on the development of the server but also helping with other tasks which is always good to see from developers on a server. All of them seem to want to push Zenyte to the next level. Looking forward to the future content coming to the server. Manager Life Life interacts well with the community which is always a good thing to see from a manager but also rare to see in other servers. Like Echo, life keeps it professional and respectful while being fair to everyone in a situation. Administrator Echo Have only spoken to Echo once, overall formal and does what an admin needs to do for the good of the server and it's players. While also being fair to everyone. Hide Just like Hxrdcore, interacting daily with the community in some form or another. Respectable and overall a good member of staff for Zenyte. Hxrdcore Great Admin always active and online. Also interacting with the community on the daily which is good, it gives a good representation for the server. Senior Moderator Dragonic Have spoke to this staff member a handful of times, but I can tell he does what is needed of him. Pretty active in his role on the server. Moderator Listen Great moderator, a lot of in-game communication with the community and I bet plenty of other stuff he does that players do not get to see. Overall a good representation of how a staff member should be. Sir Hassan Hasan is also another great moderator, the newest to this role but overall a great guy. He will be good for the community of Zenyte in the long run for keeping people playing through his great attitude and overall helpfulness 200M Dancing Haven't really had any first hand talk with this member of staff, but is online and active probably performing behind the scenes for the good of the community. xSynystyr I would overall like to see more activity from this member of staff as I do see no communication in the open from them but who's to say that he isn't doing some behind the scenes work for the good of the server. Just some more community based stuff would be great to see. Forum Moderator glitch Great forum moderator , does all he can with his role and provides a better experience for players through his communication and overall forum activeness. Ironyte Overall have only seen forum posts from this member and some artwork. The new Zenyte logo is clean and fresh, keep up the art work. Server Support ConHamer Helps a lot when active on the help cc and through other means of communication on the server a well rounded staff member and would be good to see ConHamer as the next one to be made a moderator on the server. Gepan Another great member of the support staff. Always helping when online as and when needed, some more support through the CC would also be good to see. Not to say that Gepan doesn't help when online but seeing more is always a good thing. He still does what is needed of a server support. jasxr Haven't really spoken to Jasxr, but when he is online he is active in the community and performing his support roles as and when needed. Some overall more community activity would be nice but not everyone needs to spend all their time on a game to be a good member of staff. Quality over Quantity. Unholydead93 Very nice guy new to the team also but is proving he is a good member of the community and will be good for the future of the server being in the staff team. Overall good game knowledge and friendly to players. Ziniy New to the team, but always have seen on the server, has very good game knowledge and will be a good future member for the support team and the future of the server.
  13. Awesome update guys, keep up the good work. Looking forward for more and more to come. Awesome new logo btw @Ironyte
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