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  1. Add in your xp rate for good measure. Goodluck.
  2. I'm sure around 70% of the server doesn't buy pots from the g.e anyway and instead uses their BP to buy them or make them themselves. What does it matter if the price drops anyway, this is creating a false economy. If I wanted to run back and forth 1000 times to get all the pots I could, but why make us do this when it can be made to be noted.
  3. Always good to let the players know, how we can support the server. I'm sure someone will get some drive from this to create some content.
  4. Would be nice to have the ability to buy noted potions from the bounty hunter reward store.
  5. The rune axe is a drop by many monsters but it's in there. Along with many other items. Lets be honest this can't be a valid argument.
  6. Add Mith Grapple to Jackie, shouldn't have to make them or have 99 fletch to get it when there is other stuff at Jackie that is more usless.
  7. Better late than never. Be good to have this on the forum.
  8. As long as your content isn't worthless goodluck.
  9. Simply no. This isn't a popularity contest.
  10. Good response Kris I fully understand what you're saying. The current G.E system does work well and fine never doubting that. Your point makes perfect sense and it would overall hurt the game, fully understood. As for adding more to the g.e would it be possible to add something along the lines of recently added buy/sell offers, searching for players names and displaying all their current g.e buying and selling offers? This would allow for more things to be viewed and possibly quicker sales and buying.
  11. Nice guide, remove windows task bar next time.
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