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  1. KEKW wonder if we seen that before mby in january
  2. WTF did i just read, give these ppl a medal already holy moly great job keep it up guys
  3. Low detail makes it much more easy in therms of clicking correctly
  4. haha thanks brothamen hope to see you ingame soon you missed a medal "All the work" XD
  5. In-game username: wtf the fuck Medal(s): Donator,You Zuk, Mans best friend, Game Junkie, All the work, maXed, Slayer Proof for your Medal(s):
  6. Wording is off but that does not mean store needs a re-work, it more needs adjusting
  7. Welcome Zenyte hope you enjoy the stay
  8. Damn bro cant wait to follow you're route and good job on wave 55 it is more then most people can do
  9. Welcome to Zenyte i hope you enjoy the stay
  10. Welcome to my Dagganoth kings guide, i will go over setups, getting there and how to do them, Rune Pouch is blood barrage for healing. This is the setup i use there is alot of different ways to set it up just remember you want tank egar and no mage gear for Rex Always remember teleport tablets and antidote++ or sanfews And pray mage when entering boss room Getting there I hope you liked the small guide enjoy
  11. i 100% agree on this thinks that should be done Increase rates of keys Increase some of the items from chest Add additional rewards
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