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  1. Oh, should've added somewhere in this thread that it was mainly directed towards HCIM that play as a skiller, as i was speaking from a normie stand point but it would be nice either way.
  2. I like the idea but you could just make a combat alt and go into the abyss and get all the talismans that way and then just create them for tiaras and then just xfer to your skiller, obtaining Anglers outfit and Rogues outfit is fine the way it is and doesn't need to be reworked or moved into the vote shop plus both anglers & rogue give you a slight boost of xp to each of those desire skill wear as runecrafting doesn't have a outfit set like this at all, but like i said just create a cb alt and kill abyssal creatures in the abyss.
  3. IMO everyone should get at least one free name change and then after it requires maybe sapphire+ or say like $5 but you can only change it once per month or maybe even two, also adding where it shows the users previous name when you hover your mouse over it on the friends list would come in handy as you would know then who person was before. Overall i like the idea as i would like the change this account name to something more relatable to myself & i'm pretty sure dead HCIM would wanna get rid of the "HC" in there accounts names so it's a +1 from me.
  4. this would be a nice alternative to mlm even though they both have the same aspect of mining veins but a change of location would be nice every so often, if i remember the abandonded mine has multiple levels but don't quote me..., i'm in favour of this also.
  5. GL pleb, i look forward to seeing those achievement.
  6. This is from the Udate log 26/06/2019, personally i feel like this is fine.. being a skiller myself and you wanna lamp certain skills like slayer/rc/agilty etc i knew what you're trying to say but overall it's down to RNG i've logged in on my alt for like 30secs and i get a random or i could go hours apon hours without a random, but if you want extra lamps level 3s can do some diaries which a [email protected] a thread about here as i'm following this for extra lamps.
  7. Welcome to Zenyte, hope you enjoy your stay here with us!
  8. Very nice progress, Personally imo i feel like you could easily get those low levels skills to a baseline level of 50 as you're on 50/25 so skilling for aids skills it doesn't take long as it would of on x10/x5 so making them 50s would be a nice bench mark, overall nice account & a clean bank layot unlike my cluster fuck of a bank rn.
  9. Runecrafting & Agility. Agility being somewhat click intensive doesn't bother me i could sit doing that skill for hours especially if i just put a film on in the back. Runecrafing i dunno it's weird as i used to genually hate this skill with a passion but now it's one of my favourites plus it has one of my favourites pets in-game, but overall i just tend to do w/e skill i enjoy doing the most as long as i have something on like music, film or a football game then no skill bothers me to the point where i get bored.
  10. Splasher isn’t lvl 3 so he hasn’t a need to worry + he’s in a league of his own, I dunno any other lvl 3s that are on 5x regular mode apart from the one guy i found called “lvl3 5x” or whatever but haven’t seen him online for awhile. Yh alot of these are gonna come in handy. All the best with your skiller too Thank you! Thank you!
  11. This will be helpful for majority of the people who've never done Hydra and wanna learn the basic/mechanics of the fight, also just an fyi just to cause any confusion pvm guides go in here: https://forums.zenyte.com/forum/62-pvm-guides/
  12. As on any server i play i set my Goals & Achievements, Last server i set my Goals & Achievement to be the Rank 1 Skiller with 200M all skills trainable at level 3 and to be the first level 3 with 100m slayer XP via Lamps. I achieved Both those two goals within 600+ Days time on that server so now i am here after finishing those goals, that server has fully died now so those achievement have gone to waste imo... so i decided to make a 5x Skiller on Zenyte. Am i going for rank 1 5x Skiller? Probably but being 5x this will take alot of time & effort so here are my goals & achievemtns. Once i start to hit 99s in certain skills i will start to add the XP in those skills. There is alot more items i wanted to add but i'll add them in the near future as i didn't want this thead to be long like it already is. Blue = Completed / Acquired Yellow = Incompleted / Not Aqcuired Topic Update 15/10/2020 Skills: Combat Level 3 1244 / 95,664,643 XP Runecrafting - 81/99 Agility - 81/99 Herbore - 53/99 Thieving - 99/99 Crafting - 87/99 Fletching - 82/99 Slayer - 48/99 Hunter - 74/99 Mining - 99/99 Smithing - 48/99 Fishing - 91/99 Cooking - 99/99 Firemaking - 99/99 Woodcutting - 99/99 Farming - 86/99 Items: - Graceful - Rogues - Prospector - Pyromancer - Lumberjack - Dragon pickaxe (using my cb mains) - Dragon Axe - Gem Bag - Coal Bag - Magic Secateurs - Cooking Gauntlets - Gnome Scarf Pets: - Rock Golem - Rocky - Tangleroot - Baby Chincompa - Beaver - Giant Squirrel - Heron - Phoenix - Rift guardian
  13. Hi i’m @kev returning to Zenyte after few personal issues irl i wish to not speak about. I’m 25, soon to be 26 in less then a months time when making this topic, been playing rsps for around 9 years now, so yh this is the account i’m gonna be on more it’s a 5x Skiller regular mode. Why am i calling this account “Lamps” because i made the name i’ve used on every rsps “Sukiru” a 25x/50x by accident when it was suppose to be a 5x so i decided to go with Lamps as a new name. i’ll be making a goal & achievement topic later once i get some levels and i’ll try to update it weekly. Never mentioned it on my introduction topic on @kev (if i actually made one) on how i came across Zenyte so i’ll do it here, was looking for a base one day to just play around with and develop in my free time and came across an OSRS project called Rs-Mod in the server downloads on rune-server and joined the discord and Kris & Corey was in the discord for it and i had also joined the Rune-Server discord at the time but i never saw anything Zenyte related up until till i saw Kris playing “Zenyte” and then i checked the discord channel for advertisement in Rune-Server and came across it in there and i’ve been here since.
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