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Found 6 results

  1. Rares: https://gyazo.com/4b1669f5ea8bc5d09a4ec3f3f7472e54 Alchables and supplies (18m pc): https://gyazo.com/d53470365b212c8740125c6fd6c2ab84 https://gyazo.com/95aa226032ff766398c15ca18b11a5ec Ensouled heads (1.8m xp for 5x aprox): https://gyazo.com/a7444165c1ef65c160465f8c46710d60 Also got around 6m bounty hunter points from wildy slayer. Sorry for gyazo links idk how to display pics here
  2. Extensive Slayer Guide Slayer is a skill where the player is given a certain task by a slayer master. The player must then slay the assigned monster in order to gain experience in the skill. Once the task has been completed, the player is also awarded with slayer points based on what Slayer Master is chosen. Slayer Monsters To find Slayer Monsters, use the Wikipedia Orb. To use the Wiki Orb, insert the name of the NPC to find out where they are. You can also use the ::wiki command. E.g. ::wiki crawling hand Slayer Masters Turael: 0 Points Mazchna: 2 Points (⚔20) Vannaka: 4 Points (⚔40) Chaeldar: 10 Points (⚔70) Nieve: 12 Points (⚔85) Duradel: 15 Points (⚔100 + 50) Konar: 18 Points (⚔75) Krystalia: 50 Points Slayer Monsters & Tasks
  3. I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO MAKE THIS VIDEO FOR SO LONG... Yes caps was completely intended. What do you guys / girls wanna see next!?
  4. Boss / Slayer Loot Last Updated: 11/1/2019 - 17:16 AM {+2 GMT} Topic idea by Pethunterlad IMPORTANT I'm still working actively on this topic as long this text shows, but I wanted to know if there are any suggestions on the road! LATEST / UPCOMING - UPDATES - This is a new guide I would like to present, in this guide we show you what chances and drop's you can get from Bosses and Slayer monsters, so it makes it easier for you to find the loot you need, hope you like it! Coming soon: I'm currently working on adding more Pets, and more accurate drop rates as well the item that they drop, stay tuned! All suggestion are welcome in the comments or through PM! Giant Mole Drop Tables: _______________________________________________________________ Thank you for reading this guide and I hope you could make good use out of it.Please feel free to give feedback through PM / Forum to make this guide even better!
  5. Hello everyone, My in-game name is Bojanna and im a PvM type of person. In-game i play for the clan Phereus and my long-term goal is to achieve one of the first Twisted Bow's ingame. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this topic i will post updates about my short-term goals and show the community my way to my long term goal. I think every PvM player with goals should showcase his adventures , atleast to me it would be very intresting. Current Gear Setups: Void setup (Melee , Range , Mage ) Ahrim's Set - Karil's Set Trident Whip Fury Slayer Helm (i) Dragon Defender Fire Cape Working On: Toxic Blowpipe Zenyte Shard's (3) Tentacle Armadyl Crossbow Zamorakian Hasta Current stats:
  6. Hello, i have heard numerous people ask about what slayer master they should use at what level and what master assigns what, @SilverNovahas an amazing slayer guide you should check out, but this is just for the main two i have seen people ask about, this includes the chances of getting that certain task from the slayer master, i hope some of you can find this useful.
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