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    I'll try get a schedule up. Maybe work on that tonight, I've got a mic ready but need chat for that so it becomes a bit more interesting. Glad you're enjoying it though
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    Yo, recently started streaming some Zenyte feel free to tune in sometime.
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  6. Happy new year 🙂

  7. Usually wouldn't be bothered to waste time replying to topics like this, however, certain things said need to be cleared up. "When you have one member in the mid administration bringing in "friends" from his clan and recruiting them to the staff. Things are bound to blow up. Now at the time of this post of these "friends" are no longer staff members after being either demoted or resigned." While this is certainly controversial subject, on its own; it holds no stake in things relating to how people were promoted, all staff positions were earned and given out by the administration. The most capable members were promoted and they outperformed other candidates that were a possible promotions and even then they did a whole lot more than other potential candidates. The staff team as a whole, yes all members of the staff team (supports,mods,etc.) wanted these members promoted because they saw the work being put in and how well they were doing. You still seem to carry this personal stance to "expose" or try use logical fallacies to argue your points because you were demoted multiple times and removed from communities these members looked after. The fact that you even contradict yourself by saying, "It should be determined on what he or she has done in THIS COMMUNITY." is quite funny because all of those staff promotions have been out of effort and work put in (merit), and not from previous relations. Also, from first hand experience this does not always get applied. Not to the members you are targeting it at, but to others ironically enough. Which makes this whole part of the post laughable at best. Even your statements about my demotion are incorrect, and you seem to have that stance of my previous position too. I wouldn't have held on as long as I did if I really was that inactive, on both places. To shine some light on the issue for passerby's - I went 'inactive' in the sense that management found that I was not punishing people enough, which is true. However, I am not for punishing people for no reason and if other moderators have already done a check and cleared areas there is little for me to do. I provided input and advice to my fellow team via Discord and was available if they ever needed anything; I doubt anybody can say otherwise (other than maybe the wonderful CM, because ever since the departures he's been fairly on his toes and said some dumb shit about the situation). Rest of your topic is well, for once quite accurate. And quite the reason that a lot of the people left the staff team and focusing their time into more productive or better things. Now for my own exert since I can't be bothered making an actual thread. Quite funny, because before (a good 2 weeks back) this is one of the main things that struck me as well. I don't really want to slander anyone, but since I'm in the process of making this post anyways might as well provide some input. Erza's yelling of this, quite often at that (every 30mins) got aggravating to me, as well as others; however, it is a touchy subject to bring up since you don't want to call someone out like that. Glad to know I'm not the only one who felt this way though. Internally there was quite a mismatch and a lot of lack of organization within the team. Rules that should not have been changed got changed, then 24h later they got changed again, 3 days later edited again, and so on. One can get the idea of it. You have a member of the current administration who says dumb stuff like, "logging punishment logs takes too much effort" (No, this is not a joke; someone on the current administration team actually said this 1:1). Staff meetings were unproductive at best, and mainly focused on suggestions (not an issue in itself; other than the fact that dev time is tied up and these things won't be seen for the next month+) or things that have already been said and everyone already knows (e.g. x person is community manager, is in charge of staff). There was a general lack of functionality (not ingame, but website wise) for staff to make use of their functions these later on ended up being added, but way too late as by the time of implementation people have already moved on. I could go on about other issues, but think I'll round up here. I also agree with you that @Krisis a great developer, the only sad thing about this is that he is carrying a lot of weight. For the community that translates to, you'll get the wonderful updates you deserve but you need to give him time. Sadly, a lot of people do get bored when they max out and PvM the same NPCs for a month at a time. Hopefully, this page is turned in the near future with the completion of raids allowing him to focus on the next big task at hand. ToB, Inferno, the new Crystal expansion, Hydra - there are plenty of tasks to pick from. I wish him the best of luck and hope he can continue developing great content. Post ended being long as fuck again. TLDR; Ironically enough, the subject of "positions should be earned" is being applied in most cases, in the cases it is not - it is members that are not targeted by this post. Community management and staff management for that matter, are not great. A lot of internal issues that pushed for people to leave. Kris doing a great job working on content, and hopefully people can see more end-game content soon.
  8. Rogues gear should be counting towards this now.
  9. The main arguments against this is that it devalues specialized account builds, at this point in time there are no plans to bring this to the server.
  10. Group ironman will be coming down the line, in the mean time please enjoy the content Zenyte has to offer.
  11. The base content of Zenyte emulated OSRS too much to justify a wiki. Therefore, at this point in time there will be no plans to bring Zenyte's own unique Wiki.
  12. Shoutbox is not something we will be adding. Recent topics have been replaced with new posts, I'll look into if we will bring back new topics. As for top posters, I had this removed as it pushes for more forum spam than needed.
  13. Please keep suggestions specific, there is no need for say improve x without providing an alternative or anything for us to improve upon.
  14. Death mechanic has been re-worked for UIM. Please let us known if there are any issues with this.
  15. This feature is already impl. also it isn't a quest line requirement it is an achievement diary reward.
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