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  1. I have been away from the server for a while now but I can't not give my feedback on this one. The issue with this is the same as the one with crystal items. If, in the future, the correct boss (Gauntlet) gets added to thr game it will be unfair to new players because they will be forced to do Gauntlet to get the items others got by skilling. The difficulty level just cant be compared. Chambers is not easy to learn but it is not as punishing as Nightmare. You can die as many times you want in Chambers and still get rewarded. You can't do that in Nightmare. This will most likely pass but I don't think it's the right direction to follow.
  2. I would like to propose a change to rule 8 - "In-game Yell Command". I would like to propose to add any kind of gambling advertisement to have an interval as there is with advertising a clan chat or content creator. Make gambling advertisement to be on a 5 or 10 minute interval. As of now, we have a couple gambling fanatics who are constantly flooding the in-game yell, clan chat and discord with messages, tagging people to join them on their gambling addiction. These messages are from, I think, the same player who has been spamming these channels for the past two weeks. I think this because this account was created and immediatly starting promotion the gambling the same way the other player has constantly been promoting. If I had taken screenshots of the past 4 days, I would easily have 50+ of the same messages from the same player, most spammed as soon as their yell cooldown is over.
  3. Thank you, Grant, Matt and all the staff team for all the work you do to keep the server going. I wish everyone on our server a Happy New Year and that 2022 brings amazing things to everyone and Zenyte!
  4. And in that moment hundreds of ironman and women cried as once again they get f'd.
  5. Hello, I will divide this post in two parts: 1st, event suggestions and 2nd, current event feedback. (If this is the wrong post to do so, please let me know and I'll post it somewhere else). Also, I would like to add that most of these involve having a relative high combat/slayer account because I don't know much about the skiller life and it's hard for me to think from a skiller's perspective and how an event could be fun for them. Part 1 - Event Suggestions: I thought of some events, all of them similar so not a great variety but if I can come up with other type of events I'll share them in the future. 1st - Slayer Pet Thirst: We recently had a bunch of slayer pets added to the game. Despiste not pleasing everyone, we could capitalize on the fact that they exist and we could have a slayer pet thirst event consisting of 4 or 5 of these new pets. As per usual, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd player to obtain one of those would receive ticket rewards. The amount is up to the staff team but reduction on amount of 25 seems fine, so 100-75-50, my suggestion. 2nd - Wilderness PVP Equipment: I thought of it as a way to push people who don't go to the wilderness to have motivation to cross that ditch and the pkers who usually vent about the wilderness being dead have fresh meat to prey on. The premise is the same as the former event, first 3 people to acquire a pre-determined pvp item would get a bigger reward but keep it open for everyone who comes after them and reward them aswell*. Sometimes when an event is restricted to 3 winners, it creates a believe of "I wont be one of the first so I wont even try". Also, if the event is for the entire weekend, let's say 19-21st of November, if someone is very lucky and receives 3 drops on Friday, the event is already over and people who can only play on the 20th and the 21st never had a chance to compete. *We should also distinguish hardcore players here. If a hardcore is willing to risk the status for the event the reward should, at least, be doubled. 3rd - Alchemical Hydra Bingo: An Alch Hydra bingo event, like we had for Zulrah or Demonics recently. Hydra has one of the most sought out items in game, every player that wants to do raid content "needs" to have a dragon hunter lance and this could be a good way to have more people doing the boss and possibly cashing out on some sweet claws. I made a mockup (make fun of my paint skills and your rng is trash for the next year) on what I feel could be a good bingo card. 4th - Bring Back Zenyte's Unluckiest Player Event: This event, arguably good or bad, it was diferent. Everyday we see people who claim their rng is trash and they are very dry. Well, prove it. Last time it was DK's, this time we could use the new crystal chest. We all know that crystal seeds (armour and weapon) are very expensive and people want them as soon as possible. So, with this event we could stimulate people on the server to grind the chest out, prove they are truly unlucky and be (or not, i guess?) rewarded. Last time the reward were store credits, since we deviated from that we could offer the unluckiest players crystal shards and crystal keys spawned by admins as a reward for their dryness. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 - Current Event Feedack: I want to make this crystal clear, this opinion is mine, from the perspective of how I spend my in-game time and what I prefer to do. Some events work, others don't. When the event post is up I can already guess at least half of what's going to be there. I know there will be Pest Control (nothing against it, players will always need Void and points for xp or skilling supplies), there will be some sort of mass, usually GWD or Corp and possibly Wintertodt. I dont say this as a personal attack to the staff who comes up with these, I understand 100% that it is hard to come with new ideas week after week, especially when there's no feedback from the playerbase, the target audience of these events. Even coming up with this post I had to think for a good while to try and not make it equal as to previous weeks (and I don't think I did a very good job at that). The Iron Barrier - There are events in which ironmen simply will not participate. Masses and Item Gathering are restricted to normal players. I know that ironman accounts are restricted from the start and they (we) make that decision when they create the account but I do think that 25 event tickets is not a strong enough reason for a iron player to waste 1 hour of his/hers weekend. That brings me to the last topic I would like to adress. July 31st 2021 - The change that made me stop care about most weekend events. On this day the August 20201 Patch #1 came out and with it an Event Shop with a bunch of rare items. Again, re-read the first line of this part 2, I dont think this is a good replacement to what we had. Store credits are far more valuable and work as a greater motivation than event tickets. I know people who LOVE this change and I understand their position, I understand the rares (phats, fashionscape) are more than enough motivation to keep going to these weekend events, even if they dislike the event itself. I made a poll on Discord asking "Out of curiosity, do Event Tickets as a reward compel you to participate in the weekend events?" and 1 person said yes and 6 others said no (including myself). It is a small sample, very small, but perhaps it wouldnt be such a bad idea for the staff to poll this question on forums so we can get a better understading has more people visit the forum's than a channel on Discord. Thank you @kartelfor making this post where we can post our suggestions, I hope I will use it more in the future with better events that can please almost everyone who logs in during the weekend. At that, any feedback regarding part 1 or 2 of my post is welcome, I do not expect everyone to agree or disagree with me, I expect people to have their personal opinions and to be open to share them so we can have more and better weekends together on Zenyte.
  6. #12 and #13 - Why? Just... why? This game is about grinding, working towards goals and unlocking things you never have. A ring that double rolls on a rdt? Fine, it's a custom but it's minor, it doesn't add much and probably wouldn't even be used. A ring that has a chance to double your reward? No matter how rare it would be, that is super unbalanced. I play this game because it has no stalls at home, no donator zone, no bosses spawned at a random island in the middle of nowhere. This is the closest 1:1 there is out there and that is one of the biggest strengths Zenyte has in it's favour. Please, stop trying to add stuff just for the sake of adding stuff. Add things that actually matter, finish Theater of Blood for those who want to raid it, finish Construction so we can finally have the full skill list and then focus on whatever you wish, or focus on the pending suggestions that have been made on discord and in-game.
  7. In-game username: Worst Hc LulMedal(s): Game junkieProof for your Medal(s):
  8. Hey @Hexae, sorry for the poor image on the Slayer one. Here goes one with the name: Also, thank you for the the medals and for the clarification on the Competition Winner one, had no clue what it was considered a major event
  9. In-game username: Worst Hc Lul Medal(s): Donator, Maxed, All the Work, Slayer, Man's Best Friend, Exterminator, Competition Winner, Zenytian, Treasure Hunter and, sadly, Fallen Hardcore Ironman. Proof:
  10. I am living in the Chambers from this update on.
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