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  1. Woooo! Good luck everyone. I'm glad this finally got implemented.
  2. Active QA Testers who consistently go out of their way to bug test, find faults and generally are active within reporting bugs will be rewarded. Monthly evaluations take place to ensure this is kept consistent.
  3. Detailed guide. Thanks a lot, definitely a huge help to the newer players.
  4. Quality over quantity. The wait will be worth it.
  5. Will discuss this internally and get back to you.
  6. Thanks. We will pursue this.
  7. This will be something we're going to pursue. Thanks!
  8. Life summed up our plan/stance on the matter. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Thanks. We'll review this and come to a conclusion internally.
  10. Definitely something we will look at. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. This technically should have been already implemented. I'll add it to the list.
  12. I understand you want transparency in what is currently going on, and we apologize for slacking when it comes to external showcasing. The Developers do post the majority of their progress on the Discord, however, I will try and ensure we consistently have forum posts regarding new/changed content.
  13. I'm not opposed to it, however, we'll need more feedback to ensure we get an accurate community reading.
  14. Jop

    Xp Locking

    Thanks for the feedback. We're looking at singular skill locking rather than stopping all XP at once. This will be implemented in the future.
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