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  1. Woops thought those were the available ones, 97 then thanks
  2. Lucky number 7 - Cresinkel
  3. Cosmetic completionist cape, no perks just fashion.
  4. put it on "cresinkel" though please 2 for 2 baby
  5. Would probably bring some old, high leveled OG's back to the server. Yes please Completionist cape!
  6. This is the way i dolo (duo but solo, two accounts youre running) K'ril, arguably the hardest boss for ironmen too solo. You can also do this with a friend instead of doloing. This way grants 15+ kill a trip. The Method: The Tank goes in the room first with full tank + Protect from Mage, he/she runs around the room until K'ril focusses the Ironman. The Ironman then follows with Protect from Melee and tags the Melee minion off of the Tank. The Ironman then kills K'ril, then blood barages the Melee minion + Range minion. If at this point the Ironman still does not have 99 hp he/she kills the Mage minion also with blood barage, if he/she does they can use arclight. Now the Ironman positions himself in the middle of the room near where K'ril spawns and puts up Protect from Melee and Piety. The Tank positions himself near a corner with a whip (or dscim/tent) and Shield + Protect from Magic. When K'ril spawns the ironman uses his arclight special attack on K'ril and then tags the Melee minion. The Tank goes in and tags the Magic and Range minion, then it puts on full tank and sits in a corner. (This way all the minion drops are usually for the ironman, unless the Tank hit to much on the tags) Do not use Guthan's on the Tank unless the Ironman is good on supplies and does not need minion food drops. REPEAT The Gear Set-Ups: Tank: The Ironman: Feel free to comment any suggestions or questions you might have.
  7. I do not agree, hard clues should be hard and the game shouldn't be made easier for ironmen (and for sure not for HCIM)
  8. The body altar south of Edge The mind altar north of Falador
  9. The Stepping stones agility shortcut south west of champions guild (land cut in two by river lum, stars from altars alligned in a starlike cross)
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