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  1. Server Update - Bug fixes and QoL updates - 20th February 2024 Ironman mystery box had its contents buffed. ZMI runecrafting now makes runes go into your rune pouch. Gauntlet herblore is no longer interrupted by combat. You can no longer pre-pot for the Gauntlet. Enchanced crystal key chest now gives the correct loot. Crystal armour seeds now get broadcasted. Hunllef no longer does his trample attack whilst performing his death animation. Divine ranging potion now has a 2 dose version. Gauntlet skilling resource nodes have had their spawning algorithm changed to have them not block entry ways into other rooms. Zulrah quick-board option is back. Spamming the Gauntlet entrance / exit no longer breaks the instance you are in. Gauntlet drop rates for the armour and normal weapon seeds are now what they are supposed to be, check out the rates here. Instance portals at GWD are now fixed, they were broken for people that hadn't used them before. Prifddinas agility had its requirement set correctly to 75 and it now has working statistics that you can view by talking to Ystwyth. Gauntlet teleport now also has the Prifddinas requirements. Gauntlet now has a chance to spawn fishing rooms, with only fishing nodes, to help with having too little food.
  2. Theatre of Blood drop rates and Verzik's Will boost Since the release of the Theatre of Blood I have been asked to explain how the rare loot is rolled and how the Verzik's Will boost plays into that. These rates might be changed later on but as of this post this is the system. I will also add in some graphs at the end to show increase with donor ranks for the boost and how much deaths impact the chances. First you do your raid, in it you get points for two things: 3 points per boss encounter you go into, theres 6 bosses so that means 18 points per team member 14 Mvp points which you get by doing the most damage, the amount differs per boss: Maiden: 2 Bloat: 2 Nylo: 1 Sotetseg: 1 Xarpus: 2 Verzik: 6 (2 per phase, each phase can have a different mvp but doesn't have to be different) The total team points is: (teamsize x 18) + 14 When you die means your points go down by 4 points (unless you have less than 4 in which case you just go to 0 points). At the end of the raid your teams points get divided by the maximum your team could've had. For example a duo with 1 death and both players attending all bosses: 46 out of the maximum 50 points, that fraction would be 46/50 Then we calculate your teams base chance with the next formula: 91 + (91 x (1 - fraction)) Which in our duo example is 91 + (91 x (1 - 46/50)) or 98.28 This is then rounded down, in our example to 98 After calculating the base chance we calculate your teams bonus chance from having the tob boost on (either global or private), if of course that player has private boost or the global boost is on. Per rank this differs, each rank has a bonus fraction value: no rank: 5% sapphire and emerald: 6% ruby and diamond: 7% dragonstone: 8% onyx: 9% zenyte: 10% This is then multiplied to your personal points like so: Lets say in our duo example one player is emerald rank and had 26 points and the other is zenyte rank and had 20 points: Bonus by player 1: 26*0.06 = 1.56 Bonus by player 2: 20*0.10 = 2 Total bonus points = 1.56 + 2 = 3.56 This is then divided by your teamsize so in this example by 2: 3.56 / 2 = 1.78 To then roll if the team gets a purple (still undetermined who gets it) we roll a random number between 0 and your base chance: In this example: a random number between 0 and 98 If the random number is between 0 and (10 + team bonus points) your team gets a purple. In this example: 10 + 1.78 = 11.78, so if the random number was between 0 and 11.78 this team gets a rare drop. Meaning this team had a 11.78/98 chance to get a drop which is 12.02% To roll who the drop goes to we use the following formula: Player 1 had 26 out of the 46 team points, he then has a 26/46 chance to get it whilst the other player has 20/46 chance. Which comes out to be: 56.52% for player 1 and 43.48% for player 2 A rare drop is then rolled of the table which has the following weights: Avernic hilt: 8 Justiciar: 2 per piece Sanguinesti staff: 2 Ghrazi rapier: 2 Scythe of Vitur: 1 The total weight is 19, to roll a sanguinesti staff for example would be 2/19. This chart will show the rates for a five man team in reference to how much times they died. X-axis being the number of deaths, Y-axis being the 1 in y rate of your team getting a drop, where y = 10 means a 1 in 10 droprate and y = 20 means a 1 in 20 droprate. This chart will show the rates for a solo team in reference to differing ranks and having the boost on. X-axis being the different rank multiplier like stated above, Y-axis being the 1 in y rate of your team getting a drop, where y = 10 means a 1 in 10 droprate and y = 20 means a 1 in 20 droprate. This chart will show the rates for a solo team in reference to how much times they died. X-axis being the number of deaths, Y-axis being the 1 in y rate of your team getting a drop, where y = 10 means a 1 in 10 droprate and y = 20 means a 1 in 20 droprate. But also including the boost and different ranks, yellow being zenyte rank, black onyx, purple dragonstone, red diamond and ruby, green sapphire and emerald and cyan no rank.
  3. In-game username: Cresinkel Medal(s): You zuk, Harmony Proof for your Medal(s):
  4. In-game username: Cresinkel Medal(s): That which has no life Proof for your Medal(s): 104d 4h is 2500h, screen shows more:
  5. Donator (see diamond rank on forum or ingame) Maxed Harmony (this is all possible music tracks as of know, extensive list as to why the other aren't available is in the gitlab) Treasure hunter Zenytian Exterminator All the work Man's best friend Bug tester: I bug tested the instances for gwd when i was in the QA team, i think that is a big enough update for the medal? Also i don't have more proof then this: Great thinker: I left the discord before this summer so this is just from 3 months, i assure you its been way over 5 bug/suggestions ingame that have come from me Emote guru (dont know if these are all the unlockable ones but i think it is) Game junkie
  6. Happy birthday, hope you are well!

  7. ZLRTY is kinda pog ngl



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