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  1. Great mod. Sticks up for whats right.

  2. Rolex

    Twisted Bow

    Second one to lose, todays been unlucky day. Lost 11 in a row was already 2b down so thought Id chuck the tbow well lol... nothing surprising
  3. Nice guide Mindless, Gems is indeed really great money. Youll get like 3-4m gp/h minimum. Glad to see more newcomer guides and updated ones.
  4. Very, very risky stuff bro. Glad that such thing didnt happen to you yObrGAv.mp4
  5. Hello Runeman thats absolutely beast that you cared to share/do that to community. Althought for now I would wait for the upcoming features as I am going for 200ms and would be cool to have Definietly a big thumbs up!
  6. Baka practically mentioned everything I wanted to say but yeah socialising in the help cc is totally fine, what is not is when some players getting upset over someones statements which starting in most of the cases from totally harmless conversations, and ofcourse in a lot of the cases more than just 1-2 players are getting involved with it and they keep carrying it on and on. As we know that is against the rules of zenyte/help cc and its totally ethical for a staff member to kick in such scenarios. tl;tr If you wont get involved with someone trying to flamebait you and actually having civilized conversation in help cc with someone that can accept your opinions in different aspects/angles feel free to do so.
  7. Well yeah... once a runescape player, always a runescape player. No matter how much time passes. And yeah lol, thats nothing new that RS player has a good computer and doesnt use it for anything else. Classic Anyways, welcome Great Chaos hope to see you ingame soon!
  8. Rolex


    Ignoring staff orders usually follows with a mute, no wonder nothing happens after that (atleast how I am operating in such situations, probably isnt different for the other staff members.) Now for the OP, like a month ago we had a situation where we did indeed mute/kick from help cc for every occasion like that, That raised WAY more flags and complaints that we are too harsh against our players. We try to keep the yell, public & clan chat as clean as possible, but we shouldnt mute each person thats just walking on the edge, we are there to stop when they deem to step over it, sure warnings will be issued and will lead to mute/cc kick if the person wont stop.
  9. Thank you for creating the guide mate, definietly will come handy to some ironman/woman
  10. So good progress so far Kris, definietly a big dream update for Ironman.
  11. Knew you would be the first HC to do that, congrats babe
  12. Make it so you need 2k+ total lvl to mine here - Totally would take this content out of the game for skillers Make it so you can only mine it with dragon pickaxe - very customised and will make the dragon pickaxes price rise even higher, or just make it dead content 1/2 - will probably piss out more people Teleport to target - can just transfer amethyst to combat 3 or low level alt Make the mining speed slower - I believe this was discussed but that really doesnt stop the mad level botting its receiving right now Honestly, the reduction in that big of a scale quite was surprise for me aswell, but these solutions you mentioned are nowhere close better than the current solution that was implemented. Also had in my mind to put it behind falador hard diary but that would kill it for the skillers aswell. Need better solutions to possibly make Kris change his decision on that, for now thats the best solution that can be used. Wildy shop was filled 1b worth of amethyst javelin heads within 4-5 days of uptime
  13. Great updates & bug fixes to start off the new year. Good job guys!
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