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  1. Thats alot of clues completed jesus & also its so satisfying to see that kind of statistics, thank you for the statistics Kris!
  2. Good job splasher, hoped to see more master clues thought but nevertheless some juicy cosmetics.
  3. Love to see some anti pking content, thats how everyone should act when interrupted in wilderness and who knows maybe it turns out to be in their favor!
  4. Welcome back hopefully you will find someone to boss with so you wont be so lonely Nevertheless good luck on your adventures!
  5. Hello @Monk, Thank you for going forward with it and submitting feedback on our actions. I´d like to take time and add some words whilist agreeing to most of @Lucifer2207 statements. First of all, yes he was warned but he wasnt kicked from cc if you keep a close eye on the screenshots. As if he would of been kicked from the clan chat he wouldnt be able to write that in the clan chat with the same account which is logical enought hopefully. And about that luring part, if he would of just said dh/risk fighting in edgeville and just kept it as simple as that then sure, we wouldnt stop him from doing that. But he added phrases like "im drunk af free l00t." This doesnt necessarily mean that he is luring, if anything then a bait if he happens to be in full conscious and not drunk as he mentioned, but we also cannot make sure of it and we rather not risk a potential lure even if nothing harmful was meant and he genuinely searched for a fight. Im sorry if any of our actions dissapointed you @Monk we are here to look out for people not to punish them. But to ensure that we must take precautions on such actions. Best wishes, Rolex
  6. Excellent job with the monthly newsletter @Echo Definietly one huge of a month for us. Also congrats to everyone that got promoted and farewell to the ones that we lost. Also tournaments are POG have waited for it since joining
  7. Good luck Grian, what exactly are your plans when you´ve completed that gear setup, raids?
  8. I could say this is one hella unique staff review, thank you for kind words sir
  9. Damn thats a big group, definietly love that you guys took it into your own hands rather than complaining. Best of luck I will keep track of it!
  10. can't sleep 

    1. Rolex


      Sorry for breaking your heart💔

    2. Schrute Farm

      Schrute Farm

      first @Coreybreaks it, now you. fuck me.

    3. Rolex


      Life´s a bitch

  11. Thank you for giving me another opportunity. I am trying my best to make myself once again valuable aspect for the team. Congrats to others aswell!
  12. Thats sooooo pog for ironman Nice.
  13. Congrats, that was quite fast. Hopefully when construction comes out its possible to let them out for a walk in the yard.
  14. Thank you Simon for bringing this up. Personally I feel that the waiting was worth it and it is no doubt one of the biggest update we had so far as most, if not all of our players can participate and enjoy the content - dont get me wrong or feel that im devaluing other updates but previously its mostly been high-end content that requires skill to actually complete so its great to have such content aswell that everyone can relate to. Also @Christopher you did very well and put alot of effort into this aswell and we are definietly waiting more from you (P.S I´d agree that guard dog should say woof instead of chatting with people.) I can see bright future ahead for zenyte. Thank you development team!
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