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  1. He will be the inventor of the scapbook its a social media and dating site for RSPS members.
  2. Name: Matt Age: 26 Location: Illinois Brief Introduction: I am not as cool as some of the other Staff Members as you will come to read about however the most exciting thing in my life is my daughter! Her name is Averie and she is a 2 year old stinker!! As far as a career over the years I have held titles in Customer Services to Law Enforcement. People who are unfortunate enough to cross my path tend to say I a man of all trades. When did you join the Staff Team and what made you chose to join it? I joined the Staff Team on April 25th, 2020 - I met a former staff member by the name of @Sir Hassan who I have an enormous amount of respect for and he complimented my knowledge of OSRS and hinted that I should apply for the Staff Team. I initially was not interested however the one passion in my life that I have that outweighs most of my hobbies is the want to help people. I decided that this would allow me to kill two birds with one stone. This is one of the best decisions I made. I have met a lot of wonderful people along the way and if I could do it all over again I would make the same choice. What do you enjoy the most about Zenyte? I have a unique position as one of the owners of this community because I have the opportunity to put a smile on our players abroad. People who knew me before my position as the Community Manager (Server Support, Moderator or Forums Moderator) will agree that I have always been striving to make the player experience the number one priority to Zenyte before anything else. I do not consider my responsibilities as a job but instead like I said in my reasons for joining more of a passion. A simple answer to this question would be the thing I enjoy most about Zenyte is the positive interactions and outcomes we make in our player's lives. Media and Entertainment:
  3. Hello Community Members, The 2021 Halloween Event will take place for about two weeks and you can start this event by talking to the Halloween Guide at home. He will inform you that two individuals in our community require assistance! The Grave digger The Grave Digger will require your assistance in the Lumbridge Graveyard! He claims to have misplaced somethings... Perhaps if you help him find his missing items he will reward you! The Sad Boy There is a "Sad Boy" in Canfis who will require your assistance with trick-or-treating! Will you be able to help him? The people in the area will take notice of what you're wearing. In other news.. The Management and Development Team is excited to announce that there will be a patch coming to the Theatre of Blood beta world that will fix many issues with the current reported bugs. We will also be releasing some other content for Halloween throughout the month of October! We also have in store some event, donator and vote specific items! Management Changes.. @Yamato69has also departed from the Management Team after his lengthy service as Staff Member. He has shown extreme dedication toward our community and will be big shoes to fill. We wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors. @Itzcnote100 will be stepping into a full-time community manager role as we do not plan to backfill the position. I believe in his leadership capabilities and have no doubt he will continue to be a successful and profession community manager. @Grant will also be joining the Management Team as a full-fledged developer and will be taking on the position of Head of Development.
  4. Double Drop System Creator(s): Matt (Gepan), Grant (Lucid) Creation Date: 10/09/2021 The double drop system allows for a automated way for double drops to be introduced into the server. The system has a set of checks and balances in place to prevent duplication outside a set realm amount. The functionality for the administration to add and remove double drops and the community to check a array of current drops being doubled has been implemented. ::checkdd is the command assigned to open up the journal allowing for the double drop manager to be presented to the community as shown below: We have also introduced dialog into the came allowing players to obtain notification of a double drop an example is as followed:
  5. October 2021 - Double Drops Good Evening, In celebration of the Theatre of Blood nearing the final touches on Phase I of the beta-testing and the overwhelming support from the community by our continued growth I have decided to provide a weekend full of double drops to introduce more gear into the economy This will both benefit both new players and our veterans as we prepare for some new high-end PVP content. We have also decided we would automate the system by taking out the required administration factor of needing to pass out the drops. You will now obtain the drops automatically as a drop. The following items will be dropped as double this weekend: Seers Ring Archers Ring Warrior Ring Berserker Ring Mud Battlestaff Steam Battlestaff Dragon Axe Spirit Shield Holy Elixir Spectral Sigil Arcane Sigil Elysian Sigil Seercull Abyssal Whip Abyssal Dagger Black Mask (10) Dragon Pickaxe Tyrannical Ring Dragon 2H Sword Malediction Shards Odium Shards Treasonous Ring Ring of the Gods Primordial Crystal Pegasian Crystal Eternal Crystal Smouldering Stone Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Bandos Boots Armadyl Helmet Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Plateskirt Armadyl Crossbow Zamorakian Spear Staff of the Dead Trident of the Seas (Full) Kraken Tentacle Tanzanite Fang Magic Fang Serpentine Visage Other Changes: - You will now be able to collect clue scroll boxes automatically if you have a ring of wealth equipped. - The "Grant" Banhammer has been added. - Use command ::checkdd to see which item drops are being doubled!
  6. News Blog: October 2021 Hello Community Members, The month of October is planned to be packed full of content and changes focused on perfecting and expanding the server. We had the opportunity at the end of September to welcome @Grantinto the Staff Team as a member of our Development Team and he has done a fabulous job not only by digging into the code but being an advocate and voice for the players of our community. Grant and I have similar personalities and work ethic with this combination we have been able to complete multiple projects in a timely manner Since the announcement of his onboarding we have successfully implemented three game updates and pushed the Theatre of Blood to it's initial beta phasing stage. I wanted to also give some special recognition to the members of the Staff Team who dedicate and volunteer time doing tasks such as but not limited to bug reports, administrative duties, spreadsheets, account resets, and donation requests, server events, forums maintenance this success would not be possible without each and every one of you. I will now take a few minutes to recap on some of the plans being put into motion behind the scenes: Theatre of Blood The Theatre of Blood has been launched into Theatre of Blood Beta Phase I. This will consist of all of the bosses excluding the final boss and should provide us with some insight on a official release date. We have no set timeline on the completion of Phase I however we do plan to release Theatre of Blood by the end of October if we do not come across any major roadblocks. If you would like to join the QA Team (Beta Team) for the testing of Theatre of Blood please contact @Grant - @Itzcnote100 - @Yamato69 we will not require an application. Update snippets for the Theatre of Blood are available in the #tob-snippets channel on our official discord. Halloween Event The Development Team and Management Team would like to release a Halloween 2021 Event. We had some storylines and ideas in mind but if you would like to participate in the creation of a Halloween Event please reach out to @Gepan Slayer Helmet Ornament Kit Do you remember when you completed all of those kills at the Kalphite Queen or the King Black Dragon and you was able to obtain that Kalphite Queen head or those King Black Dragon heads? Congratulations! However the Development Team does not believe you sacrificed enough.. You will now have to battle those same bosses but instead of their head... You want the ornament kit they will drop. A "Bloody Month" of goodies!! As Grant is tasked with the creation and perfection of the Theatre of Blood I will be working on some smaller projects such as but not limited to Bloodbark Armours, Swampbark Armours, and potentially the Amulet of Blood Fury! We will be releasing the Bloodbark and Swampbark armours with the standard creation method however the bonuses will be unique to Zenyte giving some reductions in rune costing when worn! Head(s) of Community Management The Community Management Team will be able to assist you with any general inquires if you are not able to reach Grant or Gepan. They are extremely trusted individuals and are the face of the Management Team. They have full authority to assist and make decisions that directly reflect the customer service aspect of our game. @Itzcnote100 - If you have any inquiries about donations or require management assistance! @Yamato69- if you have any inquires about a punish or require management assistance! Thank you! The Staff Team would like to say thank you to members of our community for their support! I understand that this battle over the last year has been extremely long and tiresome however we are finally to a point that the curve is starting to turn. We plan to focus a lot of our resources toward advertising and hopefully we can start leading into a new direction! Sincerely,
  7. October 2021 - Amethyst darts and Demonic ashes Amethyst dartsYou will now have the ability to create Amethyst darts by using combining Amethyst dart tips with feathers. In order to obtain Amethyst dart tips you will need to use a chisel on a chunk of Amethyst. The darts will provide a +28 strength bonus and may be used inside of the toxic blowpipe. Demonic AshesDemonic monsters and mobs will now drop demonic ashes they will be branched into five tiers and give experience based upon the tier. This will work in a similar fashion as bones for example a low tier may be wolf bones and a higher tier would be dragon bones. Demonic ashes would then in retrospect have fiendish ashes in the low tier and abyssal demons in a higher tier. If you would like a general list of monsters or npcs that will drop demonic ashes please view this article on the wiki. Currently you will be able to scatter the ashes which will follow the mechanic of burying bones by providing you with prayer experience or you can offer the ashes on a altar like bones and be provided with bonus prayer experience. Ash sanctifier The ash sanctifier will allow for the automatic scattering of the ashes similar to the bone crusher with bones. We will not be releasing the official way to obtain this item until release of the update. Xeric's Wisdom Changes You will now be provided with a bonus above the 25% based upon your donator status as followed: None - 25% total (only using wisdom without being a donator) Sapphire - 27% total Emerald - 30% total Ruby - 33% total Diamond - 36% total Dragonstone - 40% total Onyx - 45% total Zenyte - 50% total Dwarf Multicannon changes (Donator Perks) Donators will now have an increased capacity of cannonballs for their dwarf multicannon. None - 30 Sapphire - 40 Emerald - 50 Ruby - 60 Diamond - 70 Dragonstone - 80 Onyx - 90 Zenyte - 100 Clue Casket changes (Donator Perks) Donators now have a chance to find a second clue casket inside of a clue casket when opening it. The following formula will be followed: None - Sapphire - 3% Emerald - 6% Ruby - 9% Diamond - 12% Dragonstone - 15% Onyx - 18% Zenyte - 21% Barrows reward changes (Donator Perks) Ruby and Onyx donators now have the ability to obtain double and triple loot. If the double or triple loot consists of a item your item will be re-rolled for example instead of two Guthan spears you will get a Guthan spear and another barrows item. The following formula will be followed: Ruby< - 20% chance at DOUBLE LOOT Onyx< - 10% chance at TRIPLE LOOT Small changes: - Desert camp door now functions correctly with the key. - You will now have the ability to cook curry. - The slayer ring provides the correct dialog. - Ape Atoll ladder now takes you to the correct location inside the middle of the air. - Vet'ion drop table has been corrected with clue scrolls. - Bandits now have correct thieving requirement.
  8. Development Notes (9/30/21) We will be aiming for the 5 bosses to be in beta-testing by this weekend or early next week: The Maiden of Sugadinti Pestilent Bloat Nylocas Vasilias Sotetseg Xarpus
  9. 9/30/2021 updates: Added the ability to travel between rooms after killing bosses. Added the basic(s) to the death mechanics including finishing the spectator mode. Did a merge of the Theatre of Blood to the main beta/game branch and fixed all conflicts. Added all of the broadcasting and broadcasting for TOB completions for example Hardcore deaths. Adjusted and added new methods in order to move forward with the code estimated release date in the next 20-30 days for full beta testing.
  10. Current Progress: Red - Not started Yellow - Incomplete Green - Complete Last Updated: October 12, 2021 Miscellaneous Party system Instance system Verzik Crystal Shard item Verzik Crystal Shard shop Vyre Orator Spectating Statistics Advancing between rooms Death mechanics Practice Mode Various NPC dialogue Supply chests during raid Bosses The Maiden of Sugadinti Storm attack Nylocas Matomenos Blood attack Pestilent Bloat Mutilated Flesh Flies Pathfinding Nylocas Vasilias Nylocas Hagios Nylocas Ischyros Nylocas Toxobolos Nylocas Spawns Boss Mechanics Explosions Reflects Pathfinding/Pillar targetting Pillar crumbling Sotetseg Shadow Realm (Maze) Solo version Bomb attack Bouncing magic attack Melee Xarpus Recovery (Phase 1) Poison (Phase 2) Counter (Phase 3) Enraged (Phase 4) Close range attack Verzik Vitur Dawnbringer Phase 1 Phase 2 Rewards Regular drop table Pet Broadcasts for rare drops Broadcasts for first-to achievements Media:
  11. Community Poll - Theatre of Blood - Death Mechanics Hello Community, The Development Team and Management Team have been in deep in discussions about the Theatre of Blood and we have decided to reach out to the community on their opinions on the death mechanics. We are looking into three different avenues and we would like your opinion on which one you think best fits Zenyte. 1.) The death mechanics should follow the death mechanics of OSRS and Hardcore Ironman should lose their status upon a full death. 2.) The death mechanics should be altered because we are a RSPS and follow a path similar to RAIDS I (COX) allowing for safe deaths and the ability to continue on with your raid upon death however your chances for a higher tier reward will be less. 3.) The death mechanics should be altered because we are a RSPS as said above in 2.) however there will be a gold sink added such as a fee of 750k to conduct a TOB raid. Thank you,
  12. September 2021 - Small Update(s) #1 Changes: - You will no longer lose your Twisted slayer helmet ornament kit when choosing to disassemble the helmet. - Jr. Moderators will show up as online staff as long as they have their private chat set to ON. - You will no longer lose crystal shards when choosing the buy 10 option in the crystal tool shop. - Climbing boots can now be equipped - The seeds and fruit from the Tithe Farm minigame have been made un-bankable. - Bryophyta will now correctly drop noted steel bars instead of unnoted ones. - There is now a black partyhat available in the event shop, which was previously a duplicate red partyhat. - The correct karambawn vessel is now in Jackie's shop at home. - The emotes "Beckon" and "Angry" are no longer swapped. - It is no longer possible to unnote items at the Muddy chest in the Wilderness - It is no longer possible to unnote items at the open chests in Death Plateau - You will no longer become stuck in a tree when travelling by canoe to edgeville. - Fixed a typo in the message received when you try to make dough with a full inventory. - When cleaning herbs with Zahur, your clean herbs will drop to the ground if you don't have enough inventory space, instead of disappearing completely - You are no longer able to access the bank in the 1 tick clearance between starting a duel and being teleported to the arena. - You can now store the Rune (H5) Shield in the magic wardrobe at home. - The following buff has been applied to skilling pets: After 99 your chances of receiving a skilling pet increase by 10%, after 200m XP your chances go up another 40% for a total boost of 50%
  13. Community Poll - Construction or Theatre of Blood Hello Community, I hate to title this thread as Construction or Theatre of Blood because after after code review with @Grantit has become clear that both of these will be possible however it is important to note as a solo developer working on two large projects of this caliber it will take some time. We both have received a lot of feedback from the community in the last 24 to 48 hours and the opinion from person to person differs so we would like to open up a poll to the community about which update they would like to see come first as a larger piece of content will it be Construction or Theatre of Blood? Grant has also started working on the bug fixes to date there is currently about 200 and we took out a nice chunk in the last couple of days. We will continue to dig toward the bottom of this barrel and hopefully that will eliminate a lot of the repeat bug issues inside of the bug report sections! Thank you,
  14. September 2021 - Patch #1 Tithe Farm Tithe Farm The Tithe Farm is a farming minigame located in Kourend you can get there by using the Zenyte Teleport Portal located at home! If you would like additional information you can visit this wiki page. Future Update(s) Theatre of Blood The Management Team is extremely pleased with the performance of our Head of QA (Grant) and have asked him to become a full-time developer for the server. He has accepted the position and will be the face of content development. He has already laid a foundation plan and analyzed a realistic timeline for the Theatre of Blood. We are looking forward to all of the content he will bring to the table and as expressed in his introduction he is really driven by the amount of influence he has on the players and their ability to enjoy their game play.
  15. September: Loot Extravaganza Good Morning, The Events Team would like to introduce the "September Loot Extravaganza" it will start on September 19th at 21:00 and run to September 31st. Each day for the entire day or a set time you will be provided with double loot if you provide a screenshot and post it in this thread. It is important and required to take a picture of the Server Information Tab or the #broadcast channel on discord. Note: Double loot will not be provided to players with a Ironman status. However you may accept the loot on a alternative account. Sunday September 19th Starting Time: 19:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Spectral Sigil, Arcane Sigil, Elysian Sigil Monday September 20th Starting Time: 18:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Archers Ring, Berserker Ring, Seers Ring, Warrior Ring Tuesday September 21st Starting Time: 18:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Abyssal Whips, Black Mask (10), Dragon Boots, Dragon Harpoon, Dragon Sword, Dragon Warhammer, Zamorakian Spear Spear, Armadyl Crossbow Wednesday September 22nd Starting Time: 15:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Armadyl Helmet, Armadyl Chestplate, Armadyl Chainskirt, Armadyl Hilt, Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Tassets, Bandos Boots, Bandos Hilt, Saradomin Sword, Armadyl Crossbow, Staff of the Dead, Steam Battlestaff, Zamorakian Spear, Zamorak Hilt Thursday September 23rd Starting Time: 18:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Dexterous Prayer Scroll, Arcane Prayer Scroll, Twisted Buckler, Dragon Hunter Crossbow, Dinh's Bulwark, Ancestral Hat, Ancestral Robe Top, Ancestral Robe Bottom, Dragon Claws, Friday September 24th Starting Time: 15:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Twisted Bow, Kodai Wand, Elder Maul, PVP weapons (excluding throwing weapons) Saturday September 25th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: All of the drops featured Monday-Saturday! Sunday September 26th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Unique loots from Cerberus, Alchemical Hydra, Demonic Gorillas, Wilderness Bosses (PVP Weapons ONLY), King Black Dragon and Zulrah. Monday September 27th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Abyssal Whip Kraken tentacle Smoke Battlestaff Occult Necklace Black Mask (10) Granite Maul Leaf Bladed Battleaxe Dragon Boots Granite Boots Granite Longsword Wyvern Visage Dragonic Visage Trident of the Seas Granite Ring Dragon Sword Dragon Harpoon Dragon Chainbody Leaf Bladed Sword Abyssal Dagger Dark Bow Primordial Crystal Pegasian Crystal Eternal Crystal Smouldering Stone Tuesday September 28th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Abyssal Whip Kraken tentacle Smoke Battlestaff Occult Necklace Black Mask (10) Granite Maul Leaf Bladed Battleaxe Dragon Boots Granite Boots Granite Longsword Wyvern Visage Dragonic Visage Trident of the Seas Granite Ring Dragon Sword Dragon Harpoon Dragon Chainbody Leaf Bladed Sword Abyssal Dagger Dark Bow Primordial Crystal Pegasian Crystal Eternal Crystal Smouldering Stone Wednesday September 29th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: Abyssal Whip Kraken tentacle Smoke Battlestaff Occult Necklace Black Mask (10) Granite Maul Leaf Bladed Battleaxe Dragon Boots Granite Boots Granite Longsword Wyvern Visage Dragonic Visage Trident of the Seas Granite Ring Dragon Sword Dragon Harpoon Dragon Chainbody Leaf Bladed Sword Abyssal Dagger Dark Bow Primordial Crystal Pegasian Crystal Eternal Crystal Smouldering Stone Thursday September 30th Starting Time: 12:00 (Server Time) Ending Time: 23:59 (Server Time) Double Drops: N/A Note: As our server continues to grow the Staff Team is dedicated toward providing a growing economy suited toward all our players. We have decided to push more items into the game that may have a significant higher demand then supply. We ask that you do your part by selling your duplicates to buyers to keep a flowing economy. If can successfully do that then these types of events may be more frequent.
  16. @affenstander and @Pot0111 I am not 100% certain where you came up with the idea of the Zuk helmet there is also the Jad slayer helmet for example.
  17. Combat Challenges (September 6th through September 20th) Community Members, The Management and Administration Team would like to challenge our players with some unique combat challenges. Each column will offer a reward and the higher the column the higher the reward. There will also be some rewards only obtainable by this event and will be worth billions. However there is a catch you must complete the challenges listed in each column before moving onto the next column. You must also provide screenshots of the completion displaying your game noticeboard with a date/time stamp. You also will be able to auto-complete these challenges once you arrive to that challenge if you have completed it and able to show proof for example completion log. You will want to show you collection log after you complete a entire column to a member of the Management Team or post it in this thread. Column 1: Kill at least 15 Bryophytas Kill 100 King Black Dragons Complete at least 100 Barrows Chests Kill 50 Chaos Elementals Kill 125 Giant Moles Kill 50 Crazy Archeologist Kill 30 Scorpia Kill 5 Skotizo Kill 5 Hespori Complete two rounds of the Fight Caves Column 2: Remember kill count from above counts toward this column (kill counts column) Kill 120 Alchemical Hydra Kill 120 Callistos Kill 120 Cerberus Kill 120 Chaos Elementals Kill 120 Chaos Fanatics Kill 120 Commander Zilyanas Kill 50 Corporal Beasts Kill 120 Crazy Archaeologists Kill 120 General Graardors Kill 120 Giant Moles Kill 6 Hesporis Kill 100 Kalphite Queens Kill 150 King Black Dragons Complete at least 100 Barrows Chests Kill 50 Chaos Elementals Kill 225 Giant Moles Kill 100 Crazy Archeologist Kill 30 Scorpia Kill 10 Skotizo Kill 10 Hespori Complete 30 Chambers of Xeric (Team or Solo) Kill 120 Zulrah Kill 120 Vorakth Kill 120 Venetanis Kill 120 Scorpia Kill 50 K'ril Tsutsaroth Kill 50 Kree'arra Column 3: Speed Challenges Kill Zulrah in less than 60 seconds. Kill Vorkath in less than 60 seconds. Kill Hespori in less than 40 seconds. Complete a fight cave in less than 28 minutes. Complete a Chambers of Xeric - Challenge Mode (SOLO) in less than 60 minutes. Complete a Chambers of Xeric (SOLO) in less than 24 minutes. Kill the Alchemical Hydra in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds. Kill the Grotesque Guardians in less than 1 minute and 20 seconds. Rewards: Rewards may includes items such as but not limited to: Event Ecumenical Key (25 Charges) Cosmetic Items (Slayer Helmets) Statue in-game Event Tickets POST YOUR COLLECTION LOGS INTO THIS THREAD AS PROOF FOR COLUMNS 1 AND COLUMN 2 OR A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR KILL TIMES FOR COLUMN 3.
  18. August 2021: Patch #2 200m Skillcapes 200m Skillcapes 200m Skillcapes are finally here and you can obtain one by using your skillcape trimmed version on the 200m Cape Monument located on the top of the achievement hall. The 200m variant of your skillcape will have the same perks as a standard version of the skillcape however we do plan to adjust this in the future if we can come up with reasonable and fair perks. The 200m skillcape inventory icon is currently upside down and after a lot of failed manipulation I have decided to move forward with this update despite the appearance. I would also like to apologize for the visual aspect on some of the 200m skillcapes these are actually provided to us by a 3rd party however the general concept of being able to display something for 200m in a skill was our main reason for release. 200m skillcapes.mp4 Future Update(s) Demonic Ashes (Prayer) The recent ashes update that came with the new prayer book on Old School Runescape has been brought to the table in discussion(s) and we are planning to move forward with this update. It will also include the item used to automatically scatter the ashes similar to the bone crusher. You can find additional information about this here. Tithe Farm The Tithe Farm update is on the horizon and has been completed on the back end. We are planning to get this merged together with the current stage of the game and start the quality assurance (QA) testing. This update will be extremely beneficial to those players who do not like the traditional farming methods. New Slayer Helmets The new Slayer Helmets released recently on Old School Runescape has drawn a lot of attention and we are looking into obtaining these models. Thank you to @Coreyfor providing that resource. We have not started on this project but a proposed release date is set to be in August. Update Log for August 2021 Patch 2: Added enhanced weapon seed drops to global broadcasts Added crystal armour seed drops to global broadcasts Added crystal tool seed drops to global broadcasts Adjusted tree stump for crystal trees to prevent no-clip issues Added the ability to make cadentine (unf) with the vials of blood dropped from Vyrewatch Increased the amount of shards obtained by pickpocketing elves Added a teleport to the Crystal Mines inside of the Zenyte Teleport Portal Added the ability to make twisted slayer helm (i) by adding a twisted kit to imbued slayer hlmet Added 200m skillcapes with their 99 variant perks
  19. UPDATE IS LIVE The update is not active however you can ask questions and make comments on this thread here.
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