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Server Update - Prifddinas and The Gauntlet - 18th February 2024

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Server Update - Prifddinas and The Gauntlet - 18th February 2024

Hello Community,

Prifddinas, the magnificent elven city, and the challenging Gauntlet! Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey as you explore the wonders of this enchanting city and test your skills in the Gauntlet's trials.

Prifddinas, also known as the "Crystal City," stands as a beacon of elven civilization, boasting breathtaking architecture, lush surroundings, and a rich tapestry of history and culture. From its majestic towers to its serene gardens, every corner of Prifddinas is ripe for exploration and discovery.

But the true test of your mettle awaits within the Gauntlet, an intense challenge designed to push adventurers to their limits. Dare to enter this formidable arena, where cunning puzzles, formidable foes, and treacherous traps await those brave enough to face them. Only the strongest and most resourceful will emerge victorious!

Prepare yourselves, fellow travelers, for a grand adventure unlike any other. Prifddinas and the Gauntlet await your arrival, beckoning you to uncover their secrets and claim your rightful place among legends.


Hunllef's Nightmare

Hunllef's Nightmare
Upon reading this scroll, your character will receive an additional 5 boosted runs. Furthermore, you will only use a boost when choosing to enter the challenge, allowing you to engage in practice runs without utilizing boosts unnecessarily. These boosts grant an enhanced likelihood of obtaining valuable rewards such as a crystal seed, a Youngllef pet, or triggering Hunllef's rage.


Hunllef's Rage

Hunllef's Rage
Upon perusing this scroll, your character shall gain the capacity to bypass the preparatory phase of the run. This entails spawning directly into the boss room equipped with a predetermined set of weapons, armor, and provisions. This capability can be paired with Hunllef's Nightmare. It's essential to understand that this action does not contribute to any combat tasks, scoreboards, etc., but the loot obtained will be identical to that of a standard run.

Prifddinas the Crystal City

Agility Course
The Hefin clan has granted us access to their unique agility course, which operates with some variations compared to typical rooftop agility courses. Access is granted to those who meet the 75 agility requirement

Prifddinas Agility Course (7).png


Iorwearth Dungeon
The Iorwerth clan has granted us entry to their exclusive dungeon. Designed specifically for elite training, this dungeon features a variety of formidable creatures including dark beasts, kurasks, nechrayels, bloodvelds, waterfiends, and moss giants. Within this dungeon, you can acquire crystal shard drops.

Iorwerth Dungeon.png


Crystal Farming
The Crwys clan, known for their expertise in farming and woodcutting, play a crucial role in supplying food and plant-based resources to Prifddinas. Upon discovering a Crystal acorn, they devised innovative methods to obtain Crystal shards through farming.

Now, they extend an invitation for you to cultivate your own Crystal trees. This distinctive Crystal tree farming patch necessitates a Crystal acorn and a farming level of 74 for planting. While Crystal acorns cannot be traded, they can be acquired from a nearby NPC in exchange for other crystal seeds.

Crystal tree (grown).png


Enhanced Crystal Keys
When not engrossed in scholarly pursuits, the Trahaearn clan channels their expertise into crafting new items and weapons through the art of smithing. They've discovered that by employing smithing and crafting techniques, an existing Crystal key can be enhanced with Crystal shards to unlock additional rewards.

They are eager to impart their advanced blacksmithing techniques to you, enabling access to an upgraded version of the Crystal Chest within Prifddinas, boasting higher value rewards. Similar to the standard home chest, this enhanced Crystal Chest consistently yields an Uncut dragonstone along with supplementary items such as armor, runes, coins, and gems.

To unlock this chest, an enhanced Crystal key is required, forged by combining a regular Crystal key with 10 Crystal shards, demanding 80 Smithing and 80 Crafting skills. Alternatively, if these prerequisites aren't met, you can enlist the assistance of a nearby elf who will craft one for you in exchange for 15 Crystal shards.


Elven Crystal Chest.png



Crystal Implings
Utilizing their exceptional hunting skills, the Cadarn clan has sighted a rare wild impling that is specifically drawn to the crystal structures within Prifddinas. As allies of the elves, they extend an opportunity for you to capture this elusive Crystal impling. This unique creature exclusively appears in Prifddinas and requires a Hunter level of 80 to capture with a net, or 90 to catch barehanded.

Featuring a distinct loot table filled with elven-themed items, including a special reward known as the Elven Signet, this Crystal impling offers enticing treasures. The Elven Signet is a newly introduced tradable ring that, when worn, grants a 5% chance of conserving a charge when using crystal items such as armor, tools, and weapons. Notably, this effect does not apply to the Blade of Saeldor.


Crystal impling.png


Divine Potions
The Meilyr clan, comprised of chefs, scientists, and explorers, dedicate themselves to experimenting extensively with ingredients sourced from other clans to craft potions, foods, and various supplies for the city. During a recent trial, the Meilyr clan discovered that by pulverizing Crystal shards and incorporating them into diverse potions, they could formulate concoctions they refer to as "Divine Potions".

They extend to you the opportunity to utilize a pestle and mortar on Crystal shards, yielding Crystal dust at a rate of 10 dust per shard. This dust serves as a crucial ingredient for crafting their 'Divine' versions of potions, albeit at a minimal XP rate of 0.5 XP per potion dose or 2 XP per potion. These Divine potions possess identical effects to their base counterparts but renew their effects every 15 seconds for a duration of 5 minutes.

Upon consumption, these potions deplete 10 Hitpoints, and the damage incurred persists beyond the 5-minute duration. Once the potion effect expires, your stats revert to their base levels. While the potions themselves are tradable, the dust used in their creation is not.

Outlined below is an illustration of how the renewal effect of Divine potions operates:

Suppose your Strength level is 99; drinking a divine super combat potion will elevate it to 118. The renew effect ensures that it remains at or above 118 for 5 minutes. However, if the stat is reduced by an NPC, spell, or potion like a Saradomin brew, the renewal effect will not restore it to 118 but will instead renew from the lowered level.

For instance, if a Saradomin brew reduces the strength level from 118 to 105, the renewal effect will begin restoring it to level 105 but will not exceed that unless another strength-boosting potion is consumed.

Using a restore or Sanfew serum potion will not elevate the stat beyond its reduced level. Nonetheless, it's feasible to sustain the renewal effect by consuming another potion that boosts the stat, and in such cases, the renewal timer will continue and conclude after the 5-minute duration, without extending the original timer.

The available divine potions, along with their required Herblore levels, are as follows:

  • Divine Super Attack Potion - Requires 70 Herblore
  • Divine Super Strength Potion - Requires 70 Herblore
  • Divine Super Defence Potion - Requires 70 Herblore
  • Divine Ranging Potion - Requires 74 Herblore
  • Divine Magic Potion - Requires 78 Herblore
  • Divine Super Combat Potion - Requires 97 Herblore

Divine bastion potion(4) detail.pngDivine battlemage potion(4) detail.pngDivine magic potion(4) detail.pngDivine super attack potion(4) detail.pngDivine super strength potion(4) detail.png


The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet (Minigame)
The Gauntlet stands as a solitary minigame within Prifddinas, where players must navigate a time-limited, randomly generated dungeon layout. They gather diverse resources and supplies through skilling and overcoming crystalline monsters, all in preparation for confronting the Crystalline Hunllef, inspired by a lethal wolf-like predator from the elven realm of Tarddiad. Originating as a training ground devised by the Amlodd Clan, the Gauntlet ensures their warriors are adept at safeguarding Prifddinas during the God Wars.

Accessible through the Gauntlet Portal located in the north-western region of Prifddinas or the Zenyte teleportal, this minigame mandates that players relinquish all items upon entry, with any pre-existing skill boosts also nullified. As it poses significant risks, hardcore ironmen forfeit their hardcore status upon demise, while ultimate ironmen risk losing items stored in instanced banks upon Gauntlet-related fatalities.

Within the Gauntlet lie resource nodes, herbs, and fish attainable through Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing, and other gathering techniques, essential for crafting weapons, armor, potions, and sustenance. These resources do not necessitate a specific skill level to collect. Additionally, the dungeon hosts various crystalline monsters such as bats, unicorns, and dark beasts, yielding additional supplies upon defeat. While higher-level monsters offer superior drops, they also demand more time to vanquish.

Successful completion of the Gauntlet yields various rewards, including crystal armor seeds and enhanced crystal weapon seeds for crafting the Blade of Saeldor or the Bow of Faerdhinen, alongside crystal shards required for charging these items. Conversely, failing to finish, whether due to death or early departure, results in a modest token reward based on the player's performance but does not offer any chance of obtaining unique items.

There will also be a Corrupted Gauntlet mode that will act as more of a challenge for our elite pvmers.  Do you have what it takes?

The Gauntlet Rewards
The Reward Chest within the Gauntlet will contain the usual assortment of loot table rewards including alchables and various items. Additionally, it will feature new and exclusive items such as enhanced crystal weapon seeds, crystal armor seeds, and the chance to obtain the Youngllef pet. Furthermore, completing the Corrupted Gauntlet mode offers an extra chance to receive the Gauntlet cape as a drop.

You can utilize the crystal weapon seeds and crystal armor seeds at a singing bowl to craft new crystal equipment.

Gauntlet drop rates are:

  • Enhanced weapon seed: corrupted: 1/240 (1/120 on boosted runs), normal: 1/1200 (1/600 on boosted runs)
  • Crystal armor seed: corrupted: 1/30 (1/15 on boosted runs), normal: 1/72 (1/36 on boosted runs)
  • Crystal weapon seed: corrupted: 1/30 (1/15 on boosted runs), normal: 1/72 (1/36 on boosted runs)
  • Youngllef pet: corrupted: 1/800 (1/400 on boosted runs), normal: 1/2000 (1/1000 on boosted runs)
  • Hunllefs rage: 1/25 (1/5 on boosted runs) (same rate on corrupted and normal)

Blade of saeldor detail.pngBow of faerdhinen detail.pngYoungllef chathead.pngCrystal helm detail.pngCrystal body detail.pngCrystal legs detail.png


Requirements for entering Prifddinas are as followed:

Farming: 70

Hunter: 70

Mining: 70

Smithing: 70

Woodcutting: 70

Agility: 70


Additional Changes:

  • Golden nuggets obtained from the Motherlode Mine will now increase by approximately 25%.
  • Impling spawns have been added back into the game.
  • The Slayer reward "I Wildy More Slayer" now functions properly, allowing players to toggle specific wilderness tasks on and off.
  • The Slayer reward "Actual Vampyre Slayer" is now operational, granting access to Vampyre Slayer tasks.
  • The Slayer reward "More at Stake" is now operational, extending Vampyre Slayer tasks.
  • The Slayer reward "Revenenenenenants" is now operational, extending Revenant Slayer tasks.
  • Task Block scrolls are now purchasable from the donator store, enabling players to block unwanted tasks without spending points.
  • Task Extend scrolls are now available in the donator store, allowing players to extend their assigned tasks by 50%.
  • Payment for farming protection will now only prompt dialogue after accepting the payment, providing one-click payment options.
  • The Gilded Spade now functions identically to a standard spade and can also be used while equipped.
  • Dissecting Sacred Eels for Zulrah's scales will now yield 50% more scales.
  • Players with the appropriate donator rank can now use the Ring of Endurance to collect Marks of Grace, similar to the Ring of Wealth perk.
  • ToB Verzik's webs now disappear in 13 ticks.
  • Slayer rewards without operational code are temporarily locked until properly implemented. Players who have purchased them will retain them when their functions are added.
  • The Coin casket's colors have been changed, and it can no longer be noted to become a regular casket.
  • The Slayer task plugin widget icons now match those in OSRS for each task.
  • The Double Trouble slayer reward now applies to the boss Slayer task of the Grotesque Guardians.
  • The respawn timer for the Gem stall during daily challenges has been significantly reduced.
  • The Crystal halberd can now be used against the Corporeal Beast.
  • The Dwarf cannon base can now be placed independently of other cannon parts.
  • Grimy herbs can now be looted directly into the looting bag.
  • Items in the donator store now display the correct icons.
  • Ironman Mystery box has been added to the store. It provides various items!
  • The Lumbridge hard diary step involving the Smite prayer has been fixed



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