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  1. imps / imp catcher quest / wizard traiborn reason: 4 beads need to be collected wizard is powerful (?) stands right next to the dude you talk to to get splitbark (split in two, not a yew)
  2. presets would be fireeeee stuff like farm runs and corp sometimes i just cant be asked doing because i dont wanna gear up for it. I definitely agree with the # of presets scaling up based on donor level. Adds more benefit to higher donors which has been much needed. not sure how I feel about the reload timer thats been suggested. Not sure how no-cooldown would be abusable for skilling Like if ur banking for herblore it prob takes the same amount if not, less time to just normally bank for the unf potions and secondaries compared to using a preset for it. I dunno. Maybe if someone could maybe give an example of it.
  3. fully support. BUT is it possible? I know on 07 they said its not possible which is why they dont update it on there. If it is possible I really see dont see why this isn't added already But yeah thigns like seed vaults and when construction is added should help clear some space as well..
  4. honestly I dont think any of these suggestions for the 10k donor are overpowered. Most are pretty useless already like wintertodt, crystal chest, marks of grace. They won't make you an insane amount of money. The only one that might be argued to be op is the 2.5x vote, but i think it scales nicely to reward a 10k donator. I mean its only a 0.5x boost for donating another 5000 dollars.. Fight caves, I think should remain at wave 31 or w/e its at currently. And be the same for anyone whos donated, even at the $10 level. Inferno skips seems to be the hot one judging by the comments. Personally I don't think it's unreasonable to skip to wave 20. Ideally you would skip to wave 18, the first wave you see rangers. Similar to the fightcave perk where you skip to wave where the magers start spawning. Skipping to wave 18 realistically only saves 15min, maybe even less, and you'll still have 1-2hrs of inferno to go. So personally, I don't think its that op.
  5. my latest vid! new vid covering clues/new update coming soon~ Enjoy! Be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance at 2 x $10 bonds 1. Like the video 2. Subscribe to the channel 3. Comment you IGN (on youtube)
  6. To enter giveaway: 1. Like the video 2. Comment your IGN (on youtube comments) 3. Subscribe~ Enjoy!
  7. I understand that the majority of the server is PVM based. But there is a pvp community even though its small. As long as devs know that we are here and here to stay, they should toss us a bone once in a while. As far as BH ruining your PVM experience, the wild should not feel safe. I already pre-addressed the fact that a BH teleport - direct teleport to target would be too OP for a server with 1 world and only 20-30 people in wild at one time. Instead of shutting down the idea completely, we should have an open discussion about other ways to implement a way to upgrade emblems via PVP. The fact that emblems are only upgradeable via PVM is just wrong. Emblems were introduced in Oldschool as a PVP reward.
  8. Loyalty/Vote shop buff: I think the loyalty shop in particular needs new rewards. There are only a few high ticket rewards like diango's claws (5K) and the monkey backpack (7.5k). I also think that 4 toy horseys and leapord toys are repetitive and should be removed. These are some of the items I think could be added. I noted which shop either vote/loyalty they should be added to, but feel free to swap as needed, and please suggest some more high ticket items! trouvers parchments - vote shop (i think 15-20 votes is reasonable) chompy hats - loyalty shop Bring back the other Naval Set colors ??! (dunno why they were removed in the first place.. and leaving only purple *spits*) barbarian assault pet - loyalty shop - a high ticket item deserving for those who play zenyte for a Loooong time recolour graceful scroll - sell a scroll that changes the color of 1 piece of graceful (similar interface to the emote scroll) - loyalty shop (i see this is being made in the dev blogs, i think loyalty shop would be a great place to put them) can pick from any of the current colors on osrs: white, purple, gold, red, green, blue, black(?) castle wars armour decorative melee sets - loyalty shop another high ticket item druidic wreath - vote shop (an osrs holiday item) anger weapons (cosmetic) - possbily another high ticket item for loyalty shop add emotes to emote scroll: hypermobile drinker, smooth dance, crazy dance, sit up, push up, star jump, jog Another idea I had is for people to gain loyalty points through the forums. I think activity in the forums should relate to in-game rewards, not just badges on forums. - gain loyalty points for forums post and comments - forums post gets more points than a comment. - possibly cap the # of earnable points per day, to prevent farming points. Other rewards: -Maybe you guys were saving these items for future holidays but I think the Easter Basket and Sled are two very fun/desireable items. --Possibly add them to the donator shop, and/or add them to mystery boxes with a similar rarity to the scythe. -mime outfit, camo outfit, gravedigger outfit, princess/prince frog outfit, zombie outfit - loyalty shop (probably less popular but im sure some people want the option to have them) PVP SUGGESTIONS Bounty Hunter: I brought up this suggestion in the past, but I do hope that it's added eventually. a few additional thoughts: - I don't think it should work on an actual "target" system - Instead, killing any random player should result in a tier upgrade. The reason for this is two-fold: 1. If there were a target system, we would inevitably need a BH teleport to target scroll. On a small server, it would really hinder a pvmers ability to play in the wild since a pker could tele to them instantly. 2. If we had a target system, but with NO teleport scroll it would be pretty frustrating on the pkers end to have a target, search the wild for 20 mins and the target ends up just leaving the wild. - Personally I think no target system, no teleport to target, but killing any one in the wild with an emblem in your inventory will upgrade your emblem, is a happy medium. - Of course this will introduce the need to prevent "emblem farming" Some potential ways to combat emblem farming: min 75 combat, min 250k risk, cannot kill the same person twice and recieve an upgrade for at least an hour. This would slow down the upgrades to a similar rate at which you would get them during wildy slayer. Even if none of my suggestions are well thought out, there has to be a way to upgrade emblems through PVP. It's crazy that only pvmers get emblem upgrades.. like what?? Unique PK Rewards: If a version of bounty hunter is ever added. In addition to getting a tier upgrade for killing your target, it should work on a point system to create an extra incentive. For example: 1 kill = 1 point 5 kill streak = 15 points 25 kill streak = 50 points - These points will be spent at a "pk shop" npc, say Mandrith located in the achievement hall, and will unlock certain rewards. Reward Suggestions for Pk Shop: Last Man Standing Rewards: - guthixian icon (tradeable when added to a staff of the dead) - simply a cosmetic upgrade - trouver parchment (tradeable) - dmm armour (untradeable) - swift blade (untradeable) - new halos (untradeable) - arma, brassica, ancient, etc New Bounty Hunter 2.0 rewards: - godsword gold specs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uelZL9faJs0 (timestamp: 16minutes) Also within this shop, some prestige rewards can be added for Total Kill counts: - lms capes 10 kills, 50 kills, 100 kills, 500 kills - bounty hunter hats - unique pk pet? Chompy chick pet or maybe another custom pet like a pet revenant? (should be awarded at a very high kill count like 1000 kills) Other rewards suggestions: Ivandis flail (quest item, used as a welfare mage staff with a spec bar) pvp mystery box? (holds supplies, defender, firecape, runepouch, maybe pvp weapons if they were added in future) Notes: For the most part, all of these rewards are fashionscape aka non eco breaking. I believe it will be a good way to reward people for being active in the wild. I also think adding trouvers parchments into both the vote shop and pk shop is necessary. This way a useful item is not "locked" behind pking which a large amount of people don't do. Also trouvers parchements leave the game instantly when used on an untradeable so there would be a demand for it and pkers alone may not be able to fill that demand. Personally i dont think the actual LMS minigame should be added on Zenyte. I think splitting activity between a Minigame and the real wild will only make the wild less inactive. Either that or LMS will become dead-content very quickly. So the Lms rewards should be added to the general pk shop. Adding these additional pk rewards would prove that Zenyte cares about the pvp community. I think it will add more depth and give more of an incentive for others to get out there and give it a shot. Other PVP updates: - Bring back daily/weekly automated tournaments - im gonna keep suggesting this till i see it happen! Manual pvp tournaments are just not sustainable - pathing/following still needs to be worked on - crossbow animation needs delay during a dd on 07: the xp drop will happen, then the crossbow animation, then a step out will happen in quick succession during a dd on Zenyte: step out will happen first, then xp drop/crossbow animation happen at the same time the crossbow animation should be delayed. Xp drop first, then crossbow animation. This allows for proper dding mechanics as well as sliding around your opponent more easily because of the delay. - buff claws accuracy! Please don't take hyper offense to any single suggestion. I just compiled all my thoughts together to get the ball rolling in the right direction. There have been hardly any PVP updates since the release of the server and I hope we can see some updates soon! @everyone Feel free to offer up additional suggestions or offer feedback on the ones I've posted here. EDIT: I think with emblem upgrades and Pk shop, it could even bring more activity to classic edge pking not just nhing/multi fights.
  9. lot of cool ideas here i hope it works out! i personally think a lot of these could be automated and incentivized for more participation. Bonus roll at wintertodt for 1.5 x points at pest control on another server i played people would donate to a "well of good will" and when it reached a certain gp count it would randomly pick an event like 1.5x xp for 1 hour. weekly pk tourneys (no risking of your own gp/gear - $10 bond to winner) regardless, good to see you guys working to bring the community together
  10. thanks man, definitely check out the video resources in the description. Those are the 4 videos i used to help me get through. Keep at it!
  11. Make sure to enter the $50 bond giveaway! 1. Like the video 2. Comment your IGN (on Youtube) 3. Subscribe~ GL!
  12. @Otoris You're talking about alternative money making methods. and telling people they should make an Ironman so we don't get mad at these types of updates? Of course you're entitled to your own opinion, but most of what you talked about has no relevance to the original post. The point is that the nerf is unfair. On OSRS, they don't change the value of items when something needs a nerf. They change the rate at which you can get it, or increase the difficulty of obtaining it. Like the farming contract nerf on OSRS, for example. There were way too many valuable/high lvl seeds coming into the game, so they nerfed the rates of those seeds and made them much more rare. In this case, Zenyte chose to change the actual value of amethyst rather than nerfing the rate at which you can successfully mine amethyst. It seems they can't even agree on what the true purpose of the nerf was. @rolex thinks it was because of bots, while @life believes it was because there was too much money coming into the game. Either way, or even both cases, the actual value of the item should stay the same, but the method to be able to mine amethyst or the successful mine rate of amethyst should have been nerfed.
  13. were botters really not the issue? if the intention was to truly decrease gp from coming into the game at such a fast rate, then the nerf should have been on the speed at which you can mine amethyst. https://gyazo.com/6e3e1b60261d179cf277cc25c50b99bc I've never tested it myself but i've heard people say that amethyst mining is 3-4m+ per hour. Both afk and safezone. Yes I agree that at that rate the gp/hour should be nerfed, but the price of the item shouldn't change. If osrs rates are 300k per hour, then zenyte should have matched that from the beginning. Due to the buff of increasing amethyst mining speed, people went hard on amethyst for several weeks. In my opinion, devs are at fault. And now instead of going to the root of the problem, it really does seem like a "quick band-aid fix" as @glitchput it. Still very upset with this and I hope that this post doesn't just get swept under the rug. Please look into a better solution.
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