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  1. hey bud, for some reason I dont have a "start new topic" button for certain subcategories like pvm media or misc media. 

    I remember this issue happened before. Spoke to Erza about it and he said it had something to do with permissions. I was able to make new posts for a bit, but now I can't anymore. 

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    2. faggetman


      Thanks mate, seems to be working fine now

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      were you logged in 🙂

    4. faggetman
  2. 78 https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/2109-hi-im-faggetman/
  3. Wssuh I'm faggetman contrary to my name, I'm not a homophobe, nor am I gay. Faggetman is the true hero of the rsps scene.. Some hate Faggetman, but David Blaine once said that "Faggetman is the hero Zenyte deserves, not the one it needs." I enjoy making guides and I'm pushing out some more entertaining content. Check out my YT channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaHP5QE7ccukv9gBr51Ugrg And here's a photo of me on my First day of Zenyte! https://gyazo.com/4e1a6f8462aadea010808d80d784c0d0
  4. tbh I had NO freakin idea you could already make tablets. LOL ty guys "- new dragon stone Armour - color it orange and make it custom zenyte armour! I don't see a clear purpose for this there is a lot of other things I would rather see revs working on you." - Yeah no real purpose could just be a cool idea haha. Another way for zenyte donors to flex or have something unique to your server, thats makes sense for your brand, that people can donate for. Actually it may be even better as a Loyalty shop reward! "insta tele even when in combat - for onyx + (not in pvp)I do not support this, home teleport tabs are already a thing." - To have the insta tele perk, you need to be a very high donor rank. I think that deserves you 1 free inventory slot/saving 10 seconds of being in combat. - hope we can get more opinions on it though! "If you're talking about not getting challenges for skills that are 99, I believe we're already tracking that." - I mean just certain ones are a pain such as fletching dragon bolts - need to get the (unf) ones from vorkath and fletch them with feathers. I'd put that on my block list if possible. Summer pies is also annoying as. https://gyazo.com/522206cbfe7ddac889df84371a41e3a3 not all orange, just the purple parts where the gems are. Make them zenytes. But I agree with Chop. Definitely not a priority. Just an idea if devs have spare time in future.
  5. Thank you for adding in KDR and kill counter for corp
  6. I've been compiling a mixture of suggestions/bug fixes for little bit. I know that some of these are already brought to the attention of the staff, but I'd like to mention it again for QOL too lazy to format this nicely so ty for reading SUGGESTIONS FOR ZENYTE - insta tele even when in combat - for onyx + (not in pvp) - increased bank space for certain donor lvls??? - new dragonstone armour - colour it orange and make it custom zenyte armour! - add kdr - cant use wrath runes on rune pouch - add xp drops for post 200m xpS - "decant" jewlery ( i hate using up so many bank spaces for all my games necks) - ability to block certain daily challenges - get more gp from daily challenges - show if bonus xp is active Y/N - show time left for bonus xp in game noticeboard - code daily free alchemy on explorers ring - add bones to peaches tablets somewhere (donor store, skilling shop, vote shop) - highscores (maybe viewable ingame) of top boss kill counts and kill times - Increase chance of upgrading tier with wildy slayer task if you are Skulled (could make things interesting for both pvmers and pkers) - Will we ever get Bounty Hunter teleport/ Target system added? Would be a cool way to revive wildy activity -- especially melee only fights at edgeville
  7. https://gyazo.com/8f0549c564466fa373ce0f1394b25862
  8. https://gyazo.com/041ac580c375cce6dda41e6d93f4c3f0 SORRY ZINIY OOPS
  9. Best Skiller: Ze Best PKer: Hazenjager Best PvMer: Ziniy Most Active on Forums: Life Most Active In Game: Psyche Best Guide Maker: Song Best Ironman: Ghost Best UIM: Nacyto Best HCIM: Iron cc Best 50X/25X Player: Andrew Best 10X Player: Blisziful Best 5X Player: x5 Most Helpful: Blisziful Most Wealthy: Paramore
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