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  1. Was a pleasure having you apart of the team, Echo. You were an amazing staff member and contributed a great amount towards the success of Zenyte in the early days. You will not be forgotten. I hope we'll meet again in the future. Until next time, old friend.
  2. Dont you ever downvote my post ever again on god ill hack ur account and change ur name to big ol dummy dev

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    2. Jay Gatsby

      Jay Gatsby

      Not afraid of a fella who doesn't know what bootstrap is 👀

    3. Erza


      Stfu I know what bootstrap is

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      You fuckers better stop negging my comments

  3. Jay promoted to Web Dev
  4. I think you misspelled Erza lol but I'm not active at all. Thanks though
  5. Take care, Distraction. One of the finest staff members I had the pleasure of working beside.
  6. Congratulations @Pandaand @Hxrdcore Sad to see you go @Jakey
  7. Erza

    New Developer

  8. I'm not entirely sure on the situation that lead up to his demotion but I am aware that he was inactive. I am also aware that he had a recent real life scare with someone robbing his house (he got everything back from what I was told.) Destruction, or Scott as I know him, was one of the finest staff members I ever had the pleasure working with. He and I literally started from the bottom of the heap and worked our way up to the deserved positions we were given. Scott was a key component in the success of the beginning of Zenyte and should be remembered for his tenacity of dealing with some of the harshest of circumstances, his wit/cunning of being able to come up with quick, moral solutions to difficult issues, his resolute loyalty to Zenyte and those he called friends - no; those he called family and his companionship to others. I hope in the future Scott decides to grace the staff team once again but for now I believe he wants to put a lot more focus on his actual family than a game and that's the most anyone can really ask for. So here's to Scott, one of the best goddamn staff members Zenyte will ever have. Take care, old friend.
  9. I disagree as it would also allow players to mass-dislike people's post so a regulation for it is required. Equally, they could create a regulation against mass-disliking, which we've done in the past, but have since removed it in favor of limited reactions. Maybe increasing it to 10 a day or even more reactions for specific groups would be fine but for regular members, I would keep it limited as I'm sure Zenyte doesn't want to encourage negative activity/drama.
  10. I just want to say that Noele did a phenomenal job with this project. She put countless amounts of hours into this to make it the best it could be, maybe even flawless, and it shows. Great work, Noele. And thanks Corey for the bug fixes
  11. Erza

    In-game Ban Appeal

    You'll need to follow the correct procedures in appealing a ban. https://forums.zenyte.com/forum/20-appeals/
  12. Hello Zenyte! Today we have a quick update for you guys on our staff team. We have 7 promotions, 3 resignations and 2 demotions over the course of this month. All of these guys have done exceptional work as staff and regular players. As always, if you believe you would make a great addition to our team, I would encourage you to apply here. We have reverted the application process to where players can now review the comments made by staff on their applications but they may not respond to the comments until their application has been concluded. Promotions @Destructionhas been promoted to Administrator @Chophas been promoted to Senior Moderator @distractionhas been promoted to Moderator @Psychehas been promoted to Moderator @gzehas been promoted to Server Support @Onehas been promoted to Server Support @Tiggerhas been promoted to Server Support Resignations/Demotions @Jophas been demoted from Administrator to Forum Moderator @Noshas resigned from Moderator @Dantehas resigned from Forum Moderator @SirRealhas been demoted from Server Support @Nodehas resigned from Server Support Thank you for your hard work and contribution, even those who are leaving us. You will not be forgotten.
  13. Welcome to the forums brother
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