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  1. This was in regards to the homepage images in the main topic's spoiler.
  2. Fair enough and anytime. One other thing I saw with the homepage was that you guys took away the transparent background of the navigation bar and kept it open/free floating sort of. It may be worth throwing a rgba(0,0,0,0.5) background on it or somewhere close to that as it is seems just slightly difficult to see the navigation items. Plus it'll also make it easier to have something to sit your mobile nav icon on rather than have it free floating (unless y'all spoke about this already.) Altogether though I'm glad you guys resorted back to a simpler design.
  3. Feel free to ignore all of my comments and suggestions below, wouldn't be much different from the past administration. I like mostly all of these changes. Should definitely change back the logo up top because it just does not fit well with the rest of the design. If the design was more blue for the season, sure. Just doesn't fit. Something I would suggest is to make it so postbit images are below the header of the post and leave the username in the header where it's at due to the postbit color and username color kind of overlapping- there's a lot of trial and error with figuring out padding with this so if you need any help (which I'm sure you don't but since Shark and I worked on this theme, we pretty much know the ins and outs,) shoot me a message or mention me here. Another small thing I would suggest is to add a text-shadow to the titles (for instance @Hexaeyou have 'Website Designer') so they can be seen more clearly. With the way some postbit images are setup, it's pretty difficult to see names unless you squint or move your head further or highlight it so this is more QoL/convenience for players. Everything else seems fine - I've always liked the non-carousel (basic) theme that I had redone (main designer was Shark, beautiful designer and developer btw,) when I first joined as everything you needed to see was right in your face rather than having to scroll down a whole page just to see what you wanted. For this same reason I had plans on redoing the old theme and making it available for players to choose from however I left before actually doing this. I have suggested past admins to do this, however, to no avail. Hope maybe even one person reads this and I didn't waste my time.
  4. Was a pleasure having you apart of the team, Echo. You were an amazing staff member and contributed a great amount towards the success of Zenyte in the early days. You will not be forgotten. I hope we'll meet again in the future. Until next time, old friend.
  5. Dont you ever downvote my post ever again on god ill hack ur account and change ur name to big ol dummy dev

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      Stfu I know what bootstrap is

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      You fuckers better stop negging my comments

  6. I disagree as it would also allow players to mass-dislike people's post so a regulation for it is required. Equally, they could create a regulation against mass-disliking, which we've done in the past, but have since removed it in favor of limited reactions. Maybe increasing it to 10 a day or even more reactions for specific groups would be fine but for regular members, I would keep it limited as I'm sure Zenyte doesn't want to encourage negative activity/drama.
  7. I just want to say that Noele did a phenomenal job with this project. She put countless amounts of hours into this to make it the best it could be, maybe even flawless, and it shows. Great work, Noele. And thanks Corey for the bug fixes
  8. Erza


    Welcome to the forums brother
  9. Welcome back brother
  10. Looking forward to the updates coming w/ GG, Wintertodt and Raids soon
  11. Welcome to Zenyte and thank you for your service brother
  12. Suggestion has been accepted. I'll be working on a "Golden Guide" tag very soon and we will implement these ideas for these guides.
  13. It was my job as well as Jop's to make others aware that we are accepting osrs donations. I try not to spam it too much and even if I did, no one actually complained to me about it but I will cut back on the yelling of donations and focus more on the assistance of players by directing them to our clan chat or reminding players to vote/setup 2fa - which I usually do quite often alongside other staff members. You also have to understand that I am also a Website Developer/Forum Developer so there is a portion of my time dealing with website/forum related issues as well that I am not always on my main account, Erza. A good 60% of my day I spend on my alt account enjoying the server. In light of this thread - I have taken a good portion of feedback regarding events and have applied them to myself/our staff team to run. You can look forward to seeing a lot of events during the weekend, every weekend. In regards to Moderators, miscommunication and the changing of rules - we had a rough patch where people were changing their minds or trying to dictate how something should be run. Eventually we came to a consensus and things were set in motion. This time has passed and, personally, shouldn't have even been brought up. This was almost 3 weeks ago. Not every team is perfect and ours is by far not even close to that word. I'd like to briefly touch on this topic as it's very misleading and I think you misunderstood how everything worked/how everything still works. These "friends" that you are mentioning were already apart of the staff team pretty much the same day that I was brought on to the staff team. When these members were brought onto the team, we didn't take into account "Oh they're friends with this and this person." No. We looked at general activity, productivity within the clan chat/outside of the clan chat and overall attitude towards players. Every member passed this screening and was brought on happily. There were very few issues, if any at all, with these members, very minuscule, not even worth mentioning or remembering - they were great staff members who did their job and left for their own reasons. No bad blood, no hard feelings. Thank you for the honest feedback.
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