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  1. Wyd with the negativity fella I was just explaining to the guy I'm not a staff member because I didn't want him to associate my views with the staff teams. Don't worry too much about me not reading something properly, I read it perfectly fine Ty though x
  2. I'm not staff btw, literally just a contracted web dev All views & opinions are my own, please don't bunch them in with the actual Zenyte staff team, who are doing a cracking job in a tricky time IMO.
  3. Dont you ever downvote my post ever again on god ill hack ur account and change ur name to big ol dummy dev

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    2. Jay Gatsby

      Jay Gatsby

      Not afraid of a fella who doesn't know what bootstrap is 👀

    3. Erza


      Stfu I know what bootstrap is

    4. Erza


      You fuckers better stop negging my comments

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