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  1. happy birthday old chum 🎂

  2. in response to the comment why sections, id like content that is available to actually be available in regards to early hunter for example id like to be able catch butterflies etc, id also like items that you can earn or get such as mining gloves and all upgraded to have the effect it was intended to have. for new bosses and such id rather have the full option from osrs such as a way to do gauntlet or zulcano in an instance rather than having to add priff altogether. and the higher tiers such as nightmare. id love to see all or most of osrs content that has been out for a while rather than newer updates getting priority such as herbibore or the gaint spider or the zmi altar rather than amethyst darts/new crystal weapons. this is only my own views but overall very happy with the way the game is going and the hard work put in by the team and the way they are trying to hear the community
  3. today 7/7/92 lol cheers man 29 and gaming all day while mrs takes care of the kids, life be simple lol
  4. IronCrossed9, i would like to win as its my bday and gaming all day and a max party is still a max party, i play a normie account
  5. @Lawful sorry if my words seemed harsh, again wasn't intended also but every time i see a pc event its when it seemed to suit you, i also have kids and work full time and dont see much in regards to the planning of such an event or any variety other than pc when it seemed to suit yourself timewise so i end up either missing most of the event or i could try plan better around it and would attend the event, rather than slamming you personally which is not my intention at all i would rather suggest to mix up the events you host or plan out on discord with a possibility of flexible times to suit others in different time zones who also have commitments outside of game. Also nothing to apologize for i have reread my own post and am ashamed of how it seems to be worded and that is my fault and i apologize for it but thank you very much for replying and opening this up for conversation it is very much appreciated.
  6. I believe having staff members approach certain players who would genuinely be an addition to the team benfical however they should also be able to apply as different members of management team may have different opinions on the player. In regards to the current staff team for the most part I find them extremely helpful, knowledgeable and generally nice with a main exception of lawful (justice) who may host events primarily pest control while benefical mainly to his own account for leveling with little or no concern for the other players time wise or content wise but merely seems to be on a whim to get his level 10 hp account exp Other than that this game has made me stop playing osrs due to the awesomeness of it.
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