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  1. Weekday Events Roster Hello and welcome to this weeks event roster. Scheduled events are ran once per day, at 20:00 GMT. There is also all week events, these start on Monday of the week at 00:01 GMT and last until Friday 23:59 GMT. Enjoy! ~ The Events Team Leadership Skilling pet thirst hunt! Giant squirrel #1- $20 bonds Giant squirrel #2- $20 bonds Rift guardian #1-$20 bonds Rift guardian #2-$20 bonds Heron #1- $10 bond Heron #2- $10 bond Beaver #1-$10 bond @jerrypeter Beaver #2-$10 bond @lowq Baby chinchompa #1-$10 bond @Sir Dratron Baby Chinchompa #2-$10 bond @Sir Dratron You are required to post the screens of you getting the pieces in the comments, in the screen must be proof of the date. (open the game noticeboard in the screenshot for example, or a screenshot of the broadcast channel in discord will do aswell.) Hide n' seek Wildy edition A staff member will hide anywhere around the wilderness and will give hints of their location ,first to find will win $10 bond! INFO Skill n chill Blast furnace Get your ores ready and chill with other players doing blast furnace together! Kree'arra mass An events team member will host a kree'arra mass,any lucky player to receive a Kree'arra jr pet will get $20 bonds,gear restrictions here INFO Pest Control Double pest control points during the event hour! more info here INFO. Scavenger hunt A staff team will host an event were they will yell asking for set of any items,players must go out and obtain these items and trade to the host,first player to trade the items asked by host will win $10 bond! two rounds. INFO
  2. June 3rd-6th KEY! MANIA! Clue scape These two boosts seem to hit real good with the community so I've decided to put em together for this weekend after the week of downtime issues! enjoy - Events team All of the keys / clues around Zenyte will be doubled 2x Easy-elite clues Brimstone keys Key of the gods Larren keys Sinister keys Crystal keys June - 10th-13th RAIDTOPIA! All drops from Chamber of Xerics will be doubled! get your raids in! JUNE 17th-20th WILDY BOSS TIMERS! bosses around The wilderness Seem to be Spawning much faster! List of wildy bosses: Chaos elemental Vet'ion Venenatis Callisto JUNE 24th-27th Wilderness bash! All wilderness boss rares will Be doubled All Pvp gear drops will be doubled All rev Rares will be doubled The Zenyte Events team thanks you for taking the time to read over this months weekend events.
  3. Hello event interested people! With this post the Events Team wants to announce the Event Attendee Of The Month for May! This will be given to the person that attends the most events in a month, they will then get the role for a month. Staff team will not be given this role and in case of a draw, all people in the tie will receive the roll. The role comes with a 25% boost in Event Ticket rewards from the events whilst you have the role, meaning if you were to get 20 ET, you now get 25 ET. The role also comes with a unique name color for discord, which you are free to choose by [email protected] discord. With that being said, the Event Attendee Of The Month for May goes yet [email protected] with a staggering total of 14 events in the month of May ! Thank you for joining all these events and congratulations!
  4. Hello everyone, the events team would like some community feedback on the topic of the events shop. We want to make this a community based project, we would love to have the community's suggestions on what should be in the shop. It is a shop for YOU the community by the community. Some new items New teleport scrolls (Where those teleport scrolls lead) (Cosmetic recolors) (Money makers) Please feel free to post any suggestions you would want to see in game. Please give some pros/cons as to why your suggestion is a good fit for the events shop. -Note: any suggestions that make it into game will be awarded with some bonus event tickets!
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