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  1. Hey guys! about 5 months ago I set a goal to get all the clue items on my alt account Tauriiel, and today im happy to show that the grind is over! Thanks a lot to everyone who donated/sold me items! Now the question is: should I keep them on my alt, or bank them all in the magic storage box (on my main account)?
  2. The basics Do 9 tasks with Turael and the 10th task from your highest slayer master to receive your 10 task streak much more often. This results in less slayer xp/h but much more slayer points/h. Note: By 10th task I mean 60th in a row, or 80, or 100 or 110 for example, NOT randomly the 10th task after starting this. My goal To help players understand the basics of boosting slayer points in order to quickly gain points to purchase rewards from the slayer store such as slayer helmets, slayer rings, task extensions, or even fancy helmet recolors. Inventory and gear 1: Dinh's Bulwark + melee gear 2: Divine ranging potion 3: Max cape 4: Kandarin headgear 4 (or any other form of light source) 5: Rune pouch with spellbook swap runes (cosmic/astral/law) + smoke/soul/mud runes for teleports 6: Amulet of eternal glory (regular amulets of glory can be used) 7: Desert amulet 4 8: Ring of dueling 9: Slayer ring eternal (regular slayer ring can be used) 10: Xeric talisman 11: Digsite pendant 12: Ectophial 13: Royal seed pod 14: Cannon 15: Master scroll book (with lumberyard teleports if you don't have digsite pendants) 16: Expeditious bracelet 17: Ice cooler 18: Cannonballs The gear isn't extremely important as cannon will be doing most of the work on many of the tasks. Use your best gear so the cannon is more accurate. The main piece of gear is the expeditious bracelet, when equipped, there is a chance to count one of its wearer's slayer assignment kills to count as two instead, but granting no additional experience, thus speeding up tasks. Banshees Location: Morytania slayer tower How to get there: Use your eternal slayer ring to teleport to the slayer tower OR home teleport to training > Slayer tower. Bats Location: Digsite pendant/Lumberyard teleport How to get there: Digsite pendant to digsite and run north east OR Lumberyard teleport and run east (Fun fact there is a bunch of hidden crystal rocks in this area) Bears Location: East of Ardougne How to get there: BLR Fairy ring and run south Birds (chickens) Location: Lumbridge How to get there: Home teleport to training > chickens Cave bugs Location: Dorgeshuun dungeon How to get there: AJQ Fairy ring, run north then west Cave crawlers Location: Fremennik slayer dungeon How to get there: Use your eternal slayer ring to fremennik slayer dungeon OR home teleport to dungeons > fremennik slayer dungeon Cows Location: Crafting guild How to get there: Max cape OR crafting guild teleport Crawling hands Location: Morytania slayer tower How to get there: Use your eternal slayer ring to teleport to the slayer tower OR home teleport to training > Slayer tower Dogs Location: Al Kharid Desert How to get there: DLQ fairy ring Dwarves Location: Dwarven mines How to get there: Lassar teleport then run south Ghosts Location: Catacombs of kourend How to get there: Xeric talisman to xeric heart OR home teleport to kourend catacombs, run east then north, use bulwark specs. Goblins Location: Across the bridge in lumbridge How to get there: Home teleport to training > goblins Icefiends Location: Ice mountain How to get there: Lassar teleport Kalphites Location: Kalphite cave How to get there: Desert amulet 4 Lizards Location: Karuulm slayer dungeon How to get there: Radas blessing 4 OR CIR fairy ring and run north take the stairs to the east then run south Minotaurs Location: Stronghold of security How to get there: South of home Monkeys Location: Karamja by Tai Bwo Wannai village How to get there: CKR fairy ring Rats Location: Underneath Varrock in the sewers How to get there: Teleport to varrock and go north east to the sewer, go down the ladder and place your cannon, use bulwark specs. Scorpions Location: Al Kharid mine How to get there: Ring of dueling to duel arena and run north Skeletons Location: Edgeville dungeon How to get there: Home teleport to edgeville dungeon Spiders Location: Just outside of H.A.M Hideout How to get there: Eternal glory to draynor village and run east OR Lumbridge teleport and run west Wolves Location: White wolf mountain How to get there: Teleport using your royal seed pod and take the glider Zombies Location: West of the ecto altar How to get there: Teleport with the ectophial and run west, both cows and chickens count towards zombie tasks
  3. Update: Today i just hit 4b total xp
  4. Dont waste your time here
  5. Main account progress: After a few weeks of fishing I finally got 200 million xp, sadly, I didnt get heron, the fishing pet. Probably grind it out after 200m all. Slayer is now maxed as well, wasnt a big grind as I was doing casual slayer here and there so I got over 50M xp after I finished fishing. Today im working on runecraft sitting at 60M xp. Getting closer to 4 billion total XP everyday. Once runecraft is done im moving to agility and finally hunter. Doing a variety of runes just for fun and because I like white stacks. (e_e) Alt account progress: Not much to say, maxed it really quick but only news is that I use it to save my clue items as now I collect uniques, im not done yet though still need some items and the list can be found here. Thinking about to a bank video but im not sure if do it right now or later when im done skilling. Also maybe start playing my ironman x10 mode next year. I might not show in hiscores anymore, but something tells me to keep going for 200m all.
  6. Edit: I am no longer looking for clue items as I completed my collection, see here.
  7. Gear bank tab has almost all i need, its missing ely but i want to get it myself.
  8. Update: Currently at 3.7b xp, got 200m smithing, strenght, defence and fletching. Working on 200m fishing and maxing my alt account on the side. 5 200m left.
  9. This was good to read is nice to see people have goals and not that they play just because. Im saving this post in my favorite list so i can check it every week :3
  10. Amazing guide, easy to understand but has all the info you need about wilderness slayer, very nice.
  11. Hello everyone first of all I would like to say happy new year to everyone reading this! As I like to set goals in-game I would like to share all of them! But first I would like to do a recap of what i been doing the last 3 months. -Maxed my account -Joined the staff team and got promoted to moderator -Got a couple pets such as skotos, dagannoth rex, rock golem, tangleroot, rocky and baby chinchompa -Got some 200m such as attack, hitpoints, mining, herblore, ranged, thieving, cooking, prayer, crafting, firemaking, magic, woodcutting and farming Currently im at 3.4 billion xp, so that means I need 1 more billion xp to max out my account (1.2 billion when construction releases) But not everything is experience, I still have a lot of ideas post 200m all such as complete my gear and teleport bank tabs, I also want to complete the collection log, (as much as possible since some items are not in game) and last but not least, grow as staff member and, hopefully, get promoted in the future. I know some people will mention my XP rate but i dont really care about that, I grinded a LOT on osrs but as a skiller I still want all these blocked xp drops. Hope everyone is having a fantastic year and if you have something to say dont hesitate on reply to this topic or PMing me via discord David#0205.
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