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  1. Happy birthday brother, hope you are well, we miss you in zenyte 

  2. 5. Would you like to make adjustments to the item broadcasts? e.g Adding or removing item drops that could be broadcasted -Items like alchemical hydra heads, hydra tail, and all jars should be removed from broadcasts. 9. Would you like the ability to recolour the Dragon Hunter Crossbow and Dragon Hunter Lance? -Yes, but only the DHCB, not the lance. 14. Would you like skilling outfits introduced for skills that don't currently have one? (This would *exclude* all combat skills) -No, we missing only 1 official skilling outfit and its carpenters outfit (boost construction xp for +2.5%) and Zealot robes (not a xp boosting outfit, it prevents the use of bones/ensouled heads being consumed whilst training prayer) 15. Would you like to see skilling outfits added to the collection log, along with slayer pets and PvP armour? -No, is not in the osrs collection log, neither in DMM worlds. If we ever get mahogany homes then carpenter outfit should be added to log.
  3. Hello everyone, my name is David, im a 19 years old gamer from Venezuela. My history about runescape start in january 2019, when I was watching a buddy playing it I fall in love with with the skill system and days later I would make my first account with the goal to max. I started doing simple bosses, questing and skilling then I joined the best clan and my family wich is the Wilderness Guardians. A few months back my runescape account got hacked and by the look of it, its banned. My account was maxed I put around 5K hours into it but sadly I didn't felt like playing again, later I would ask my friend about a similar game to runescape and he let me know about Zenyte, so far I love the server, didnt knew that private servers existed so this is my very first (and surely last) one. I do almost everything this game can offer, I love skilling, I love bossing, helping people and hunting pets. Current game goals are 200m all, infernal cape and complete the collection log (as much as possible). I also play Pokémon, and im a big fan of GBA games. I like hip hop as well as disco/funky house music, and anime. I love basketball, and played Defiance around 2015-2017, in PS3 but sadly the game was closed in april 29 of this year. Back to real life, I live with my grandmother, my mother and my sister, i'm from a big family, but sadly the most part had to leave. I hope you all like me and I hope make a lot more friends, my private chat is always open and my discord is Tauriiel#6656 if anyone needs anything.
  4. 1. Should we start doing "Skill of the week" events? Top 3 experience earners during the week will be rewarded. I think it should be only for 5x/10x accounts.
  5. In-game username: Tauriiel Medal(s): Donator, Maxed, Mans best friend, Game junkie Proof for your Medal(s):
  6. Should post individual prices of armadyl equipment just like you did with bandos
  7. I know zenyte aint osrs, but this is just a suggestion, when you open the elven chest in osrs sometimes you get crystal shards could add that to the buff:)
  8. Could replace tuna, lobster and swordfish for anglerfish or dark crab.
  9. I agree dragon bolts should be unf dragon bolts, also remove raw tuna, lobster and swordfish.
  10. So happy for this! farmers outfit its my favorite xp boosting set happy im gonna get it
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