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  1. 28 years old, whack

    Happy birthday laddy

  2. I would personally like to thank the staff/event team for having me back so many times! There is nothing I would rather do than spend my time here amongst you all, its really a second home. Each of you deserve what you've been gifted and more! Without @ArchaiicI honestly doubt I would've been able to half as much. I honestly owe so much gratitude to a majority of the staff team and the communal members. I only think it is right that we give back to those who have stayed loyal. Again. Thank you all. love, Kieran.
  3. In-game username: Psyche Medal(s): Maxed, that which has no life Proof for your Medal(s): 119days is 2862 hours or something CIIfrJD.png (159×94) (imgur.com) n7FSsI0.png (1082×1017) (imgur.com)
  4. This is a proposal with hopefully some help from you lot regarding Supply Drops and what's in them. See link here for current list: Here is my proposed slightly enhanced list, with a couple extra additions. Potions: Super Combat Potion(4) (25-50) Prayer Potion(4) (25-50) Super Restore(4) (25-50) Saradomin Brew(4) (25-50) Super Antifire(4) (25-50) Stamina Potion(4) (25-50) Anti-venom+(4) (20-45) Sanfew Serum(4) (20-45) Thrown Ranged Equipment: Red Chinchompa (175-450) Black Chinchompa (500-600) New addition in place of grey chinchompas. Dragon throwing knives (175-450) Crossbow Bolts: Ruby Bolts (350-550) Diamond Bolts (350-650) Dragonstone Bolts (375-425) Herblore Secondaries: Eye of Newt (200-375) Limpwurt Root (250-600) Swamp Tar (25-200) Snape Grass (250-600) Chocolate Dust (25-200) Jangerberries (250-600) Mort Myre Fungus (250-600) Potato Cactus (250-600) Red Spider Eggs(250-600) White Berries (25-200) Dragon Scale Dust (250-600) Goat Horn Dust (250-600) Unicorn Horn Dust (25-200) Miscellaneous: Crystal Keys (5-15) Crystal Shards (100-350) Purple Sweets (25-125) Food: Shark (100-300) Sea Turtle (100-300) Anglerfish (100-300) Dark Crab(100-300) Manta Ray (100-300) Tuna Potato (100-300) Uncut Gems: Opal (100-175) Jade (100-170) Red Topaz (125-180) Sapphire (100-175) Emerald (100-175) Ruby (100 - 175) Diamond (50-100) Dragonstone (10-30) Any and all suggestions are welcome!
  5. Slayer master rewards and task re-work list. ------------------------------------------------ 1) The increased minimum of set tasks - The player dependant on donator rank can set a minimum amount of npcs to kill per task. Sapphire: 50 Emerald: 75 Ruby: 100 Diamond: 115: etc, This is a "task" unlock you buy this ability via points. This can increase the amount of superiors you get per task by a factor of 5-10% dependant on current factors. 2) Increased amount of superiors/superior only tasks. The player buys/unlocks the ability to buy superior only/superior enhanced tasks. This means that the player spends 4-800 points for tasks that include an increased amount of superiors. - This means that the player spend 8-1600 points in obtaining superior only tasks - maybe lock this behind the unlocking of all previous unlock rewards, Allowing for a prestige sort of system, every prestige gives different unlocks and tasks to do. This also highers the minimum amount of amount per tasks. 3) A change up whilst still having the current slay helm changes. Once a player has changed slay helm upgrade, allow it to change to a different upgrade (same slot via rewards tab) -For the allowance of additional pets, allow some pets to be bought via slayer points, but only if player has the subordinating pet, Pet changes into pet. 4) Extend via slayer master - The current extend tab npcs to be changed for others, or enable a secondary page to be added. This could be constructed by completing one page to unlock another. Allow for extending to a players own extent. Player can allow a Maximum Minimum task to be set (Dependant on Donator rank, say for example Dragonstone + Can set a mimimum of 500) Slayer masters block list has an integer of (2,147,483,147))| 5) Allow for more than 5 blocked tasks to be placed for non-donators. Allow for more every donation tier that is passed. Allow for an increased rate of RDT from tasks once they have bought this perk from slayer master. 6) In regards to ironman/women slayer: Allow for additional supplies to be drop via npc similar to the drops of supply ::topic 555 for more information. These drops can be organized in a way as to not disrupt the role. These can be drops of sherlock notes/tomes of experience. OR these can be rune drops to help with the alleviancy of runecrafting as a perk for doing so much slayer.
  6. Considering we have already have a patch on wildy recently. We're not looking to do any whilst waiting for tob. There are plenty of other projects running currently undertaken by Grant. And besides the wildy isnt exactly major content as there is only one - 5 players that actually yield anything from it. There are far better things for the developers to be spending their time on, like finishing the rest of this revisions updates and continuing forward with their current and next years goals.
  7. Massive Thanks to the development team, brilliant work getting some wildy updates out!
  8. !Bosss. Thank you very much for hosting this event @Cresinkel!
  9. Psyche

    Random pics

  10. Added a couple of more things to the list.
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