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  1. Broadcasts within discord look soo much better than in-game ones, There is no wow factor whatsoever.
  2. Welcome Martin! Hope you enjoy your stay here bro!
  3. About flippin' time ay' congratulations to all the new promotions!
  4. Hahaha! Forgot what blinders of some deaths we took!
  5. I regularly join in the CC. I know plenty of other do. You do have a tendency to be a bit OTT.
  6. Appreciate it Newgate. Thank you for the feedback, we encourage it no matter how brutal. Its how we're going to get better as the proprietor of a CC, you could maybe get some others to do some as well?
  7. I really appreciate the offer, I may PM you soon. Got any Dev experience?
  8. I am currently working on my own version of CML/Runetracker to be used here, housed in lovely GUI alongside an event coordination Interface/webapp. This will be purely dedicate to Zenyte, and Am thinking of various benefits to be adding to this as well. No ETA on it ofc, but I will be working tirelessly to get this out, it's been a goal for me to do, on the last 2 servers I staffed on. Mainly I wanted this for EXPERIENCE tracked events over hours/days/weeks/months, especially for the lower experience modes.
  9. Welcome Naranja, Hope you enjoy yourself here!
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