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  1. Psyche


    Why don't we let the owners and developers organize what is going to happen to what. These are uncertain times.. Let's allow them to play out.
  2. Was a lovely read. Some great information.
  3. Welcome @RipvayneHope you enjoy your stay here!
  4. Reason; Lyricism, the artist came from nothing and has been turning heads since the year 2k Longbow, john snow, back from dead, gorilla warfare when I bang pon chest
  5. Peace, Have great luck with your future endeavors
  6. Cya later alligator, have fun with your future endeavors
  7. Welcome @Cicada, Hope you're enjoying yourself so far! Have fun.
  8. I gotta say I really like the tome of experience and the clue note especially. Rest of the patch looks very nice, Great work.
  9. There was a post launch content thread posted round release, of the content they are going to be looking at getting out, Believe tithe farm was on it, but again there was a fair few more 'needed' content to be added before some of the more 'desired' content. But still a good suggestion nonetheless.
  10. Sad to see a member leave. Good luck in the future, maybe see you around in the future.
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