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  1. You're one of the best examples that perseverance and hard work pay off. Despite the obstacles you have encountered, you continued to be a positive influence for Zenyte and proved a lot of people wrong. Your current role is so well deserved. Thank you for everything you do and continue to do for Zenyte.
  2. Yamato69

    rank transfer

    Completed through DM
  3. Welcome to Zenyte! I wish you luck on your journey. Bossing can be quite intimidating at first, but I promise you if you just dive in you will learn quite quickly that it's not so bad. I remember I used to always wish I had people to boss with, but eventually you become efficient enough on your own where you just want to do it alone and hoard your own drops :p. If you need help with anything don't hesitate to reach out to the staff team. I highly recommend being active in our discord as its a wonderful place to communicate with other players and staff members if needed.
  4. Event Ticket Balances *Minimum of 125 Event Tickets required for a redeem request* *Create an admin-ticket in the Zenyte Discord to request a redemption* 22 - 15 2fab4you - 105 3acesofsugar - 30 5x The Chill - 15 5x nerd - 45 10 hp sirr - 20 10x Net Ball - 15 Aeternal V - 90 Ahrim J0b - 15 Akai Bara - 105 Alanbr29 - 25 Alchemy - 55 Aleks1337 - 15 Alliyah29 - 15 Anthonystark - 15 Ashihama - 60 Aurora1 - 15 Azul - 20 Because - 180 Big Qanso - 100 Brizzy - 20 Burninlove - 285 Captnaboard - 85 Carter 44 - 15 Ch4zz - 90 Chames - 15 Christav - 70 Confuzzled - 15 Cox Prodigy - 15 Crepticmoon - 35 Cresnikel - 20 Dafinoris - 15 Dapper - 20 Darthjad3r - 25 Delbert Hive - 15 Delroy - 15 Donger - 35 Doreamon - 40 Earkfire - 15 Einar - 15 Fawk - 30 Fe Snap - 30 Fe Froggy - 15 Fuzedem0n - 40 Gainz Drop - 20 Gargon92 - 15 Grim Tweaker - 20 Gritty - 60 Gubbins - 15 Gurl - 25 Hcim Crystal - 15 Hc Tick Eat - 35 Hc Starlet - 15 Hc Zai - 15 H e a t - 15 Hexae - 20 Hmr Sierra - 15 Hotwater - 15 iiKnight - 15 Im Kevin 5x - 30 Ironcrossed9 - 35 Iron arm - 45 Iron bead - 25 Iron jbro - 15 Iron lung - 30 Iron zai - 30 itsbigwong - 15 Itzdeath - 75 Jablesxo - 20 Jaden410 - 60 Jademirror - 55 Jamesdied - 15 Jarf - 135 J0ker Jr - 15 Jonaroy - 15 Justice - 60 Kal33m1 - 30 Kartel - 60 Kickeenim - 15 Kief - 15 King Cleatus - 60 Koira - 15 Kosher666 - 40 Kz5 - 105 Leclerc - 15 Lava Zone - 15 Lhvgn67 - 30 Lord Bum - 15 Lordgrim - 45 Luckybucket - 10 M43 - 15 Majin Buudha - 15 Mimic - 15 Motu - 10 Mrbrandon727 - 15 Neto -25 Nikke996 - 75 Oathkeeper - 15 Omenofstorms - 30 Omegaxo - 15 Phillip - 40 Oregano - 30 Pinkpanther - 15 Piplup - 130 Polo - 20 Pot0111 - 35 Powerknife69 - 45 Prey4me - 15 Pure Thc - 15 Quivorir - 15 Satans Iron - 20 Shanshi - 15 Shogii - 30 Shh Panda - 25 Sir Dratron - 335 Sister13 - 75 Skrrt - 135 Skittlepops - 80 Slicksta6 - 80 So Haad - 20 Soulz15 - 145 Species - 15 Svensei - 20 Sveauty - 15 Tauriiel - 120 Tedgeico - 15 Tess Tickle - 15 Theclaptrap - 255 Themenace - 30 Thisisbs - 20 Timmad - 100 Torso - 15 Tosh - 30 Tyler C137 - 30 Uim Snap - 45 Ultimate Nut - 30 Vx - 30 Wendellpapa - 10 Winh - 20 Worst Hc Lul - 100 Wyamean - 15 Xbambamx - 30 Xqc - 25 Xsaiyamanx - 35 xxx hcim xxx - 10 Yassir - 330 Yooks - 30 Zaydenn - 20 Zeenyr - 35 Zekx - 65 Zlrty - 20 Zyrc - 15
  5. RESIGNATION Name: Foomanchoo Current Position: Junior Moderator New Position: Regular Player
  6. Yeah, thanks Matt lol. I know I didn't mention it explicitly in every event topic, but people can still earn Event Tickets for attending the Skill N' Chill Event @Hexae
  7. Yamato69


    Hello @Yber A verification code has been sent to the email associated with the account. Please copy and paste it below. Thank you. Handled in PM's.
  8. Hello @Cranial, Unfortunately the evidence for your 3rd party software usage is black and white (undisputable). We have tools to easily detect when people are botting. I understand agility is one of the more annoying skills to train, but that is also why it's much more rewarding when you reach your goal. That sense of value and hard work is very important to us and our community. It's not fair to everyone else who trains the skill legitimately. I also do not appreciate your attempt to blackmail one of our admins by threatening to tell the community he lied about your 3rd party software usage. I'd like to also mention that our botting rules are quite lenient when compared to other servers. We used to automatically ban accounts for 3rd party software usage for 24 hours in addition to the skill reset. Dispersing punishments is the last thing any of us want to do, but unfortunately for the game's achievements to remain meaningful we have to enforce our rules. I highly recommend reading over the rules if you haven't already. I hope you can learn from this incident and continue to enjoy and play Zenyte fairly. Thank you for your time.
  9. Yamato69

    Other 2fa

    Thanks! Your 2FA has been reset.
  10. Yamato69

    Other 2fa

    Hello @5x Nerd, I have sent a verification code to the email address associated with your account. Please copy and paste the code and provide it in this thread. Thank you.
  11. Promotion Name: Jaden410 Current Position: Junior Moderator New Position: Moderator
  12. The last several months have been unquestionably low on new content. However, with Matt (Gepan) stepping up into the Junior Developer role, we will have much more frequent game updates. Matt has done an amazing job learning what he has with basically no background experience in coding. With that being said, things like Nightmare, ToB, revision updates, would require a full-time, experienced developer to work on and implement; which we have actively been looking to hire for several months. So if anyone knows anybody that is capable, please have them contact Matt (Gepan). Honestly, with Matt's progress in coding, I wouldn't be surprised if he gradually becomes able to even do those updates, in time. It can be pretty disheartening when I log into the game and I see negative comments about Zenyte pertaining to the things you mentioned. I guess I can't expect every single player to keep up with it, but we have been very clear with our situation and try to update the community as much as possible with announcements on the forums. However, there's still a lot of people out there that think we just don't do enough or anything at all, but they also think we're just like any other RSPS, which isn't true. The server was on the brink of collapse when Matt (Gepan) stepped up and saved this game and prevented this community from disappearing; while at the same time creating a solid foundation to keep the serving going. None of us receive compensation and all of us have full-time jobs. We literally do what we can every day just out of our love for this game and community. I don't usually respond to these comments in-game unless I'm personally approached. I promise these criticisms aren't being ignored; it's just very time consuming to reiterate everything that's happened the past several months every time it comes up. The Tirannwn Expansion update is only a few days away and I am ecstatic for its release. It's integrated into so many aspects of the game. Everyone will be able to experience this update from their preferred way of playing. Thank you for making this post. It's very clear that you care for Zenyte and it's community. We love construction criticism when it's expressed appropriately.
  13. Hello @Zero 5x We would require some substantial proof/information that the account originally belonged you to. To start can you tell me in what country the account was created? If it's in the United States, what city and state? Also moved this to advanced support.
  14. Wow, so much information. Very simple and easy to interpret. Awesome guide!
  15. Hello @sugary and welcome to Zenyte! It's definitely not too late to start. We are still very much active. We usually range anywhere from 25-80 players; it just depends on what time of the day it is. We have been lacking some updates lately, but we're literally in the process right now of completing an update we hope to release this week! Plus another update very soon after that (1-2 more weeks) that will bring forth an array of new content. Zenyte is known for having a very authentic OSRS feeling. Most of our content is 1:1 with OSRS with a lot of attention to detail. If you have anymore questions or just need any help in general, I highly recommend joining our Discord . Here is another helpful link with a lot of information: https://forums.zenyte.com/forum/180-server-information/
  16. Starting KC: 381 Fastest Kill so far: 1:01
  17. Welcome to Zenyte Nick! We're extremely happy you're enjoying your time here. Like the others have already mentioned, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. If you haven't already, please join our Discord . It's a great place to to interact with the community and also much easier to contact staff if need be. Fitness and health is also a big passion of mine. Gotta grind for the irl gains as well. Take it easy, and see you around!
  18. I do like like the idea of gaining points for attending events. I think it would definitely help with attendance. We could just share a google sheets document among staff and add points throughout the month. A customized event point store would be fun, but I wouldn't want it to turn into another loyalty shop. Perhaps it could be something similar to the BH shop. Maybe even throw some items in from the vote shop. Because if it was just cosmetics, once they're all obtained I think people would just stop attending. Veteran players would be much more inclined to keep attending if they're getting points to go towards like dragon arrows or such. We could work on a list of items to add to this Even Points Store and then poll it.
  19. RESIGNATION Name: Athera Current Position: Server Support New Position: Regular Player
  20. What is an "Item Thirst" event & what will this consist of? The Zenyte Event Team will broadcast a list of items that players must obtain or hunt in order to win an undetermined amount of store credits, which can be exchanged for in-game armory/weapons, supplies, cosmetic items and so on & so forth! What are the rules/regulations? - Commencement date/time: Friday, June 11th 20:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) - Concluded date/time: Friday, June 18th 23:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) - All game modes are free to participate bearing in mind usual Iron man restrictions/HC deaths will still apply - Official Zenyte rules must be followed at all times - Store credits will be provided once the event has concluded - Any screen captures MUST be posted on this exact topic (no screen capture no reward) - The Event/Administration team reserve the rights to suspend any members as they deem necessary Important This item thirst will be a little different than the ones in the past. We wanted to add a little more depth to this already popular event. There will be three winners for each item for this event instead of just one. So you have more than one chance to win! Also as a bonus, all winners will be entered into a drawing where one lucky player will receive a secret bonus award! First player to obtain Twisted Bow Chambers Of Xeric 1st Drop Reward - 200 Store Credits - Winner: 2nd Drop Reward - 150 Store Credits - Winner: 3rd Drop Reward - 100 Store Credits - Winner: First player to obtain Tome Of Fire Wintertodt 1st Drop Reward - 150 Store Credits - Winner: 2nd Drop Reward - 75 Store Credits - Winner: 3rd Drop Reward - 50 Store Credits - Winner: First player to obtain Black Mask 1st Drop Reward - 100 Store Credits - Winner: @ByRioss 2nd Drop Reward - 75 Store Credits - Winner: 3rd Drop Reward - 50 Store Credits - Winner: First player to obtain Armadyl Crossbow Commander Zilyana - 1/381 1st Drop Reward - 150 Store Credits - Winner: @ByRioss 2nd Drop Reward - 75 Store Credits - Winner: @BurninLove 3rd Drop Reward - 50 Store Credits - Winner: First player to obtain Ring Of The Gods Vet'ion - 1/384 1st Drop Reward - 150 Store Credits - Winner: @Pot0111 2nd Drop Reward - 75 Store Credits - Winner: 3rd Drop Reward - 50 Store Credits - Winner: First player to obtain Dragon Warhammer Lizardman Shaman - 1/2,500 1st Drop Reward - 150 Store Credits - Winner: 2nd Drop Reward - 75 Store Credits - Winner: 3rd Drop Reward - 50 Store Credits - Winner: First player to obtain Magma Mutagen Zulrah - 1/9,830 1st Drop Reward - 200 Store Credits - Winner: 2nd Drop Reward - 150 Store Credits - Winner: 3rd Drop Reward - 100 Store Credits - Winner:
  21. Community Poll - QoL and other content changes Hello Community Members, The Development Team has asked the Management Team to conduct a poll and obtain the response to some suggestions that have been made in-game, on the forums or in discord. 1.) Add Ring of Dueling and Game Necklace to the jewelry store 2.) Add an additional donator perk to allow the Ring of Wealth (I) to collect dropped clue scroll boxes 3.) Additional pets or pet mystery boxes as, but not limited to, cats, added to the store 4.) Add Expeditious Bracelets and Bracelets of Slaughter to the slayer shop 5.) There has been some discussions about the Inferno and Inferno services, would you like either of the following: A. Allowing of Inferno Services after an individual has been approved by a Senior Staff Member (This will be at your own risk) B.) Adjust the Inferno Scroll to skip to the wave 58 instead of 32. C.) I would not like any adjustments made to the Inferno or Inferno Capes. 6.) Add lower tier darts up to mithril to the Fae's Ranging Shop 7.) Add a rare chance to obtain a mystery box when voting 8.) Add a rare chance to obtain a Sherlock note as a reward from a clue casket 9.) Add more items to the magic treasure chest at home? (Keep in mind UIM will have access to these items too) If so please discuss what items in the comments! 10.) Double the reward from voting 11.) Do you feel the current mystery box rewards are decent? Or should they be buffed or nerfed?
  22. Sometimes I'll do some bank skilling at the Warrior's guild because I like the music. It's just so nostalgic to me lol.
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