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  1. Duno if you'll see this, but happy birthday chap

  2. Grant you're the man! Glad you came along to help Matt out with the heavy burden of development! You guys rock and I respect you both insanely! (Incase, necessary reminder:) don't forget to take a breather every now and then, the world is too beautiful to let it pass by
  3. Nice progress!!! Really hyped. Also, for Maiden I would like to mention that freezing the Nylocas Matomenos is the method (might be known) but OSRS performed a buff over it's original code on the NPCs' magic defense. Can you clarify if this buff is also implemented in Zenyte? It works as following: Nylocas Matomenos spawn during The Maiden of Sugadinti and Verzik Vitur encounters in the Theatre of Blood. They will heal the boss for their remaining hitpoints if they reach her, so binding them in place using ice spells is necessary to prevent massive amounts of hitpoints being restored. The chance of freezing the Nylocas Matomenos scale based on the player's Magic Attack bonus, with a 100% freeze rate when it is at +140. However, other equipment can affect the freeze rate, such as Elite Void Knight equipment and the Augury prayer. Below are some examples that will guarantee freezing a Nylocas Matomenos: The player's Magic Attack bonus is at +140 or above. The player's Magic Attack bonus is at +112 or above while having the Augury prayer active. The player's Magic Attack bonus is at +86 or above while wearing Elite Void Knight equipment with the Void mage helm. The player's Magic Attack bonus is at +55 or above while having the Augury prayer active and wearing Elite Void Knight equipment with the Void mage helm.
  4. Reactivation. As we are closing in on ToB completion, can we look into this suggestion? I understand how busy you both must be - I'm not saying this should be implemented right away but it might be wise to try and pump this small tweek out next to ToB release. You could for instance raise the prices for unlocking the Diary and Amulet, after which they become free of charge for the players to re-obtain them. @Manager [email protected]
  5. Big Qanso

    insert title

    The fuark - Jagex gone soft.
  6. I would like that! Lowers the bar to stay away from ToB for all the members too!
  7. ToB should be ToB. CoX is also almost 1-1 with OSRS. I would definitely keep this the same with ToB. Besides the fact that you would otherwise flood the economy with loot from ToB because it’ll be completeable wether you die or not. In my personal experience, the risk of whiping the team taught me to be better at PvM overall.
  8. Nice!! Ironing out all those things must've been a lot of work. Thanks guys!
  9. Hey Grant, First of all, amazing attitude. In Matt's and your position, you're usually on the receiving end of complaints/verbal punches. I like how you're dealing with that, absolute +1 respect. Thanks for reaching out and being so proactive.
  10. @CoX Prodigythanks for bringing this up - I think I read that @Grantis working on Client improvements. I was silently hoping that this suggestion would get implemented in that update. Grant, can you shed light on the proposed QOL updates of the client and if these will be implemented?
  11. CHEERS TO THIS! Really happy to be apart of this server, super stoked for the coming content guys!
  12. Welcome man! Looking forward to see content coming from you! If you should have any Raids 1 regarded questions/want to join up and raid with us - feel free to hit me up. I spend al ot of time there and we're building a little community so that we can consistently raid.
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