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  1. Great idea gents, I doubt I’d be much of a help to any team, but happy to be a solid cheerleader! I look damn fine in a crop top
  2. I never thought the advertising of clan chat was that bad, but I guess I missed the toxicity, if it is as bad as some are saying, I would be in favor of having all adverts be moved to public chat (so people can turn it off if it is annoying them w/o missing event updates, etc.) and/or highlighted on the forums where it can be better moderated as it will be in a less instantaneous environment.
  3. This is a great idea! I’ll be updating my post with a screen shot ASAP!
  4. Thanks, that makes a lot of sense and aligns with my initial mindset. That is something I can get behind, I was just initially surprised to see such broad support for a presets system similar to PK server but happy to see that is not the case. lol Thank you Ranger
  5. Maybe I am just slow, but is this saying that you can pick the preset and it gives you the items, or it will offer you opportunity to build out presets and it'll be filled with your items?
  6. Good stuff man, I don’t raid so I’m not sure the expected return, but that doesn’t look half bad for 420kc
  7. Good ideas, the main goal has always been to ensure that the game doesn't become P2W for donators. I always held the belief that a little bit of a boost for donators can't hurt though, especially as you start getting into the higher tiers. Outside of the Barrows suggestion, none of them cross into OP and i wouldn't mind seeing any of them included.
  8. I know this isn’t necessarily a thread for everyday players to respond on, but I cannot get over how cool the design is. Well done.
  9. I think anyone would be lying if they said that the general purpose of the server was NOT for the owners to make money. They work hard to provide an enjoyable experience to players looking to escape the monotony of OSRS, and the payments are compensation for their time and work. By allowing real-world-trading it ruins the integrity of the server, and the experience of all other players. It would encourage botting to farm gold, it opens them up to some uncomfortable situations if deals between players go sour, as well as a whole host of other issues. I am sure a higher level staff member would be happy to have a conversation with you about this topic if you still feel it warrants a deeper conversation.
  10. Updated formating slightly, not sure if spoilers are worth adding as I believe it will limit (or eliminate) the functionality of Ctrl+F to quickly find answers. Let me know your thoughts
  11. Suggestions added, thanks for helping out!
  12. Initial changes reflected, thank you for helping out!
  13. I would love to see it as well, honestly hadn’t crossed my mind until I looked to see if it was still played on OSRS (it is) and it is still fun with a good group of guys and gals! If I recall correctly C-Wars was very close to being finished a few months ago until some very important updates took over the devs time like combat improvements, raids and inferno were brought to the forefront. I support this getting added! Could be a fun event to be added to the weekly schedule!
  14. Thanks! As it gets updated please free to PM me any fact checks (directed at everyone of course). Once this get sizable I’ll make it a little better format-wise and if some mistakes slip through the cracks I’d greatly appreciate the communities help on catching them!
  15. In order to help let up some pressure on the Staff, I thought it would be a good idea to create a FAQ Guide, the guide will provide answers to common questions that I have come across while in-game. I will be continually updating the guide for questions and formatting, so please feel free to leave comments with any common questions I may have missed (staff feel free to edit). (use Ctrl+F to search for relevant keywords) General Account Questions 2FA: Two Factor Authentication, adds another layer of security to your account, will provide increased voting rewards when activated (also a requirement for staff consideration) Change XP Rates: Speak with the Zenyte Guide in the Achievement Hall North of Edgeville GE Challenge Headmaster Location: Located on the southwestern most wall of the Achievement Hall north of Edgeville GE Claim Challenge Rewards: Speak to the Challenge Headmaster located in the South East corner of the Achievement Hall North of Edgeville GE Claim Donation Store Items: Talk with the Old Wise Man in Achievement hall North of Edgeville GE Claim Vote Credits: Type ::Claim in-game Donator Benefits by Level: Donator Benefits Linked here Bonds: Come in 3 levels; $10, $50 and $100, all bonds offer status AND donator points. Ex: Redeem a $10 Bond on Account "Man1", "Man1" is now a Sapphire level member and has 100 points to spend at the store Imbue Items: Purchase Imbue scrolls from the Loyalty Shop Vote Store: Trade Frank, located in the Achievement Hall north of Edgeville GE (Do ::vote ingame to vote) Loyalty Shop: Trade Frank, located in the Achievement Hall north of Edgeville GE Max Capes: Purchased from Mac in the Achievement Hall north of Edgeville GE Remove Iron Man Status: Speak to Adam in the Achievement Hall north of Edgeville GE Teleports: Two locations for the major teleports. 1.) Zenyte Teleport Portal northwest of Edgeville GE 2) Fairy Ring/Grand Tree west of Edgeville GE (Dwarven Staff Needed, sold at magic shop east of home) Common Locations Altar Locations: Regular/ancient magics change; up the stairs in the Achievement Hall North of Edgeville GE, Chaos Altar; North of Edgeville west of the lava Maze (level 32 wilderness) Barrows: Zenyte Teleports>City Teleports>Mort'ton>Run east to Barrows God Wars (No tele unlocked): Zenyte Teleports>City Teleports>Trollhiem>Run north to dungeon entrance (Can purchase direct teleport through the Zenyte Store) Myths Guild: Zenyte Teleports>Dungeons>Corsair Cave Waterbirth Dungeon: Place the Pet rock on one pressure plate, stand on the other. Use a rune thrownaxe special to knock the doors down Zanaris Fairy Rings (Common locations Listed below): Purchase Dramen Staff from magic shop west of Edgeville GE>Go to fairy ring/great tree location east Edgeville GE>Fill in Code (Best practice: open Minimap and find where you'd like to go, then locate the closest fairy teleport, OSRS Wiki can be helpful in this regard) Common Item Locations/Questions Anti-Dragonfire Shield: Sold by the Armour shop south of Edgeville GE Bird Houses: Training Zenyte Teleports>Ammonite Crabs> Run West Charge Trident: Death runes, Chaos Runes, Fire runes, and Coins. Crystal items: Obtain Crystal shard (Bounty Hunter Store/Zulrah), then use on Ronin Elves NPC (Zenyte Teleports>Misc Teleports>Isafdar) Dramen Staff: Sold at the Magic Shop west of Edgeville GE Ensouled Heads (Usage): Guide linked here Elite Void: Complete Western Provinces Hard Diaries Fighter Torso Location: Slayer Masters Shop, 400 points God Books: Fairy Ring teleports>Code A.L.P. (Lighthouse)> Talk to Jossik for damaged books, add pages to them (buy it from GE or do treasure trails) Neitiznot Helm: Location Zenyte Teleports>Training Teleports>Yaks>NPC with Neitiznot helmet Pet Rock: Purchased from Jackie at Home Rouge Outfit: Gathered by pickpocketing Men (1/200 chance) Shadow Sword: Sold in the weapon shop west of Edgeville GE Teasing Stick: Zenyte Teleports>Cities>Yanille Hunter Shop, speak with Nardah Monster Locations Cave Horrors: Zenyte Teleports>Cities>Mos Le'harmless>Run East (if 60 Agility) and use shortcut or Run North, then East, then back South to entrance Slayer Monster Locations: Guide linked here Revenants: Bring axe and chop down the canoe tree>Take to wilderness location>Run north to cave entrance Suqahs: Located on Lunar Isle, accessed via Zenyte Teleports Wyverns Location: Zenyte Teleports>Dungeon Teleports> Wyvern Cave (Fossil Island) or Zenyte teleports>Dungeon Teleports>Asgarnian Ice Caves (Ice Wyverns) Skills and Miscellaneous Agility: Start at Tree Gnome Stronghold (Zenyte Teleports>Tree Gnome stronghold>run north to course), Rooftop courses (excluding Pollnivneach) and Wilderness course currently coded for higher level training Change Spell Books: Right click on altar upstairs in the Achievement Hall north of Edgeville GE Money Making Methods: Slayer/Thieving/Runecrafting Blood Runes/Voting (with ::2fa activated), full guide linked here Slayer Masters: All the same locations as OSRS, locations can be found detailed here Zeah Favour: Automatically completed on all accounts Credit to those who have helped me through the creation of the Guide: @Benz @Sir Hassan
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