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  1. dwh is one off the best endgame content for any style of account.it already has a 25% buff on drop rate so it is not needed. some get lucky and get them sooner then expected some don't all rng
  2. raids is coming .this is for after raids
  3. love the video man keep up the good work and goodluck on the pet grind
  4. Congratulations to all new staff and goodbye to the others
  5. sad to see yah go .sorry for all the toxic people hope u come back =[
  6. as i have been told its no diffrent then useing mage cape to change spell book but ill have a talk with the staff team and see if it is a big issue
  7. worth alot more then that=]
  8. haha thats crack up congratz to the winners
  9. hey no bribing the players haha
  10. goodluck all the number still hasn't been guessed
  11. lets hear from the man the legend kris
  12. good luck man enjoy the grind
  13. if any player would like to host events aswell and put up rewards we are welcome to accept ideas like that if someone wants to throw rewards for players who get first drops and staff could help run them
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