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  1. Tithe was already coded, needed a review/testing before being released.
  2. Typing so I don't break the owp/spam bs rule
  3. On the to-do, would be nice to see it done in the upcoming weeks.
  4. Edited that in, thanks. It (the teleport) was fixed a few weeks back and I forgot about it.
  5. Ruler

    Celastrus seed

    On the to-do.
  6. More of a bug rather than a suggestion tbh, I'll add it to our long list of things to do.
  7. Added with latest update. Other additions to the game noticeboard include: BXP timer Xeric's wisdom boost timer (new item on ::store) Being able to see the distribution of players in-game by hovering over the playercount (players on computer, players on mobile) Note: players on mobile will not be able to see the player distribution
  8. Seems like this was done, just not replied to.
  9. I'll provide a clearer explanation compared to my first comment on this thread. The herb patch in question (harmony island), should be locked behind the Morytania Elite diary which has a magic level requirement of 83. Since that was essentially overlooked (a bug), a teleport does not need to be added to the portal. The slight inconvenience of changing spellbooks at the altar in Edgeville and casting the Tele spell which places you right next to the patch itself is very minor and and in my opinion, the herb patch is easily accessible. Also not to forget that this specific herb patch should be the hardest herb patch to use in-game due to the requirement of needing an elite diary.
  10. As stated above, it's already accessible.
  11. New area with multiple rooms of shamans was added along with the recent Kebos update, that should solve the issue of you suggesting instances. For the drop rate, it is already 50% lower than osrs. Won't be made any lower than that.
  12. Instances will be added down the line, and yh as you stated at the end of your post. This has been acknowledged before aswell, gonna close the thread.
  13. 1/10k from revenant dragon unskulled and 1/5k unskulled sounds good to me for an rsps. 1/50k from imp unskulled and 1/25k skulled? Just random numbers that seem fair to me for the chainmace. The other things could get a better drop rate aswell tbh.
  14. Added with the latest update as a toggle in game settings under the game noticeboard tab. (Disabled by default)
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