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  1. In-game username: Benz Medal(s): Donator, Maxed, All the work, Man's best friend, Nitro Booster, Game Junkie Proof for your Medal(s):
  2. Heya Errupt! Great to have you on Zenyte
  3. No doubt this will come in handy for many players. Amazing job as always
  4. Real Sommer Ray?? I'm an huge fan!
  5. 100% Support, would love to see a/an (ironman-only) shop at the mage arena, where you can trade in your duplicates for points. With the points being able to buy new uniques.
  6. Glad to have you on Zenyte!
  7. Simple, but extremely detailed guide! Well done Gracie! Would love to see a part 2! There's currently only 2 sites to vote on makes it 100K with 150K when 2fa activated
  8. Welcome back Root! Glad to see you come back!
  9. I really would like to see Last Man Standing coming to Zenyte, but I feel like there's not enough PK'ers (yet) around to be able to host LMS games.
  10. KEKW haha love the vid, behind the scenes coming soon?
  11. Benz

    EP.11 IS LIVE

    Quality content! Keep it up Jace!
  12. UIM pogg you don't see those often, best of luck buddy!
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