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  1. Appreciate the continued work and updates!
  2. Grats on the promotions guys, most are names I see online a lot so probably deserved
  3. After getting 77 runecrafting (which is required for this) the skill becomes so much more tolerable. As usual I wanted to give people who haven't seen or done it before a visual demonstration. @Songhas a great detailed guide that isn't in video format for anybody who prefers that. Also big thanks to @x x xfor walking me through my first run of this awhile back. I'm sure there's others like me who aren't familiar with all of the additions since OSRS became it's own thing, and I hope this as well as some of my other videos help those people out.
  4. I'll try to elaborate on my choices and provide some feedback. 1. I have some conflicting opinions on this one. I feel having X rank+ (as opposed to everybody) being able to host a giveaway is more of a limitation rather than a boon for both the individual and the clan as a whole. Allowing staff to occasionally host X rank+ only giveaways would be more of a higher rank perk, but honestly I don't like that idea either, even as a higher ranked member. What I do like is the idea of adding incentives to be active within the clan and move up the ranks, just not at the expense of discluding others. 2. This question would probably be better asked in the middle of, or after our first SOTW. I'll most likely always say yes to more events as long as there's any turnout, so that's where I stand now until we see what happens. Personally I don't like the creating a new account aspect, but it seems like some people are into it and that's great. 3. Just no. Unless we are literally running out of things to add prizes to, I don't think we should have monetary rewards for referrals. As long as we remain a fun and engaging clan, people should want to bring others in. It's a great thing to be recognized for, don't get me wrong, but that kind of thing should be considered for rank promotions and whatnot rather than a payout. Personally I don't even like that there's any direct reward system for referrals and don't plan to accept anything should I ever qualify for it. 4. Super friendly without a doubt. Honestly I feel like one of the baddies in here because of how nice most of the members are. Even though at face value the clan seems super wholesome, G rated etc, I was pleasantly surprised how well all the people I interact with can take and give out banter or other shenanigans too. This is really the main reason I've stuck with the clan. 5. I wavered between 4 and 5 here since some staff members are clearly more engaging than others. Most of us have a lot of life responsibilities though, and after considering that and not comparing all of the staff relative to each other, I had to go with 5. Some staff are a little bit busier, some are more active on discord, and some are more active in-game, just a lot of variation. I like the idea of event teams, although I don't like the implication of even more ranks in our colorful pool of them. My suggestion would be to keep the event team to staff, but let non-staff assist them, co-host, or whatever. This could be a good way for members to prove their merit in organizing things and just showing their love for the clan, which can be a great way to train and/or choose new staff members, or just be taken into consideration for regular promotions.
  5. Orion weeeeeeEE

  6. The only requirement for this is 64 thieving, as well as a lockpick being highly recommended. A chisel and knife are optional for those that don't want to bank or drop.
  7. Good baseline to get an estimate for prices, nice job. Just a couple of thoughts I had looking though, the barrows sets definitely aren't all equal in price, and a lot of the value is often in just one or two pieces (karil/ahrim). It might make the guide look a little untidy to add all that in, so could maybe put an asterisk on the barrows section and add additional sections at the bottom of the guide. Might be a good idea to specify the price on trident being charged or uncharged too. A lot of the prices I'm not too familiar with personally, but the majority look accurate from what I've seen so well done.
  8. First off, big thanks to @Corsairfor their written guide on birdhouses. Even though I've pointed people to that guide and tried to explain how easy birdhouses are, they still seem to think birdhouses are a chore or not worth the time. I decided to make a video guide for these so people can see for themselves how quick and simple it really is to do a birdhouse run.
  9. In-game username: Gpof Medal(s): Donator, Game Junkie, Maxed Proof for your Medal(s):
  10. Damn bro grats. Very ballsy to go out there on a maxed 10x hc lmao
  11. Simply halving the total xp isn't the same as the time it would take. You could start on 25x, get to the higher levels much faster and just grind whatever method is the highest xp/h since you have the level for it sooner, then drop your rate afterwards. I think the idea would be fine regardless of how it's done though, so long as changing your rates excludes you from any lower rate leaderboards (which is another potential issue for implementing this).
  12. Arma really doesn't wanna give you that top
  13. I see this spot used all the time so I'm sure most people know it, but for those who don't here you go
  14. Welcome homie to Zenyte homie. I started playing RS when I was about 7 or 8 as well. Fletching for the first 99 is definitely a classic one, the seers village starter pack Cooking was mine, trading those cooked sharks for raw lmao.
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