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  1. In-game username: Gpof Medal(s): All the Work Proof for your Medal(s):
  2. I wasn't saying it was malicious or anything, just that it comes across really odd to say something like that. As for what the screenshots are about, the first one is just Gepan making a simple mistake. The second one literally just shows you answering a question. There aren't timestamps or anything in the chat, so for all we know you answered that right away and any server supports that may have been on had no need to answer it afterwards. And if there weren't any server supports on, that screenshot does nothing to prove it and it's a moot point anyway. Third screenshot, probably one of the most inactive times of day and there happens to be no supports on, wow. Last screenshot, 2M says "Eek", oh man better grab the pitchforks, God forbid any staff does any interactions in the game that doesn't involve helping us. Speaking of the last screenshot, I almost missed that you had to state that you were trying to help during the deadzone. Having to speak about your deeds, complaining about something as trivial as a staff member forgetting that a store has zero stock for the item in question, and asking somebody to "support" you, it just makes it look like you're campaigning for your server support application lol. Kudos for helping people out though, even if I think it looks like you're patting yourself on the back while you do it. Most people agree that we need more server supports/staff covering the less populated time zones, but it's already been stated they aren't going to drop their applicant standards just to do so which I fully agree with.
  3. Nice collection of good places for ironmen to visit early. I'd recommend grabbing a mythical cape when you stop at the myths guild too. Gloves from the Culinaromancer's chest under lumby castle is also a must buy (can also get a cleaver there which is basically a rune scimitar with no stat requirements).
  4. Gpof

    Happy birthday my guy

  5. Welcome! Good luck with your maxing, that was what I aimed for straight away as well. Hope mobile doesn't make it too much harder lol
  6. Glad Newgate said it so I didn't have to. Taking a screenshot just to show you answered a question, and a pm asking someone to support you lol. Sorry but I gotta be real, it's pretty cringe. Also Gepan, killing gobins is chef hat 101 cmon man
  7. Ingame name: Gpof Time Zone: EST Team you apply for: Iron/Casual Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: N/A Past experience pvm/skilling: Just slayer task relevant stuff for PvM, no raid experience or anything. Not sure what to put for skilling experience but I'm a maxed HCIM so that's something I guess, and I've made a couple video guides. Do you Accept the rules?: Yea Also, just to be up front about it, I'm playing extremely casually right now. Haven't played at all for like half a year now and just started logging in to afk skill a bit lately.
  8. Make a change, but delete the thread where there is actually some resemblance of productive conversation and requests of said change? That seems a little counter-intuitive. The thread really should be moved to staff feedback though like Hassan suggested multiple times, would be a lot more appropriate. Appreciate your honest and straight-forward responses btw Kris.
  9. Like several other comments in this thread that do have substance and go unanswered? Glitch and Hassan's interactions with Echo just get a blanket statement asking them to do exactly what they're already doing by addressing their concerns, and the responses they've gotten only further validate them. No comment for Synyster either even when it involves you directly, but you'll respond to the one unproductive post talking negatively and disregard all of the actual criticism that's in here alongside it. The responses in this thread are embarrassing and looks like politicians dodging as many questions as they can.
  10. RIP I haven't been around, but peace homie.
  11. Not at all. With hard diary done you easily get the runes back even on barrage/blitz, trident makes it even better.
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